I may fail but i will never stop trying
  • From : edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Joined : Tue 15th Jan 2013, 9 years ago

About Me

DJctx: Producer/Mash-up Artist/Dj
TMS: Underground Alias

Fnoob Techno Resident DJ
Dcr hall of fame finalist 2k12 (snoop dogg also competed!)
Dcr Hall of fame finalist 2k13,
Dcr Hall of fame WINNER 2k14 (Against Major Lazer)
Remix this people choice winner - Jake childs remix comp winner
Socialytes third prize new year mash up winner!
Oxygen Live mix Competition winner!
Top ten biggest hit rmx for seba painted skies comp! (got 7000 plus hits in one month)

Instruments I play

Piano, Drums, Xylophone, Triangle, Spoons, Chopsticks, and any other fun and stupid and incase your wondering only the first 3 are real as i always found it very difficult to master the triangle!

Software I Use

FL Studio 11,
Ozone 5 Advanced,
Various third parties

Hardware I Use

Basic concept,
Monitors/Triggers/Audio interface/Midi/EARS

Listening To Right Now

Music! Always listening to music, i have no fav preference as im an open format dj as well as a man who like to work on loads on genres as i like many...

10 Favourite Albums

PFfffT! albums do my head in, i like single tracks and remixes of course but i do like to hear a variety of music so band albums and artist albums i dont favor as it can be the case where there is only one or two good tracks on a 15 track album which is a waste so i stick to listening to all sorts in the singles department...

My Influences / Fav Artists

My Music Sounds Like

Well i try not to sound like others if i can so instead ill just leave my links to both soundcloud accounts and you can have a look yourself!



In My Other Life I ...

Sharing a wonderful life with my sons and missus although we dont have much we do have each other and at the end of the day thats all that matters....