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Tags : | House | 6.49 MB | Colab Request

Description : Hey guys! Here's a little track I wrote. With the winter months approaching, I figured I would make my own genre. I like to call it "Ice House" (or Igloo if you will) as opposed to "Tropical House". Though very similar to "Tropical House", "Ice House" differs with its high, icy bells along with dark, driving basses. Tell me what you think! :)

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  1. guyd
    guyd on Sat 24th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Another fan here, nicely done and very pleasant.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Reply by skwishfish

    Glad you liked it mate :) tell your friends and help spread the word of Ice House!!

  2. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Thu 22nd Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    *puts on a coat and stokes the stove* Now that was cold!! The concept reminds me of the Black metal movement in the early 90's, a very cold sounding form of metal. Damn clean mix, Sounds really good! I've never tried making an edm track, maybe I'll try making an ice house black metal edm one ;) Good things come out of experimentations, proof right here.

    Reply by skwishfish

    Thanks man!! :) totally experiment with the genre!! I'd love to hear what you can come up with

  3. jonazi
    jonazi on Tue 20th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Really good work!! I like the idea of "ice house".. awesome.

    Reply by skwishfish

    Thanks man!! You should totally give producing an ice house track a try!! :)

  4. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Tue 20th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Here is a sign of a great mix. I took off my headphones and things sounded just a clear and rich through my speakers. beautiful work. love that icy cool synth sound. regards.

    Reply by skwishfish

    Thanks dude!! I'm glad you appreciate my hard work :)

  5. blu22
    blu22 on Sat 17th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    all right updated it! :) what do you think?

    Reply by skwishfish

    Much much better!!! :) The sounds you used were amazing! Good work my friend!

  6. Itsjustneon
    Itsjustneon on Thu 15th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Crikey, ice house is brilliant. I might give it a try, and I'm also curious to know if we maybe could do one together? I think working with you would be a great experience.

    Reply by skwishfish

    I'm glad you find it as good of an idea as I do :) and of course dude!! Email me for more information! :D

    D3RELICT on Wed 14th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    I really hope ice house catches on. I'm liking it! That intro synth captures the sound perfectly I think, with that touch of digital distortion to give it that crystalline sound. I think there needs to be a club made completely of ice where ice house could be featured. I really love your breakdowns/drops with that offbeat bass. The melody is really cool too. Your mix is nice and bass heavy and I think adding a little more to the high end would reinforce that ice sound. The mids could also be taken back a bit. Some of those pad sounds kind of overpower other elements. I'd love to do your competition too but I'm completely swamped right now. I might do something ice house-ish later in the winter though. Nice work!

    Reply by skwishfish

    Thanks man! It's the fans like you that will help it catch on :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Just a note though, there is no real deadline for the competition ;) I'd love to hear what you can do with a crystalline structure.

    Your friend,
    Skwish Fish

  8. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Wed 14th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    Well all I can say is if this is an example of Ice House music, then I want MOAR of it!! Your mixing and song structure were absolutely ace, no issues that I could find! That crystalline texture you presented in this one capture Ice House perfectly :P Great work on this one, I'm definitely coming back for more :)


    Reply by skwishfish

    Thanks man!! :) Currently working on some more tracks that should be coming your way soon!

    Also, I would like to hear your input to Ice House! :D try out the competition! Be a part of this movement!!

  9. blu22
    blu22 on Wed 14th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    definitely has that winterish feel to it. Love those icy synths.
    check out my Igloo track :) for your comp, I made it a while back but I thought it might be fitting.

    Reply by skwishfish

    Hey thanks dude! That's what I was going for :)

    I like it!! See my comment for an elaboration!

  10. ReonN
    ReonN on Fri 9th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    very neat track I must say... the synths really made my ears happy :)

    Also, very curious about the structure of your track. Not a ordinary house track but something else.


    Reply by skwishfish

    Hey thanks dude!! :D

    And as for the structure, I don't necessarily have a particular template that I produce tracks from. I find that pre-structured tracks sometimes get boring because everybody uses the same structure, you feel?

    Most of my music doesn't follow a particular structure like intro-verse-chorus/drop-verse-chorus/ someone who has been involved with music his whole life, I've heard far too many songs like that.

    I'm doing my best to break the mold as much as I can! Hopefully it's working :)

  11. bitronix
    bitronix on Thu 8th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    The synth standing brightly from start to end really mixes well with the changing beats. Nice transtion between 1:20 - 1:21! The lead(?) synths that just joined after that perfectly mixes in the track. What was missing here is that hous-ey feel. I would rather call it as a chill type song than a house. Anyways, your music is great! Keep doing it!

    Reply by skwishfish

    Thanks for the feedback man! Always appreciated.

    Although, I do have to disagree with the missing house feel. I'm no expert, but if you listen to artists such as Kygo and Wave Racer you can hear the resemblance.

    Check out the competition I'll be hosting for the production of an Ice House track! It'll be in the forums!

    P.S. I realized a few minutes ago that your name is just R2D2 backwards...which has given me a newfound respect for you my friend. Keep doing you.

  12. SikNoiz
    SikNoiz on Tue 6th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    The intro synth hit is slightly generic, but the rest is very original!
    It reminds me of a couple of songs back from 2012, but I can't remember their names.

    Reply by skwishfish

    Hey bud! Always good to hear from you!

    I'm happy you liked it!! I can't wait to get lyrics to it.

    You should totally check out the competition I'm going to host for the production of an Ice House track. I know it's out of your comfort zone, but I'm sure you can whip up something truly beautiful.

  13. cellardoor
    cellardoor on Mon 5th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    I'm totally on board with the idea of "ice house." I think that the idea of a crystalline soundscape that evokes the cracking of glaciers and the sparkle of ice is a great one. And when you wrote "igloo" I laughed; that's super clever.

    Reply by skwishfish

    Hey man thanks!! :) I have a few clever things to say sometimes (key word there is sometimes)

    Also, I'd like to see what you've got in terms of creating an Ice House track! I plan to hold a small competition with the production of an Ice House track!

  14. centralsdev
    centralsdev on Mon 5th Oct 2015 - 5 years ago

    You should check the bass of your track it not really a big problem as it clear that it have alot of bass it Will only change it a bit

    Reply by skwishfish

    I will man! Thanks!

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