Description : !Danger! - This is pure evil - What you hear is a kind of a feeling.
I was about to compose a song and I wrote a text.
the text was a translation of some words of Frederik Baer.
these were so bad that they were almost unbearable.
Therefore, I am newly chosen and the vocal stems increasingly alienated.
and reduces the music as far as it went.
left is a kind of sombre reverberation.
In this song, there are now only one sample of Music
all other sounds are built from the translated words. -
All the words I've used and an excerpt from the documentation
which led me to compose this song you can find here

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  1. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Mon 15th Feb 2016 - 5 years ago

    Very interesting soundscape that you created with your vocal recordings, and the minimal musical element is just right. I find this to be far more cinematic than most things classified as such here on Looperman, and that could possibly be due to my love of horror films. I did not read the words until after hearing your track. I felt that the song itself taken out of context was far more scary than the simple honest words that they were created from. I would love to make a "flick" some day, and if I ever manage to, I will search you out to help with the soundtrack! Super-fine stuff my friend! Fave!

    Reply by joecramer

    Thanks for your friendly words Spivkurl.
    Like always i really enjoyed them. I loved horror films really much when i was younger and that may be the reason why this track sounds like it does.
    After stopping the focus on the words itself i had to remove all the sounds that doesn't fit to the "feeling" of darkness and so every thing did go it way almost from alone. Just darker and darker ..... good to know that you believe that it is fine stuff.
    I think it would be interesting to create a soundscape for an existing movie. So if you ever do something in that way just tell me and i would be happy to give it a try.

    stay tuned

  2. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Sun 1st Nov 2015 - 6 years ago

    I may record something for this Joe, didn't want to get involved in any while competition was going, in name of fairness. This is just disturbing, love it :D Reminds me of Aghast song A call from the Grave, with the creepy voices and minimal dark synth line.

    Reply by joecramer

    Feel free to do so.
    If you want/need any steems, just tell me.
    I think there are only 2 of them :)
    or the mix as wav?

  3. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Tue 6th Oct 2015 - 6 years ago

    hello Joe!
    There is definitely something on your track that is reminding me of Herzog's Nosferatu ha! The main theme of your track is so similar to it's opening theme I absolutely love Herzogs movies and this one in particular. You perfectly captured that very special dark athmosphere. Great vocal work and the processing!

    Reply by joecramer

    Hoi Alex
    I saw Nosferatu only in the original version (silent movie)
    I love this one realy much :)

    I played this track over the Herzog Movie :) that sounds realy good to and you are right, this isn´t to far away from the music in the movie - same intention - same solution :)

    Thanks for the nice words and the link

    stay tuned

  4. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Tue 6th Oct 2015 - 6 years ago

    Hello Joe,
    Wow very DARK and aerating.
    Top man well done.

    Reply by joecramer

    Thanks Jamid
    This one should be dark
    Nice to know that it works

    stay tuned

    D3RELICT on Mon 5th Oct 2015 - 6 years ago

    Wow. This seriously creeped me out and gave me chills. Nice job! How did you process the vocals? They sound so cool and I want to learn your technique.

    Reply by joecramer

    Thankyou D3RELICT
    Nice to know that you liked my work.

    Ok, this is the way i done the vocal thing.
    (I am not sure if i realy have any technique at all)
    I work wit Magix Music Maker. Everything that isn´t a vst is "inbuild" stuff.

    1 i made a easy "counting-out rhyme" that i wanted to use as refrain.
    -- i piched it 7 tones up
    -- i used a guitar stereo reverb on it
    -- i used a chorus - quad low cut - slow speed - no bass at all
    -- i used the Nubi3 vst Spinner and set it on - Panner

    2 i recorded the vocals
    -- i used the EQ to make a "Phone" sound
    -- i used voice reverb - Main Hall

    3 i duplicated parts of the vocals and placed them between the org vocals

    4 i dublicated the refrain and place it a few times in another row

    5 i used some vocal parts in another row on the "empty" places in the timeline
    (so i had 3 rows - 1 vocals and refrain - 1 refrain on parts - and this 1 - together the timeline had at all places sounds. on some places 3 on others 2 and on others 1 sound)

    6 i used the Spinner vst on that row where only vocals where on - i set it to Deep Chorus

    7 i used EQ on the row with only refrain for "Phone" sound

    8 i used the "Dasample" GlaceVerb vst and set it on 59FX Spectral Wind - on all 3 rows

    9 i used the mixer for volume of the 3 rows and then

    10 i mixed the 3 rows with all the FX into one stem - READY :)

    Hope this helps you in a way

    Nubi3 Spinner and Dasample GlaceVerb are free

    stay tuned

  6. centralsdev
    centralsdev on Sun 4th Oct 2015 - 6 years ago

    I cant feel it can i make a version of it?

    Reply by joecramer

    sure :)

    I used Mr Funktastic´s dark-strings-176 that can be found in the Halloween threat from Phatkatz and fx like hell on some spoken words.

    If you wanna some of the stems i made, just say it

    stay tuned

  7. bitronix
    bitronix on Sun 4th Oct 2015 - 6 years ago

    omfg just looking at the lyrics itself makes it really disturbing! If you tried translating first the lyrics you got before making it into music, you are one tough bacon my friend! But if not, well lucky you! Imagine the situation happening at your neighborhood, hearing screams (if they still can cause y'know, they have the throats sliced)
    Anyways, good job! This song has some huge potential on winning a halloween music contest cause it's creepy, and has a story at the same time. Good job!

    Reply by joecramer

    A few days ago i saw this documentation from Sir Trevor McDonald at indiana deat row, on TV .... There i saw Frederick Baer the first time in my life. And i got so much respect for Sir Trevor you can only understand if you watch that. Hell, i couldn´t stand that! I have a little girl and i couldn´t stop thinking on how afull and extreme evil it must be to die this way ...... later i read phatkatz threat and start some little work with this dark strings from Funktastic. The result let my mind remember this story but i had forgoten the words and the names and so. So i googled it and found the side where "this words and only this interview" was on - like a sighn :) -
    So i start working with them. translate them and sing/talk them and so on. But it wasn´t that evil and dark it had to be. Sounded like i found Frederick baer a "cool" guy but that wasn´t what i wanted to do. So started to "hide" the words and "take" the evil feeling in them ...... in a way

    and right now, if you know the story and the words and listen to this music, it fits. It is so evil and dark like it should be

    Thanks for the nice comment

    stay tuned

  8. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Sun 4th Oct 2015 - 6 years ago

    What a hellish sound you created my friend... uniquely spooky and disturbing! Masterfully done! Bravo!:)


    Reply by joecramer

    Hey Orlando

    You nailed it "uniquely spooky and disturbing" and made in a way that could scare Phatkatz. (it all starts here )
    That was what i tryed to make.

    Good to know that you think i done that

    Thanks for the gentle comment and so on

    stay tuned

  9. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Sat 3rd Oct 2015 - 6 years ago

    Could you imagine having to live with what you've done! Proof that evil does exist. It's like the voices in his head haunting him for the rest of his days. And the psychological torture knowing you'll be caged until they kill you. I'd be afraid of what awaited. Excellent Joe! looking forward hearing the further developed version, this could get quite disturbing (even more than it already is!) So the words are the voices of his victims haunting him from the grave? Eerie!!! "Why Frederick? Why did you do this to us Frederick?"

    Reply by joecramer

    Every try to work on this one ends, right now, to something compleete different...... looks like this one wants to stay like it is :) but i will try it again for sure.
    If someone wants to work with it, just ask for the stems.

    In a way it sounds realy like the voices that haunting him by night, every night again and again.
    Or like a kind of a church anywhere deep inside his mind where is no god and noone else inside. All holy and all human leav and left only shadows of sounds .....
    But they could be also the voices that he heared while he did what he did.

    I just tryed to make something scary for you and it ended with something that scares me too

    But if you take it out of this Frederick Baer context, then it is (just) a nice deep dark soundscape that would fit in much 3D games and so on

    Thanks for your kind words and all the dark insperation

    stay tuned

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