24th Jan 2015 03:22 - 9 years ago
Description : Update the end beat is changed. Razing Chronos is a travel to the time: the start is the present the middle is the past and the end is the future all that with some dark and creepy background theme. Im sure the concept is interesting
so max your volume and play this Great track made from nothing (zero loop or sample is used)any comment are very welcome

Comments (21)

If you have time take a listen and give Byleth some feedback.

SexyBeast 30th Jul 2015 00:31 - 8 years ago
This track has it own unique style and very catchy, so i would like to heard more this style in the future. Keep up your hard work Byleth
Byleth replied 30th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago
As I can see you are fully in this website so welcome dear SexyBeast.

Just for that I will make one track similar to Razing chronos
to honor you.

And you are right its very catchy I love the timpani and orchestra drum worked in tandem.

Finaly feel free to discover other work from other artist.
rafeekhube 10th Feb 2015 19:21 - 9 years ago
Good for teaser kind of videos
Byleth replied 11th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
That is true dear rafeekhube.

Also, please enjoy your download and lisening this tune over and over again.

-Antonius in die tribulationis
maxftp 10th Feb 2015 07:07 - 9 years ago
Good one
Byleth replied 10th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Your welcome !

enjoy your download and the tune has well

Has one of my "friend" said : "It worked. After listening to it I found myself 2:26 mins in the future." -ZankFrappa

-Antonius in die tribulationis
DeLaBeatz 9th Feb 2015 21:44 - 9 years ago
Crazy sounds man.
Byleth replied 10th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Crazy is a bit the way to make my tune creepier and darker.

Based on only 3 words from you I guess you liked my intro or all the tune

anyway thanks for sharing this direct but useful thought

-Antonius in die tribulationis
jklice 8th Feb 2015 10:16 - 9 years ago
Reminds me of the current season of American Horror Story
Byleth replied 9th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Well, now I have to watch this serie. look like pretty good has "wikipedia" tell me.

Thanks to allow me to discover this.

-Antonius in die tribulationis
KAMPUTERA 8th Feb 2015 02:13 - 9 years ago
A soundscape that takes you on a journey through Alice in Wonderland with dolls of the like of Raggedy Anne and Andy. I imagined toys mingling and prancing about amongst a dreamscape of warped and rolling hills. A nightmare of sorts that the dreamer may wish to awake from. Nice go!
Byleth replied 9th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Pretty nice comment, I had fun to read and re-read this !

thanks for sharing our thought.

-Antonius in die tribulationis
magicinme1 4th Feb 2015 21:17 - 9 years ago
Nice dude! Can't wait for you to remix my track now!
Byleth replied 5th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks for your kind words its cool to see one of the maker of one of your favorite tune liked your own stfff

Also for the stems there are a way to get the .midi of the instrument ?

Anyway I do not need that for now.

thanks again

-Antonius in die tribulationis
crucethus 4th Feb 2015 19:31 - 9 years ago
Mea Culpa Anthony, From now on you will be known as Antonius in die tribulationis. ;-)
Byleth replied 4th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
I love latin !!

I adopt this name right now! (im serious)

-Antonius in die tribulationis
norad221 2nd Feb 2015 06:46 - 9 years ago
Byleth replied 2nd Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Great !
crucethus 2nd Feb 2015 05:32 - 9 years ago
I really like this one ant, you have some cool mix of sounds in an organized cacophony. Dissonance is the order of the day. Brass sounds sinister, the highly verbed sub pans are very cool in the background. good work. very creative.
Byleth replied 2nd Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Hi dear Crucethus, pretty nice feedback made for me

At least I was not the only one who love the bass drum "highly verbed pans" sound pretty nice with my new audio system


P.s try to don't call me "ant" for some reason people thing im a little insect and "ant" is for my name "ANThony" I prefer antho or ant4505.
Burtsbluesboxes 29th Jan 2015 18:21 - 9 years ago here's one about Dr. Who :D Bryan (alien symbiosis) is an old friend/bandmate I work with on this project :D
Byleth replied 30th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
pretty nice track , I like discover new "old" track. thanks for giving me this link dear phatkatz4
DJsTIR17XcLs 29th Jan 2015 17:23 - 9 years ago
super song
Byleth replied 29th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
First download :D

thanks dear DJsTIR17XcLs, as I know from your profile, your genre is more dance,electro so thanks for stoping by this cinematic track :D
Burtsbluesboxes 28th Jan 2015 05:01 - 9 years ago
Excellent subject matter and job here!! I had an idea for one similar where we travel in a time machine to different eras and the music would represent that time period. Kinda makes me think of Dr. Who and his Tardis :D
Byleth replied 29th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
I love DR. WHO ! thanks for this comment and yeah my concept is quite common I did the same concept with a DS game allowing you to create "music".

ZankFrappa 27th Jan 2015 07:32 - 9 years ago
People should regard all of my comments as compliments, but they rarely do.
Byleth replied 27th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Im agree with you, negative comments or positive comments still a comment.

So for compliment this should be the same regardless if this is a good or a bad one .

ZankFrappa 26th Jan 2015 20:35 - 9 years ago
The annoying bass drum is gone. So no negative comment here, which is rare.
Byleth replied 26th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
well the bass drum still here I just reduced the volume.

Should I take your comment as a compliment im a bit confuse about your end "which is rare".

anyway thanks for this second lisening maybe more.

soundhound 26th Jan 2015 19:42 - 9 years ago
True to form Mans present, past and future eerily sound the same...
In real life it's been the same, just a few Modulations like all the crashes
in the Market...Very similar in your Musical dynamics...
Truth is everything is in constant stages of transition, nothing will ever
stays the same...But Man sure try's hard to make it so...Here on the
ground, while their intent is to sneak off into outer space... hahaha...

Really good track, I really like how you put this together....

Byleth replied 26th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Just wow , dear soundhound aka TG , I pretty love this feedback.

I think I readed this like 5 times just for fun

you should make a roman about this comment !

anyway thanks for this great opinion!

PRINCELECTRO 24th Jan 2015 22:02 - 9 years ago
im working on cinematic projects so i listen when i see a cinematic track ,

btw i dont make "techno" XD
Byleth replied 25th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
oh to gave you idea and inspiration ?

I lisened few of your track i found those pretty well done :D

atm is 2 am XD I will post comment on those I fav after my nap

ShortBusMusic 24th Jan 2015 15:59 - 9 years ago
Very nice cinematic track, something just weird enough that it would work for Q. Tarantino :) He loves this kind of approach to music. You've got a lot going on here and have done a nice job allowing each instrument the space it needs in the mix. Well done.

Byleth replied 24th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
I like a lot of Q. Tarantino movies :D

Thanks Bear, Great feedback you created for me.

with all the other peply I did I think i have nothing to add

Good Succes

theHumps 24th Jan 2015 13:18 - 9 years ago
Very interesting approach and I liked the track. I felt the kick in the end could use a change like ZankFrappa mentioned, if anything just for some variation. In Ableton's orchestral pack the timpani sounds are great, just used some myself.

Mix sounds pretty good. It is creepy and a bit weird but cinematic no doubt. Well done!

Byleth replied 24th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Hello Wayne, Thanks for this comment I have the new version who I changed a bit the kick pattern and adding the Ochestra kit for the "melody" parts at end this is now better and way less repetitive has beat

Again thanks for this feedback and I do used a Timpani in this track it is in the past "middle" part with the Ochestra kit

ZankFrappa 24th Jan 2015 11:45 - 9 years ago
It worked. After listening to it I found myself 2:26 mins in the future.

The bass drum is annoying. Try timpani.
Byleth replied 24th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Lol ZankFrappa, Im agree you for the first part of your comment plus I think this have 100% of chance to work !

I will do change for the last part by adding the famous Timpani and more variation has Wayne said the update will be later today

thanks for your constructive feedback
PRINCELECTRO 24th Jan 2015 09:35 - 9 years ago
I liked the first part. nice cinematic really
Byleth replied 24th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
First of all thanks to lisent this tune

Based on what you wrote on your profile you genre is more techno and house so thanks for stoping by this cinematic genre.

Btw I really like the "really" at the end. you put more "puch" on your comment XD


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Description : Every instrument is performed and recorder live. Piano, double bass, drums, strings.

Two first singles of my upcoming horror jazz LP are out on the most of streaming platforms. Go give me couple of spins!

Vocal for this track needed, contact me (all of the contact info is in my profile).

Let me know what you think about this tune. Tnx.
18th Oct 2018 19:59 - 5 years ago
Description : Just send me the link where you use that, please
Anyway, I'm looking for artists, especially doing melodic techno, deep house etc... to work in my music label called Chick Records
23rd Mar 2008 19:55 - 16 years ago
Description : Careful! Watch your volume or the first note might make you jump!
4th Mar 2023 09:07 - 1 year ago
Description : Treated field recordings of bells and thumping big stainless steel sculptures and synth. Inspired by a trip to the sub-Antarctic Islands.
9th Aug 2018 20:36 - 5 years ago
Description : There are a lot of talented people :
Ft Ankit Sharda for the mantra,
Ft Xelaplus for the choirs,
Ft jjweekz for the voice effect,
Drums :
AcidPro on darbuka
Danke on big cymbals
Loopfreak on indian percussions
Anubis on big drums

Tell me what this track made to you ^^'
Thank you.
15th Jun 2018 11:21 - 6 years ago
Description : Description : Description : Ambient/Cinematic - Melody I love you, you are the essence of my soul to share to the world! No sample loops, all custom impro. lol

Version with saxophone track.

Regular version here: ../tracks/detail/194300
Enjoy :)
17th Jun 2015 19:26 - 9 years ago
Description : Dark, slow, ambient, cinematic jazz with funereal piano turning into something much funkier, psychedelic and beautiful in the second half. Out of the darkness and into the light, you could say. Instruments: electric guitar + bass, lots of synth sounds, including a horn, double bass, another big legato bass, pizzicato strings, two types of piano, a heavily delayed slide guitar instrument, zither, synth arp, one brushy drum loop, kettle drum rolls and 4 programmed acoustic drum kits. This is quite a special track for me and is only the second I've put in the cinematic genre. The more you listen, the more it changes (it even has key changes) and the last three minutes are really quite far out and should probably be longer. Best track I've made for a few months. Interesting thoughts and reflections appreciated. Free sex for the best reviews...
14th Feb 2020 20:31 - 4 years ago
Description : My cinematic masterpiece Convo! :-) This song is great for action scenes and building suspense.

"Who Goin be the hero?"

This song and others from the album are available for licensing and using in videos, tv, and film.

For More OR HQ download visit
29th Jun 2015 00:48 - 9 years ago
Description : So a new track for everyone. Im pretty impressed by this one, and would even place it higher than one of my best tracks, Angel And A Demon. However, I'm trying to decide whether or not I should put vocals to it. I have some in mjnd, but idk if itd be better to leave as is and keep it instrumental or not. Take a listen and let me know! Also, let me know if anything is too loud, still working on my mastering.
26th Jan 2016 12:11 - 8 years ago
Description : A song I wrote with the music of denyjanuary.

Not entirely sure which genre it would fit under, so I chose cinematic.
21st Jan 2017 21:56 - 7 years ago
Love what you do and do what you love.

Made out of Looperman Loops!
Made in 2 Hours!
I was bored and was thinking about a epic movie u got it a full Cinematic Movie Soundtrack...Say what u think..........A NEED FEEDBAK ! A know...its just mixing loops together but it was really , really big fun to make this!

28th Feb 2014 04:18 - 10 years ago
Description : This is my first time uploading a track here. I want to first give credit where credit is due. Here are the looperman artists I used loops from for this track:
xelaplus -legato choir
danke -battle drums
3rdnipplemusic -nv-tribal toms -70
anubis -battle loop
xray731- live-drumline loop
danke - 120- i-think-so
onevizun -the-world-at-hand-drumline
alexisescalona- back-to-the-studio-synth-1

I had a lot of fun putting this song together. I'm grateful to be a part of this community and I hope you guys enjoy what I put together with this one and more to come in the future!

I'm still an amateur, so I welcome any and all constructive criticism!

Feel free to download for projects and such. I plan on redoing this song and adding some more length to it so be on the lookout for an extended version :)
21st May 2018 15:01 - 6 years ago
Description : Claude Barbotte: Hammond. Alex Richard: bass Laurent Schwaar: guitars. Laurent Wirz: drums. With excellent loops from Planetjazzbass, Slapjohnson and Megapaul.