Description : In the process of completely reinventing myself. Slowly collecting modular synths allowing me to switch from digital to a more gritty analogue sound. Also taking my love of sound experimentation to a new level, building little mechanisms to embed a new steampunk-ish sound signature into my music. Enjoy.

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  1. Riest
    Riest on Sat 3rd Jan 2015 - 7 years ago

    Nice one

  2. AnalogDisc
    AnalogDisc on Sat 27th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    Nice one! I think everyone mentioned what is good about it so nothing to tell... For me this is a nice house and electronica fusion! Keep up like this! Cheers!

  3. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Sat 27th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    Yo again.

    Indeed I did miss your wonderful conversation about snow tubing, whatever that is. Send me a link or reproduce it here if you think Id like it.

    When I said "computer game shit", I didnt mean it was actually shit, more like just stuff. Im sure you didnt think I meant it was shit. I also doubt your last EP was shit but I havent heard it. So it could be. Maybe you should go back and polish that turd.

    bassline took longer to compose than anything else

    Yes, I can hear lots of careful work going on with that.

    My work is largely about groove so getting bass and drums tight can take a while. And getting them really good allows me to play other instruments much better off them. If the groove is cool, it inspires much better playing whereas if things are too messy, the guitar playing, for instance, can seem to clash with the bass and drums foundation.

    I needed to make sure it didn't get boring no matter how many times it was played

    Thats always my aim. This track has lots of energy and isnt too long. I could have done with some new stuff in the second half but I wouldnt say it gets boring, just that I didnt have much to pick out to comment on.

    Yes, raise the level of the time is a part so that we can actually hear the line. Right now all I can hear is the bitch.

    your probs my best source of constructive criticism

    No problem. I pretty much do the same for everyone one I review on here. If I like something, I see it as my duty to explain why rather than just single or double sentence nice track bro-ing. Way too much of that round here. If somethings good, I think of the amount of time and care someone has spent on it and try to recognise that and point out the good details, as well as the bad/could be better.

    I always tend to think that its pretty irrelevant if some anonymous person on the internet just says they like your track whereas that same anonymous person giving such actual detail about different sections can be quite valuable. And when you know a commenters music, it can be quite interesting to see what they liked or didnt like.

    Congrats again on your evolving sound.

    Reply by LivingInSilence

    Haha, yeah I got that you meant "stuff". But even if you did mean "shit" I wouldn't disagree.

    "My work is largely about groove so getting bass and drums tight can take a while."
    I actually use a groove sequencer as my DAW, which works pretty well for house. Every song starts off as a single phrase and once I've got something awesome I can then work out what I need to do to get to it in a way that shows it off as much as possible. Once that's over I then have to figure out a way to do it again but with even more impact than the first time, so for example I did that on this track by adding strings.

    I've realized this isn't the best way of working so I'm trying to figure out better ways of doing that. The song i'm working on now for example very subtly evolves. While it may seem repetitive, if you skipped back and forth between the start and end you'd find the song has changed more than you may have thought.

    Also, I must admit I've done the nice track bro thing quite a bit. I try to justify it by saying that I don't think i'm a good enough producer to be handing out advice but that's just a bullshit excuse, I need to stop being lazy. :/

    Anyway, thanks again for your comments! :)

  4. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Fri 26th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    Hey, friend, I'm digging this track thoroughly! I find myself intrigued by the mechanical sampling you've done here. Can't say I've heard much of that going on in tracks, especially in recent years. Sounds pretty cool to me. Do you care to explain how you are recording these objects you put together? I'm listening in headphones, so keep that in mind... It seems like the bass is a bit in the background in the heavier parts of the tracks, though maybe it's totally intentional. I liked the vocal bits very much, and I'm thinking they could be a bit more prominent as well. Overall I really enjoyed the song, in fact it's probably one of my faves as far as house tunes go. You have your own style, and I respect that!

    Reply by LivingInSilence

    Thanks. To be honest I need better recording equipment. I have a little AKG condenser mic and I just put it in an acoustic-treated box with whatever i'm recording. The quality isn't great but I just EQ as much or as little as I feel is necessary. Also, everything I do IS intentional but that doesn't necessarily mean I made the right decision. I have two bass lines running so I duplicated one and panned the duplicates slightly left and right to widen it and keep it away from the other bass line (which made it feel further away). I personally don't mind it but if it sounds weird i'll see if I can work out something else.
    Anyway thanks again for your comment and input on the forum and i'm glad you enjoyed the song! :)

  5. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Fri 26th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    excellent stuff. really great and loud sounding mechanical experimental simple dance music. I will take some time to read the forum post again but anyway this is a great track. I do not believe that there's some teory needed to create music like this but I must say I love the sound-image of the track. Congrats, Alex

  6. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Thu 25th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    Xmas word up, He Who Lives In Silence.

    This is one cool track.

    Skittery computer game shit to kick things and then a fat, fat, compelling beat.

    "building little mechanisms"

    I feel I can hear lots of little klokwerky things going on all the time as additional percussion.

    1:16 that's a killer little bassline slowly fading in and getting stronger.

    1:33 "bitch" vocal? Cool little drop there and then you give that bassline the fat beat it was crying out for. Great, busy fun now that people will enjoy on dancefloors in many places.

    Another klokwerky breakdown at 3:04 and then some background strings entering. Then that killer bass returning over the moving machinery.

    The rest is similar to what's already come before but it's all good stuff.

    No particular suggestions from me as you have your own style, which is evolving and progressing nicely.

    Congrats on your distinctive musical/personal character as I do often enjoy your posts and comments on this site. "Just sprinkled some pubes on it" is still the best!

    Reply by LivingInSilence

    Haha merry Xmas to you too!

    I laughed at you calling it "computer game shit", coz that's pretty much what my last EP was, and what i'm trying to get away from (and it really WAS shit. However, that arp starts to sound like a gazelle in the drop which is a happy accident, lol.

    As simple as it is, that bassline took longer to compose than anything else. House tracks are pretty repetitive so I needed to make sure it didn't get boring no matter how many times it was played, I feel I did well.

    Also 1:33 she says "Time is a bitch", I knew the 'bitch' part was a lot more audible being higher pitched and on the last beat but maybe I should slightly amplify the first part?

    Anyway glad you like the track. I like how in-depth you go on your critiques, your probs my best source of constructive criticism so thanks. Also you missed out on a (wonderful) conversation between "15ludwicke" and I about "snow tubing" lol.

    D3RELICT on Wed 24th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    Like those sounds. It took me the whole song to realize that the voice was saying "clockwork" instead of "awkward". Sounds like Hans Zimmer joined Ratatat and then they went to Ibiza! Very Nice.

  8. GramoChopin
    GramoChopin on Wed 24th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    Niceee. I've come to the conclusion your music sounds like a circuitry board in musical formation. If that makes any sense. Really liked the sounds in this one. Technical. Great work, happy holidays. peace


    Reply by LivingInSilence

    Haha damnit. My friend once found a folder on my computer containing strings of code I wrote for an IT assignment back in high school, she was like "So this is where you keep your sheet music?". :/

    Apparently I perceive my own music very different to how others do lol. Anyway i'm glad you like it! And happy holidays to you too! :D


  9. ZankFrappa
    ZankFrappa on Wed 24th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    You gotta love them engineers!

  10. 15ludwicke
    15ludwicke on Wed 24th Dec 2014 - 7 years ago

    hey andy really liked this track! loving your new house style but liked that you kept your whole "grunge" feel. Just make sure you don't take the track snow tubing. xD

    Best Wishes,

    Reply by LivingInSilence

    Snow Tubing. I thought we were supposed to be pretending that conversation never happened. :P

    And lol thanks.

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