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Tags : | Electronic | 4.07 MB

Description : Vocal from Maaka and BEATZMODE (Zeebeatz): ) which I totally demolished because it was really hard to sync (my fault, not the vocals fault).
Thanks for the synth loop from Billboo: And also for the riser from refl3xdubstep and the flute from drmistersir.
If you have the time to give some feedback: Are the mix and volume levels OK?
Is it coherent? What genre is this?


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  1. GramoChopin
    GramoChopin on Sun 29th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Okay last comment, we seem to have a had miscommunication with gender. As did BEATZMODE and you lol And that makes this track and your other track's comment section rather funny. I knew you were a female after this track I believe..I called you a man on my elaboration of a "floating mix."

    But your female and I'm aware of that now lol (Just clarifying) Oh wait you know how i knew you were a female? When you posted on my looptrack thread, Dubtek called you a "he" too. Excuse him, I actually know him personally and he's not the brightest one. ha And examples of female producers for your listening pleasure: JJweekz, Anomaly J, Eshar, Patricia Edwards and of course you know Cestevens.

    There's not too many of you ladies on here though, not really talented ones at least. (Many there are some that I haven't discovered yet) I think you have alot of potential though, even though you already have pretty good tracks.


    BEATZMODE on Thu 26th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    lol I don't know where you got that idea from "him being my boyfriend" I aint gay bro,(not that I have any problems with gay people) but thanks bro Lol

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Oh SORRY!!
    I got the impression of you been a ...girl??!

    It was something I read somewhere and it made sense in some way then - and now I see I got it all wrong.


    And hello, I'm actually a sister not a bro, thank you. ;)
    Probably why I'm looking for more female producers all the time - where are they anyway?

    BEATZMODE on Wed 25th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    @SeriouslyJoking,I think this has been the best remix I've heard so far ,liking the chords in this ,all round productions clean

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hello BEATZMODE!
    So you changed your nickname here - now I get it.

    This vocal is amazingly good, I read somewhere that it is your boyfriend singing, congratz to him and his talent!!
    And thanks for sharing it.

    I'm glad you liked it!
    I'll try to do an other version also, shorter and more dancy. If I manage. We'll see.

    Take care!
    /SJ =)

  4. GramoChopin
    GramoChopin on Wed 25th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    @ Crucethus, Understandable, I was open to the critique and I'm sure SJ is here too. I respect that. But just in my listening, I thought it sounded great. Just wanted to clarify that, I wasn't trying to say your critique was useless or irrelevant or anything, I just had a difference in opinion. Like many do

    *Sorry SJ, I'll cut it here. Don't wanna take up space on your track comment section.


    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    And piece to you too.
    (catching up with all the comments :p )

  5. crucethus
    crucethus on Wed 25th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    "Now you are killing me - arrange it more complex? I already outdid my capacity here I think, it was really hard to get it all together with that crazy beat and the vocal behaving very stubbornly...
    But I'll try!"
    Remember that's what Robert "Mutt" Lange, would say to all his artists. "Just do one more take. do it again". It just pushes us and makes us better and we learn more. look at how far you have come so far. It's a nice tune, but I think you could make it better.
    @GramoChopin " I find it a little odd Crucethus wants to hear this more complex. I think it already sounds nicely arranged, the end skipped a bit though"
    The reason I think this way is I have already thought of some ways that the sound could be built upon the basic structure. to me it would sound interesting. Sort of how Bach starts out simple and add's layers of complexity in his exercises. Our artist has come a long way and is becoming an excellent looper. I am only there for her as a support and my suggestions may seem harsh, but there not. I have great faith in this one in that she will be even better. @ Steve, we should have a count to see how many Steve's are really on this site, be interesting to know?

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Oh, yes the "Mutt-effect" - Do it again!

    And I will.
    I also have some more ideas for this one, for the drum line in particular and some of the melodies and mixing.
    It could be the club edit...hahaha - well now I'm dreaming here but I'll try it anyway.

    Thanks Steve!!
    Keep pushing.

  6. GramoChopin
    GramoChopin on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    And well technically no having a "floaty" mix isn't a bad thing. I meant it in a mental way i guess, i was pretty baked listening to it yesterday lol But in all seriousness, "Seriously Joking" I do like this track alot. Excuse the pun yet again. ahaha peace man, see you around


    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    OK, notified.

    See ya! =D

  7. Cestevens1783
    Cestevens1783 on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Hello again! I think it sounds amazing, entrancing I think. Still a fan ha, I always like your tracks. Thank you!

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Thank YOU.

    When I get better at this production stuff I would love to collab with you in some way if you'd let me use your pella.
    But that can take years...aaanyway - I'm dreaming on.

    Take care!
    /SJ =)

  8. joecramer
    joecramer on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    I think it sounds good.
    Sure there will be always something that could be better or more clear or this or that, but all in all i like it the way it is.
    (But i dont have realy good soundsystem or else - just a 25 years old nikko reciver on sharp speaker.)
    And your track dosend sound bader then other profi produces. Or say better - It sounds same good as them.

    I realy like youre work

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hi Joe!
    Thanks for listening. There is still a lot to be done on this one but you are right, it can always get better and the limit has to be drawn somewhere...
    This track isn't quite there yet though, so to be continued.

    Take care!
    /SJ =)

  9. Oxnitrogen
    Oxnitrogen on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Great job friend

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hey - thanks!

    I've been listening to your tracks the past couple of days and liking them A LOT!!

    Take care and keep the music coming/ SJ =)

  10. FreeRadical
    FreeRadical on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    This is sounding really good. The vocal matches the track really well, the drums are different, i've not heard anyone do a beat like that so congrats for trying something original.The breakdowns are nice and i like the progression of the synths.
    You've done a good job with this one.

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hi FR!
    Yeah, the drum line is different, I made two of them and put them together in various ways.

    Thanks for listening and the review!
    I'm glad you actually liked it.

    /SJ =)

  11. soundhound
    soundhound on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Very, Very Solid production I can tell you like what you do...
    The harmonics are right on, not many out here use the auto tuner
    in the right way, the way you set up the ghost track on his voice
    tells me you are in it, when you work it...That's what it is right there...
    You've got a rocket here....hearing it 2nd time around Maaaaad piece
    of work.... :-)...Simple Clean and Very Real...It's got that feel...


    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hi TG!
    I loved working with this tune! I think some of your praise have to go to Beatzmode and the vocalist because it is a really good quality pella but I'll lick up all the rest - thank you!

    I have to get the mastering going on on this also and do a few minor changes but I'm really excited about reading your great review - take care and see you around!

    Cheers/ SJ =)

  12. VirginiaSlimm
    VirginiaSlimm on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Good sounding track. Expected a house style 4 on the floor drop at 1:20 after swoop/build. would really like to hear it with that in a club setting. Enjoying the shuffling in the drum programming and the smooth arps. Vocals sound great. Very well used synth sounds.

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    You know, I was about to add a solid house drum 4/4 precisely where you wanted to hear it but forgot all about it somewhere a long the way!
    I also think it would be a good match there.
    Will have to try that.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  13. Billydragon1
    Billydragon1 on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Nothing wrong at all with this piece. My ears are still okay and my speakers are ok. Good touch on the breaks in between allowing for breathing spaces and ear rest. Chilltronic is what it is. Stay blessed! - B

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Of course, there you said it. That's what it is. =D

    Thanks for listening.

  14. srbrown7
    srbrown7 on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Yes, too many Steve's! I work with 3 just in my work group! I have found with FL studio that if you play around with the beat range as opposed to the estimated BPM you can find a good match sometimes! Take care.

    Stephanavich (as mt Dad used to call me!)

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Stephanavich! Sounds very cool!

    Well, Steve is a good name, probably why there are so many of you.


  15. GramoChopin
    GramoChopin on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Watery sounding, the mix almost floats. Nothing really that off or anything, I find it a little odd Crucethus wants to hear this more complex. I think it already sounds nicely arranged, the end skipped a bit though? No real complaints, great production. peace


    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    A floating mix? I have no idea if that's a good thing. =D
    But thanks for listening and I'm glad you liked it anyway.

    Take care!
    /SJ =)

    SUDDENSHIFTOFFICIAL on Tue 24th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Beautiful production so clean! love the subs and the bunched up kicks, the vocals are mixed well, it has a very uplifting atmosphere, great work !

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Thanks for listening and for the great review!

  17. crucethus
    crucethus on Mon 23rd Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Nice, I like the vocal syncing and the stacatto synths. Now I want to hear more complex elements of arrangement build on this one.

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hello Steve!!

    Now you are killing me - arrange it more complex? I already outdid my capacity here I think, it was really hard to get it all together with that crazy beat and the vocal behaving very stubbornly...
    But I'll try!
    It's a bit monotonous with that beat all over. And I was going to add more complex melody upon the synth but got a headache and decided to post it like this.
    However - challenge accepted.

    Thanks for listening!
    Cheers/ SJ =)

  18. srbrown7
    srbrown7 on Mon 23rd Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    First off nice chords matching the vocals. The timing of the vocals sounds pretty good and timing is always helped by adding echo. I use FL studio which has a "Fit to Tempo" facility that helps. Vocals could be EQ'd a bit brighter? Sound a bit muffled. I also find the rapid kicks a bit distracting over the vocal and a bit repetitive. Overall though a good feel track!
    Cheers Steve

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hi Steve!! (How many Steve's are there in here anyway? =D )
    About the muffled vocal, yes, it was kind of tricky to bring it out from under the synth stabs so I'm going to look in to that some more.
    I also use FL but that "fit to tempo" feature always backfires on me so I usually timestretch manually and repitch if nescessery.
    Noted about the rapid kicks, I like them but I guess you have a point there. I could tone them down a bit and see what happens.

    Thanks for listening and for the great feedback!
    Take care/ SJ =)

    PRINCELECTRO on Mon 23rd Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Nice job! i loved this, mystical ...

    (i m waiting for the day when i will not like your song :P )

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Thanks! And lol!

    Take care/ SJ =)

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