2nd Mar 2014 15:51 - 10 years ago
Description : i never do this type of thing, but I felt i had to

it's a diss on macklemore and a couple of others

beat is by jsnell

lyrics by Progress

Comments (27)

If you have time take a listen and give hanginghighguy some feedback.

dubjoka 4th Aug 2022 09:44 - 1 year ago
this is dope bro
KnightHeir 26th Apr 2020 19:17 - 4 years ago
Snapin on em doggy.
Hoodestablished 29th Aug 2019 01:04 - 4 years ago
Lol thats a tight intro tho
LilDUENDE 12th Dec 2018 02:55 - 5 years ago
Cool track, dope beat. Your voice is interesting too
Ch3ff 18th Feb 2017 21:33 - 7 years ago
Great track bro, nice flow and lyrics on point. Sick beat too! Bless
BrotherJunk 19th Jul 2014 16:08 - 10 years ago
To start off hip hop is my genre, but I'm not a rapper, a producer/beat maker.

That beat is one of beat I've heard featuring E. Guitar.

The first verse is "eh" imo. I'm not a Macklemore fan either, but I think dissing people on the homo tip when they are actually on the homo tip is coming at em at the wrong angle. You gotta best em another way. It's like coming at a white kid for being white, or a chick for being female, all imo.

The rest of the song is fire bro, shop wreckin. I wouldn't mind working with you. My beats are different, usually much darker, a lot of East Coast trap, but I can certainly make something. I work with artists who can kill it equally as well as you can and may (I can't really speak for them) but may be interested in letting you feature on their upcoming album. This kid works with grammy nominated producers. He's the most talented underground rapper I've ever met/heard. Let me know if it's someone you are interested in. He is not on my page. His stuff is locked up.
hanginghighguy replied 21st Jul 2014 - 9 years ago
Thanks for the the first I am actually ripping him for bad-mouthing hip that same love song he rips hop I had to use that to get him back..
but i do see what u r saying, it is ambiguous enough to be taken in many i'll toss that one up..

my minaj diss and the diss on myself, I am pretty happy with too..

so thanks man

hit us up to collab
YungWillCPR 3rd May 2014 15:42 - 10 years ago
Now this is Hip hop...Wow the beat is ill!!!!! real ill!! as for the Raps.. nailed em too. the sample is perfect too. gets a Fav from me. Keep it 100.

FreeRadical 23rd Apr 2014 15:23 - 10 years ago
Hip hop aint really my bag but this is seriously bloody good mate. I hear a lot of middle of the road stuff in this genre, on this site but this is a cut above the rest.
You definitely know your style and it shines through with bags of talent.
Best hip hop tune i've heard in a long while so two thumbs up for you dude.
This was a pleasure to listen to.
hanginghighguy replied 23rd Apr 2014 - 10 years ago
man, that means a lot. every artist wants their hard work to be appreciated. and I have finally figured out how to let my style..hmm..just know? like I accepted my talents and limitations and work within their parameters.
StrawHatDJ 19th Apr 2014 20:28 - 10 years ago
Your flow is on point and what you chat about has substance man, cool production. You are now Registered as a Lethal Weapon!
hanginghighguy replied 23rd Apr 2014 - 10 years ago
thanks man. im glad you enjoyed it.
Orlando51 19th Apr 2014 10:46 - 10 years ago
I'm not into hip-hop genre, but good composition is a good composition !:)

hanginghighguy replied 19th Apr 2014 - 10 years ago
thanks's nice that someone who doesn't like the genre appreciates my track...thanks again
jubayerhimu 19th Apr 2014 08:57 - 10 years ago
vry nice
hanginghighguy replied 19th Apr 2014 - 10 years ago
thanks for the feed back bro
Diskonnect 17th Apr 2014 17:03 - 10 years ago
Hip hop isn't usually my thing but this is very well put together, I love it! Guitars sound cool, good rapping too of course. Fav'd! :)
hanginghighguy replied 17th Apr 2014 - 10 years ago
thanks for the feedback..always appreciated...
DarioErmitanio 7th Apr 2014 15:29 - 10 years ago
that good subject, that sounds good.
hanginghighguy replied 9th Apr 2014 - 10 years ago
thank you. I appreciate the feedback
JoeyBonezSD1 7th Apr 2014 13:28 - 10 years ago
joints supreme!!keep killn'em!!straight bangah
hanginghighguy replied 7th Apr 2014 - 10 years ago
thanks my man...i admit i am hesitant to put a diss online, im not looking for attention like that..i just can't stand those i decided to rip myself in order to feel better about doing it in the first place
BEATZMODE 5th Apr 2014 01:47 - 10 years ago
and this is why i love hiphop .great track dude
hanginghighguy replied 5th Apr 2014 - 10 years ago
thanks bro..that means a lot...i didn't even realize that I just listened to tell me what to say and it was you...that's cool
quennyg 1st Apr 2014 04:53 - 10 years ago
great job man! I just started on this site and ive always wanted to learn how to make sick tunes just like this? Any tips for a newbie??
hanginghighguy replied 1st Apr 2014 - 10 years ago
passion. effort. and try to find your voice and your style..don't conform...make songs you care about or else they'll suck ass..

thanks for the reply
SubFreq 31st Mar 2014 19:25 - 10 years ago
Well done. Can tell a lot of work was put into this and it paid off.
hanginghighguy replied 31st Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
thanks. I did. I wanted to hit each kick with a rhyme and I think i did that
brillbilly 31st Mar 2014 00:20 - 10 years ago
Man this is some real great body rockin HipHop.!

Love that deep bass,awesome vocals n lyrics.

Superb beats n lovely piano too.!

This is damn good man!

Fave from me!

I love it.!
hanginghighguy replied 31st Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
thank you. i appreciate the feedback
benjizo 14th Mar 2014 21:42 - 10 years ago
This is really a good track,the delivery of the mcs is good.The sample is nice too.AND the beat,am loving that.
hanginghighguy replied 15th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
excellent...I'm pumped that it's gotten such a positive reception...
Spivkurl 13th Mar 2014 16:14 - 10 years ago
Hey, this is pretty cool! Since it caused a bunch of controversy, I'm going to have to play it on this Saturday. I like it a lot! Thanks for the DL!
hanginghighguy replied 15th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
that's dope man...what time you gonna be on at? what address? I'd like to hear...
TuneDef 12th Mar 2014 23:02 - 10 years ago
I Love this, you nailed with this track....they know, but for some reason hope nobody notice! Thanks for call'em out!

Tune D
hanginghighguy replied 15th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
thanks for the reply...I'm glad you appreciated it..
OmarMuk 12th Mar 2014 03:33 - 10 years ago
Your absolutely correct and I apologize for that.

My instant reaction was, flow was better than most rapping here but the best thing was that there was emotion in the voice, it wasnt bland. The lyrics seem to be run through some type of high pass filter. Dont know if it was intentional or not but it still works real well.

That was my thoughts about it before I got caught up with the beat and seeing that everybody was also commenting about the beat kinda of pissed me off cuz I dont like when people take credit for whats not theirs.

But like u said I guess it doesnt make a difference to the rapper cuz how were u supposed to even recognize it. Btw the beat isnt free cuz it was sold long ago. It was pointless for me to write the previous comment here (Jsnell removed the beat from his page among others after I told him) so its my bad I overreacted.

Anyways I give u props for the rap as it had a nice flow and energy in it.
hanginghighguy replied 12th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
thanks alot man....i really appreciate could just have easily said I sucked and I would still thank you...i'm always looking for constructive feedback...anything to help me elevate....thanks for the reply and the positive response to my verses...I have been trying to add inflections in my voice to control my emotions without yelling...
OmarMuk 10th Mar 2014 03:51 - 10 years ago
Well, only thing i can say is, this beat was not made by jsnell.

Produced in 2010 by Nick Piccolo AKA 2Deep.

Jsnell just added a movie sample.

Well this aint the first or the last that this'll happen
hanginghighguy replied 10th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
ok...thanks for the comment about my verses and the work I put in...but hey, it's cool, let's just be Mr. Hipster and only show the your negative side! it make a difference where or who or what the free beat came from? Doubt it...but again, thanks for the comment...
cosmicinfluence 8th Mar 2014 22:13 - 10 years ago
this track really inspires me. great choice of movie sample and great beat too. u should do more of this.
hanginghighguy replied 10th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
thank you for the comment...I don't know if you mean it or not...but I'll pretend that you do!...thanks
DanGoldstein 8th Mar 2014 01:40 - 10 years ago
the guitar coming in after the gunshot is nice. builds the despairing feeling

i love it when the lowest synth hits that low Bb

goes without saying but I'll say it - the rapping is awesome and the mixing of vocal tracks and excerpts is fantastic. great work. big congrats.
hanginghighguy replied 8th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
i appreciate the feedback..i really put some work into recording this track...the beat is by jsnell...i did the production --
DW01 8th Mar 2014 00:30 - 10 years ago
Nice track mate. Perfect beat for these raps
hanginghighguy replied 8th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
thanks for the comment...the beat is by jsnell...check him
BeatMaker4real 4th Mar 2014 16:00 - 10 years ago
I like this track..but I'm confused....who is rapping ?
the description says lyrics by Progress or is this also the HanginHighGuy ? anyway it's a nice track.
hanginghighguy replied 4th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
Progress is the the third verse I say its time for some self-dafacing, if you dish it you gotta take it...

thanks for the comment

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