18th Nov 2016 05:38 - 7 years ago
Tags :
Description : Just experimenting. Enjoy!

Comments (11)

If you have time take a listen and give BradoSanz some feedback.

Blaptized 14th Dec 2016 21:31 - 7 years ago
Really diggin this. The mix is on point. Very full. Love that dirty bass too. Keep em' comin
StaticNomad 28th Nov 2016 19:33 - 7 years ago
Word up, hip hoppin' BradoBro.

This is fuckin' good from about 0.1 seconds in!

Killer groove and that lead acoustic instrument is so awesome and funky.

This is so unlike anything you've done before and shows some excellent versatility. Have you played any instruments here or is it all samples?

You singing over the top could be weird, could be great. Please develop this further.

10/10 from The Static HopMad.
BradoSanz replied 28th Nov 2016 - 7 years ago
Howdy StaticNomadoBro,

I appreciate you stopping in. I have been fairly busy as of late so I haven't had time to listen to your newest tracks - though that will happen here very soon. These are all samples, I was just toying around with them in Pro Tools. I really like the sound. It will definitely be developed more, I have currently hooked the infamous JTStone to rap over it since I ooze over his voice so much. Thanks for the 10/10 - if only my looks matched my music.

From a 6/10,

toastedavalanche 28th Nov 2016 18:09 - 7 years ago
That's one hell of an idea! Can't wait to hear what "fully realised" sounds like :)

8bar 20th Nov 2016 08:52 - 7 years ago
I used Shazam for your beat as it really reaminds me of something I have heard before, and the original song is named "W├╝stensand" by Korte, but it's the sample that reminds me of some hip hop song. Maybe some Mobb Deep stuff!?
BeatMaker4real 19th Nov 2016 16:20 - 7 years ago
Nice track bro..puts me in the mind of some of the old G-unit stuff...nice work.
Justze3 19th Nov 2016 04:45 - 7 years ago
Awesome beat,reminds me of early Eminem music,good mix btw
TuneDef 19th Nov 2016 01:07 - 7 years ago
Really great track, really flows and well mixed!
swindla007 19th Nov 2016 00:24 - 7 years ago
Yeah man, i really dig this track. Its too bad that its so short though, hopefully the rest comes soon.
Dj Swindla
onlyhits 18th Nov 2016 19:57 - 7 years ago
Awfully good for an experiment! :)
I love this so much!
joecramer 18th Nov 2016 18:49 - 7 years ago
Hey Brado
I would say - you hit it!
Really something that is ready for some powerful lyrics.
The sound is very well, at least on my system.
I hope that there will be someone who made some lines on it.

I really enjoyed this (short) listen.

stay tuned
GregVincey 18th Nov 2016 11:19 - 7 years ago
Woah! I would of never expected this. I see trying new things, i like it ^-^
BradoSanz replied 18th Nov 2016 - 7 years ago
Thanks man :) Just playing around with stuff.

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You can use this, for no commercial use.
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