Description : back after a little while here's a collab I did with Eshar a while ago ... poem and vocals by Eshar, composition, arrangement and recording by me. like always I play every instrument by myself, only for the drums I used some loops from Sony Creative (I guess ...). a thousand thx to Elaine for her permission to do this song ... and a thousand thx for every listen and comment ... peace and music, rei4real

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  1. annstewart82
    annstewart82 on Sun 22nd Sep 2019 - 6 months ago

    Hello...I download a lot of your music and I like to sing...If I sing using your music would you like to hear it?

  2. Riest
    Riest on Sun 25th Jan 2015 - 5 years ago

    Excellent tune.

    keep it up :)

    Reply by rei4real

    thank you!!!
    peace, rei

  3. hoegelpm
    hoegelpm on Mon 29th Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    Great work! please allow download

  4. Howard
    Howard on Thu 25th Oct 2012 - 7 years ago

    Nicely textured feel rei! You have a great talent for creating the perfect warm bed tracks to compliment your distinctive guitar tone.

    Reply by rei4real

    thank you Howard!!
    and sorry for the late reply, wasn't online here for a long long time ... ;-)

  5. Lestermex
    Lestermex on Fri 16th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    And when will the record be for sale?

    Reply by rei4real

    don't know ... but it's a real possibility there to achieve that ... I'll keep you posted ... ;-)
    peace, rei

  6. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Sun 11th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    This is so groovy! It's got some old school fundamentals, but sounds modern too! Great guitar playing and tone! Awesome use of these vocals! Excellent track!

    Reply by rei4real

    thank you!!
    I take what I like from old school and new school and mix it up to my school ... that's all ...
    thx for listening!!!
    peace, rei

  7. VickyDan
    VickyDan on Sun 11th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    Wooow! Excellent!
    You really are an accomplished musician, and I envy your skill on guitar.
    The voice here is perfectly balanced, and well suited to your composition.
    I am not tired, listen, and I thank you for sharing this moment.
    There are here, of great talents, and so varied ....


    Reply by rei4real

    thx a lot for taking the time to listen!!
    very appreciated ...

    peace, rei

  8. MStokes
    MStokes on Sat 10th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    To paraphrase Marvin and Terri, ain't nothing like the Rei thing, baby - crazy beauty and respect

    Reply by rei4real

    thank you Michael!!!
    it's great to hear that from a very original artist on it's own ...

    peace, rei

  9. Lestermex
    Lestermex on Sat 10th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    This is awesome. It feels like The Doors with a female Morrison. :) I hope I can download this some day.

    Reply by rei4real

    thx man for listening!!
    I hope someday you will be able to buy the record ... hehe

    peace, rei

  10. Planetjazzbass
    Planetjazzbass on Sat 10th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    Hey Rei you got your funky boots on stuff man!..I'm loving this track maximus appreciato...from Eshar's cool cool accented prose to that hipshot guitar work all makes for a hot track....your guitar playing reminds me of these American yoyo experts that came out to Australia on a promotional tour in the late sixties,they blew everyone away,we all thought they were golden gods from the promised land! you weren't standing at the end of the queue when they were handing out guitar skill that's for sure!...awesome!..cheers Dave

    Reply by rei4real

    hey Dave!!!
    I love your reviews maximus appreciato ... hehe
    if those guitar gods ever come back to Australia, give me a call ...
    thx a lot for listening ...

    peace, rei

  11. eshar
    eshar on Sat 10th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    You are such a professional Rei and when I say that I don't mean that you are just clinically good...because there is real emotion too.
    Ha I am not explaining myself very well unfortunately. So I will just say that this sounds wonderful and I am honoured that you used my vocals. Thank You!


    Reply by rei4real

    your voice and your lyrics are pure inspiration for me!! that being said it's easy for me to work with your work, so to say ...
    thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    peace and music, rei

  12. srknckr
    srknckr on Sat 10th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    Hot work! Loved it... Good luck

    Reply by rei4real

    thank you!!!
    peace, rei

  13. MINOR2GO
    MINOR2GO on Sat 10th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    YaaY. Just stand up from sleeping. This song gives a perfect start into this Saturday. The guitar is really soothing and fits perfect to the constant rhythm. Very cool stuff.


    Reply by rei4real

    Danke Martin!!!
    it's always nice to get positive reviews from real good musicians ... ;-)

    peace, rei

  14. DonnieVyros
    DonnieVyros on Sat 10th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    heya rei, nice to see you in the fold again. I love the way you've mixed original riffs with pre-made content.They compliment each other quite well I think. My fav bit is the slow bass paired with piano. They give this a retro R&B/Pop vibe. Can't think of anything off-hand to suggest for this (maybe using Eshar's vocals more? expiriment with widening the overall range of everything, for a more stereo-scopic dynamic?- shrugs). Beyond all that this is golden. Later on!

    Reply by rei4real

    thx Donnie for listening and your review!!
    about the stereo dynamics, well, what your hear is only the rough mix sent through a master limiter ... it's not mastered at all, no eq's or anything ...
    and I love that bassline myself ...

    cu, rei

  15. Vuduchylde
    Vuduchylde on Sat 10th Mar 2012 - 8 years ago

    Rei, wow! this track gave me goose bumps. love the guitar riffs, the vocals just fit in perfectly (a playful conversation between guitar and vocals). oustanding work.

    Reply by rei4real

    thx man for that great review!!
    peace, rei

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