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Tags : | Country | 2.75 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : I created this song off a similar concept as The Monkees 1967 song titled "Daydream Believer" Subtle Similarities, but quite a more modern and mainstream sound.......Composed, Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered By me..... Vocals & Ukulele by Snowflake

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  1. alividlife
    alividlife on Wed 9th May 2012 - 9 years ago

    Great track man.. I mean that was awesome. I like a bit more aggression or .. raunchiness in my music, but I can't but help love this!

    Hah, that minecraft video would be epic!

    Do you have anything more aggressive that you have written that you would recommend?

  2. iDJXvendettaX
    iDJXvendettaX on Fri 6th Apr 2012 - 9 years ago

    that song made cry, why?
    it remember´d me thee old times.
    i wanna make other peoples cry, if you let us of curse.
    we created a channel on youtube, in wich we make short movies about a game called Minecraft, this song gave us the idea of making our first short movie, based on love, wich will be two people falling in love under a tree ^_^)

    Reply by tza1800

    Sure go ahead just make sure you let me see the final result

  3. ImproveWithError
    ImproveWithError on Thu 5th Jan 2012 - 9 years ago

    Killer track, love the vocals on this. The simplicity of the uke and everything combined really makes this track top notch, keep it up major fav on this one.

    Reply by tza1800

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. PatriciaEdwards
    PatriciaEdwards on Tue 3rd Jan 2012 - 9 years ago

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAah, the monkees? where? omg! i used to love those dudes...i was younger then lol.

    this is really good!!! nice vocal, really gives it a good atmosphere. great job you guys!

    and thx for the DL.

    Reply by tza1800

    Anytime Thanks!

  5. MStokes
    MStokes on Mon 2nd Jan 2012 - 9 years ago

    ah, Tim - mission accomplished - this dreamy beauty sun through the winter window - maximum minimalism - the sweet cheesiness of the monkees at their best always had that hard nut of nesmith in there - simple and complex arrangement + production = masterwork

    Reply by tza1800

    Yes quite dreamy indeed. Thanks for the kind words!

  6. JamieVega
    JamieVega on Mon 2nd Jan 2012 - 9 years ago

    This is really nice - its really refreshing to hear such a well made and constructed piece of music. The vocals sound so crisp/clean and go so well with the track. Thanks for sharing it

    Reply by tza1800

    Thanks! glad you liked it

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Don’t want to believe
What I see on the Livestream
What they sell me on the TV
It’s haunting

But if you lay down your gun
You can feel the winter warming sun
Through the window
And the soft glow
Of Mother turning

Dream, dream
Imagining you and me
In the same dream

If we open our hearts
Well we’re making a start
To remember the one part
Of every soul
Beneath their guard

So if you lay down your gun
Then at least we have begun
To recondition
If we listen
To our Father’s yearning

Dream, dream
Imagining you and me
In the same dream

With the same dream
With same dream
Imagining you and me
In the same dream

You can feel the winter warming sun
Through the window
And the soft glow
Of our Mother turning

Don’t want to believe
What I see on the Livestream



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