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Description : Distorted riff part to the first storytelling guitar riff from my loop collection.
A min F M7 C Maj G Maj - let me know if you like it.

Description : More distortion!

Description : A min F min E maj - let me know if you like it.

Description : A min F M7 C Maj G Maj - let me know if you like it.

Description : Inspired by HVLCYON's "Nostalgia"

Description : goes great along with "string ensemble a minor pad"

Description : a Pad for background with beauty

Description : A strong walk

Description : A looped chord D minor Strings

Description : Bassline within new Europa from Propellerheads. Loop up my Allihoopa Profile to get in touch.

Description : Nice moog sound i created newly within reason 10, check out the bass line for it.

Description : new with reason 10, made for the mood sound, look up my recent loops.

Description : Slap Bass Acoustic

Description : Decent Bass riff. Solid foundation to build everything on top.

Description : Simple powerfull bass theme

Description : nice timed chord melody pad

Description : Techno Trumpet Synth

Description : Drums for the "Techno Trumpet" Loop or anything else with 120 bpm.

Description : Made with Reason. Nice opening or basis texture.

Description : Best for ... you know what :D

Description : Automated pad underwater scene, Hydronexius/ Reason 8.3

Description : Dry Base Drum with jungle beats. Kong Drum / Reason 8.3

Description : Like the great theme in the movie "Heat". Great intro for a big sound.

Description : Slow clean Pop Kit

Description : Deep House Drums, pitch them deeper if you what. they will be good

Loops 1 - 25 of 50
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