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Description : the horn section

Description : 3 x 4 = 12 bars -> split it up into 3 equal parts of 4 bars each and you will end up with the chords, bass and melody part of the rhodes, in that order.
play those 3 parts together over 4 bars and you have the full rhodes track with the ability to mute out parts for less or more intensity.
i removed most fx resulting in quite a dry signal, which is suitable for applying effects in your own taste and allows you to have more control over how everything sounds.

Description : A simple 'bubbly' build-up effect created in Reason with a self-oscillating Thor filter and some automation. Useful for psy and the likes.

Description : chopped and modulated breakbeat intro followed by a percussion groove.
feel free to slice it up and cherry-pick individual samples for subsequent use

Description : sitar melody i recorded for my track "fata morgana"

part A:

Description : sitar melody i recorded for my track "fata morgana"

part B:

Description : simple 4/4 bass groove
just noticed there is a slight crackle at the beginning, might wanna add a few ms fade-in time. sorry about that.

Description : metallic sounding string plucking, has some accoustic qualities to it. remotely sounds like a harpsichord.

time sig: 4/4
length: 8 bars (32 beats)

simple repeated IV-I progression (i think).
keys are: E and B, switching every 4 beats.

maybe i will create a whole tune with this sometime but i thought i'd share it so you can do something with it if you want. let me know if you do so i can have a listen!

Loops 1 - 8 of 8
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