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Description : Comment creations!

Description : comment creations

Description : comment creations

Description : tried this a few years ago but came out sloppy. therefore redid this and made it sound as identical as I could!

Description : Bassline in key of D#m. Comment creations.

Description : All drums made and arranged from scratch. Comment creations!

Description : east coast/underground.
Sampled and placed from scratch. comment creations! hope yall have an amazing christmas and new year! here's to a better year!

Description : Comment Creations!

Description : All drums from scratch and arranged in FL Studio 20. Comment Creations

Description : All drums from Scratch and arranged in Fl Studio 20.

Description : Thoughts on YBN Cordae's "The Lost Boy" Album? I loved it!

Description : All drums from scratch and arranged in FL Studio 20. Comment Creations!

Description : Comment Creations!

Description : BPM is 93! Comment Creations!

Description : Something I feel that 6ix would cook up! Comment Creations!

Description : comment creation!

Description : made something i feel as Logic's in house producer, 6ix, would make! Comment creations!

Description : primo asf.

Description : A drum loop i made in 10 mins on FL! Please share creations!

Description : Almost all sounds are from Kyle Beats's "FLEX" Kit!

Description : Comment Creations! BPM is 90!

Description : made in a bpm of 75 but works well for 150!

Description : BPM is 140! Please link ur Creations in the Comments!

Description : Comment Creations!

Description : A nice soild pattern that really have a good 90's feel!

Loops 1 - 25 of 25