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Description : Made using Sytrus in FL Studio.
Didn't really make this with a key, the primary notes that I used are F# / A / D#.

Description : Purcussion that is glitchy (:

Description : Part of my next song, used a classic drumbeat as filler for the empty space and got this

Description : Made in about 30 mins, part of a track I'm working on.

Description : Made with FL Studio, Key is F Major

Description : Loop I made while working on a track.
Notes are: G,F,D#,D

Description : Probably my favorite drum loop I've made.
Please link what you make with it!
The Kick is in F.

Description : A loop of the drums that will be in my next song.

Description : Made using only Sytrus, EQ, and OTT.
Key is G# Minor Natural

Description : Made using only Sytrus and OTT.
Key is G# Minor Natural

Description : 2 halfs, 1st for more calm, 2nd for more intense parts.

Add very little reverb, like anywhere below a second of decay, and bring the wet up.

Scale: F# Minor Natural (Aeolian)

Description : Just the Percussion

Description : Simple Kick Snare pattern with metallic percussion.

Description : Part of my next track.

Made with 3 different sytrus plugins with FL Studio

Description : layered drums, layered clap/snare, hi-hats, custom perc loop.

Meant for a dubstep track

Description : For an EDM track i'm making

Scale is F# Natural Minor

Root notes are F#4, D4, E4, B3

Description : Some snares, reverse snares, reverb, and pitch bending.

Description : A quick thing a did. Made with only stock plugins from FL Studio.

Key is D
Minor-(Aeolion) Scale

Description : Chords for a semi-melodic dubstep track that I am making.

I know 128 is weird for dubstep

Key is D# Harmonic Minor

Description : Add reverb, 3.5 sec decay and low wet.

Should loop well and sound amazing

Put it an octave up and it will sound like a new loop

D Minor Harmonic

Description : Made in FL Studio with the Keyzone Piano plugin.
Part of a Dubstep track that I am making.
Key: F Minor Aeolian

Description : Made This using Harmor, Its In D Major scale.

Description : I heard Hip Hop was easy to make so I decided to see for myself

Description : Got bored and made this.

Description : Made with Harmor

Loops 1 - 25 of 43