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Description : they go bass A** in ur ears, really nasy but nice synth from my Extra Set project (4)

Description : Been a while since i posted here. no i have not left u nor forgotten u. i am still right here.
today i bring u some drums and def different sound. u know me :D enjoy this for now. more to come

Description : Vocals only, back kookoos too.

Description : soft vions for some add ups to ur beats

Description : Dirty hip hop bass, for some shaking of the glass

Description : Some picas mixed with a tremmeling string on a simply but very useful melody. i know u will like it so i upload to u.
My pre Christmas gift. enjoy

PS: u can divide the tempo into 2 to get the slower tempo.

Description : a classic long piano loops for ur relaxing music. hope u enjoy

Description : u know me, this is a deep. u will enjoy. DextDee

Description : u know me, this is a sweeet long synth loop. u will enjoy. DextDee

Description : just as the name implies, use it to spice up that 95 tempo ed track u have, if they fall in the same key that is.

Description : the overall sound sounds like it is shifted to the left a little, yes, that was intended, and i would advise that when u make ur track, play with the panning too and shift some of ur instruments to the right as well, u would be amazed how clean ur track w

Description : the tempo is 163 but if u divide it by 2, u will get half of the tempo and i think that is ridable, hip hop-wise.
so here is ur new loop for that hot hip hop track u have wanting to do, so fire it up and make something, from yours truly, DextDee

Description : this is a synth that has lower harmonics and higher tweets for the lovely ears of urs :D by yours truly, DextDee

Description :

Description : Some violins orchestrated that u would love. makes ideas go in ur head like a flickering bulb. lol don't mind me. just playing, but yea some more violin orchestrated loops by yours truly, DextDee

Description : arped progressive harps for ur ears by yours truly, DextDee

Description : a small progressive picz loop for ur ears, by yours truly, DextDee

Description : progressive strings loop for ur nxt beat, by DextDee

Description : and where did this come from?

Description : out of no where came this

Description : Then Came this :)

Description : And there Was this sound too

Description : in the beginning was this sound of Reggae

Description : an effect kinda synth. enjoy, by yours truly, DextDee

Description : strange vox of a female Choir, but u can chop up and use to ur advantage

Loops 1 - 25 of 267