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Description : Do wat u want wit dis...

Description : Intro.

Description : Let me know if you use it for anything :)

Description : Use it for free.

Description : It has more of a ballad feel to it, but there is no category for that in the genre section, hence it is under Pop. Hope Someone can make something out of this. Let me hear your work.

Description : has an intro, hope you like

Description : hope you like, has a nice intro

Description : More bells that you could layer with 'Bell 1', or you could play this in the intro. Sounds detuned

Description : Sounds like every melody i've heard on a Juice WRLD beat.
You could slow it down for the chorus/intro, when i slowed it down by 1/2 speed it sounded dope.

Description : This one could be used in the intro or chorus, and maybe you could layer it with the other ones for the verse, but this one is quite bland in comparison to the other 'Clarity' loops, which have several layers of choirs, etc.

Description : Synth créé avec sylenth1. aucun droit d'auteur.

Description : Synth créé avec sylenth1. aucun droit d'auteur.

Description : A Heart Attack sort of melody, would sound great once again as an intro.
-Builds up well
-Share what you make!

Description : as the title say this loop can be used as an intro to a trap beat or any genre of your choice, it really depends on you what you do with the loop

Description : A heavy Scarlxrd type loop that would sound sick as an intro to a trap metal bamger.
-Share what you make!

Description : this loop can be used in a trap song but it can be used in other genres too.

p.s I made this with a VST

Description : Pitch it down in the intro and you will have a banger!

Show yo stuff!

Description : 1st two bars - intro part with 16th note hats
3rd bar - 8th note hats with hook 808s
4th bar - 8th note hates with verse 808s
chop em up boys

Description : Choirs 2 Of Full Choirs Intro!

Description : My Intro choirs for a new project but i have decided to share with you i will only upload some of the loops i going to create for my new project because i am curious to listen what other people can do with my sounds.

Description : Backing vocals I did for the Hook I uploaded. It can be used in a verse, intro, drop, wherever.
All I ask is to be featured.

Description : Sunflower type beat but much sad version!

Description : This Loop begins what would be your next looperman trap song, made with FL Studio 20

Description : Intro / outro for dub-trance-trip-hop blues.

Description : My first loop uploaded to Looperman. Its a recreation of one of the leads I used on my earliest tracks. FL Studio 20 was used to make it, and it goes best with any track of the EDM genre. Tips on music production would be helpful!

Loops 1 - 25 of 779
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