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Description : *Creator Note: Intended for 160 bpm but rendered at 80 bpm to control the wobble* Death Bass. Key A#. 160 bmp.
Description : Short soft piano if you use it send me link ;) Bless
Description : deep kick intro
Description : Soft melodies intro
Description : find it usefull
Description : A simple loop for introduction of the extended mix
Description : I hope yall ready to make a new beat cuz i gotta dope intro for you. lemme know what yall make
Description : Same as "Rim Shot Half Time Shuffle" but with snare and ghost notes after a little intro with rim shot.
Description : intro
Description : {Emin} An accompaniment to Sort of works lol Outro or intro maybe? -Shinobic-
Description : ukelele rithm latin , can u used for a intro, i make this with a real ukulele from vallarta mexico
Description : what have i done... leave a link if u use it.
Description : Thats a kinda melody I would use as an intro. Plug your mic in, distortion fx and autotune... give this one the heartbreaker sound even kanye would cry to it ! The echo was so bad af! You guys lit! If you are going to use it leave a link of your work. For more Info check my profile page or dm me on Facebook! Cheers!
Description : violin for a intro music made on reason!
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm,D. SFX Loop - Battle Stations. Ambient sfx to hype a piece in your mix or use as an intro! Its all good. Happy mixing! Peace.
Description : Just made for fun !!!
Description : Introduction chords
Description : Same as "Flat Tire Beat" but without the little intro, only the groove. Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.
Description : Same as the two others 114 BPM COOL SLOW but without the accentued rim shot and snare. This loop fits for an intro.
Description : A standard 128bpm Progressive House loop. Featuring big kicks, some giant claps and a rolling snare... roll. Enjoy! :D NOTE - This loop was inspired by Jim Yosef's Arrow, but loads of other tracks have used it. Spice up your stuff with this.
Description : Small little pack, 5 loops in total. I haven't really uploaded anything truly my style to Looperman before so....enjoy :)
Description : Made in Nexus. Would be great as an intro to a ballad dance song..or something
Description : Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit. If tou want only the groove without the little intro, you can make a loop only with the last bar.
Description : Dark Pad suitable for an intro , I think. Post a link to your track if you used this loop. Thank you! BLACK EGG Beats
Description : this is my version of the drum intro to foster the people- best friend (wave racer remix)
Loops 1 - 25 of 647
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