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Description : MEEEH!
Description : Trap Ballad Piano Chords Intro F#m 128
Description : Intro and outro bass of the song. Created in android 5.1 with G stomper studio. Enjoy (: Leave a link of your work. (:
Description : Big Room intro, in G. Please leave a link if you turn this to a track, because I'm interested what you can make with this! c:
Description : I think I figured it out! please show me anything you do!
Description : more to come, just trying to figure out how to make theses wavs smaller. needs to be 6mb and they keep coming out at 7 or 8. :/ This was recorded using my legato keyboard, a snowball mic, and audacity. Hopefully after I can figure out how to make these loops, I can put out more (there's more pieces to this, just can't upload them yet cause they're too big...)
Description : Here's a bass loop I made for maybe an intro/outro for a dubstep or trap track. Could be used for anything really.
Description : A mellow chill popish piano that could possibly be used as an intro to any kind of genre. Someone wanted me to do it.
Description : Sounds like the intro to an Eminem song. Comment if you want the MIDI file.
Description : Another Tom heavy loop fit for a bridge section or an intro.
Description : A high energy drum intro loop.
Description : A drum loop that is ideal for an intro.
Description : The Intro Strings To Skrillex's Song Equinox (First Of The Year)
Description : The Intro Chords To Skrillex's Song Equinox (First Of The Year) Key
Description : Taking you back to the Funk Skool! Cop shows of the 1970s had some really funky intro songs.
Description : You Can Use it as a Intro
Description : *Creator Note: Intended for 160 bpm but rendered at 80 bpm to control the wobble* Death Bass. Key A#. 160 bmp.
Description : Short soft piano if you use it send me link ;) Bless
Description : deep kick intro
Description : Soft melodies intro
Description : find it usefull
Description : A simple loop for introduction of the extended mix
Description : I hope yall ready to make a new beat cuz i gotta dope intro for you. lemme know what yall make
Description : Same as "Rim Shot Half Time Shuffle" but with snare and ghost notes after a little intro with rim shot.
Description : intro
Loops 1 - 25 of 663
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