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Description : Beautiful Harp Melody. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : Harp Trap Loop created with Nexus, if you use it please post what you have made under comments!
Description : hope you guys feeling this 130 bpm key E let me get some feedback please.
Description : Loop made on Maschine. Would love to hear what people could do with this
Description : KEY: A-min TEMPO: 150bpm been busy building websites. not much time for music sorry. hope you enjoy.
Description : This nice little solo can also be cutted in to some smaller partitions of fill and groove. Just have fun with it! (and motivate me with Your feedback about it ;-)
Description : Key: C-min TEMPO: 85bpm Layered Kontour keys and harp. pretty basic c-min chord progression, but it sounds dope.
Description : Played in Gmin - Cmin
Description : Loop for Songs in Key of D played on G Harp. Mono Mix without any effects for further mixing.
Description : Simple jew's harp
Description : Another Harmonica Loop for songs in G major. 8 bars 80bpm 4/4. Shift (delay) it 1/4 bar to the right for better matching groove with drum pattern to make it sound interesting. Can be nicely combined with Harp Loop C-Harp No1. Please leave me a message so I can listen to where it was used.
Description : Harmonica Loop for songs in key of G major. 8 bars 4/4 80bpm Shift (delay) the Loop 1/4 bar to the right so it will groove better with some drum rythm. ...just try it.
Description : inspired by the chords from kent jone's dont mind, i used this on a song, check me on soundcloud to hear the full track, just type N Puvi, this is the accompanying chords to the harp layer i've also added.
Description : inspired by the chords from kent jone's dont mind, i used this on a song, check me on soundcloud to hear the full track, just type N Puvi, also i've added in accompanying piano chords
Description : 4 beats loop of harp groove matching to songs in key of D major. Please leave me a message if You used it in a song or need it without stereo or reverb effects.
Description : Harp D; Key A (2nd possition); 8 bars
Description : 8 bars; Harp D Seydel 1847; matching for song in key of A; Some Reverb and Stereo effect
Description : Perfect for trap use. LINK ME WHAT YOU USE IN IT
Description : KEY: E-maj TEMPO: 128bpm bleep bleep bloops
Description : Harp for trap/future bass or whatevs.
Description : Made with Sytrus. Chords implied: F7, Em7, Am, C7
Description : Delayed at 140 bpm
Description : I used the similar musical material of my Loop "Slow Mood in D-Minor for guitar", but did a few changes with the melody and rhythm because the Japanese Shamisen has a different sound than the guitar. It is more dry and the melodies sound shorter and have a kind of drum effect. I used also another sound for the base line with Taisho Koto. So it becomes a mix of an ethnic plugged instrument and the Japanese Harp Taisho Koto which I have used before in differnt loops. There is no Category for the Shamisen, so I used Harp which would fit best.
Description : Logic Pro
Description : Made with: Hephaestus Sounds Fairy Tale Harp - Plucked.
Loops 1 - 25 of 256
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