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Description : Heavy violin loop.

Description : loop inspired by the Gucci song Rumors
This is a heavy synth saw playing multiple octaves, will likely need to be EQ'ed. Click my pic for more of my loops and how to contact me. Please leave a link in the comments if you use or hear this in a track!

Gucci Mane, Lil Durk

Description : pad sound with a lot of effects
tempo is 125 but with heavy FX i recon putting this trough slicer would make it sound more "on beat"

Description : A medium-tempo drumbeat played on an extremely big and heavy-sounding drumkit.

Description : guess whos back? back again?
its me!

simple and heavy drums, but those should work with a lot of genres and a lot of different songs.

any key, since drums and 69 / 138 BPM

enjoy you guys, I missed you :D

Description : A Must Die'ish kind of heavy screechy lead.

Description : working on a guitar loop pack...I'll be uploading more consistently once its finished !

Description : Prs Custom 24 - GuitarRig
- Want custom loops?
- Have any questions?
DM me on Insta: (check looperman profile for contact info)

Description : Prs Custom 24 into GuitarRig
- Want custom loops?
- Have any questions?
DM me on Insta: (check looperman profile for contact info)

Description : mpc live 2 and mixed in logic pro
ready to use as they are

Description : Sad, spooky, reverb heavy piano chords. Giving off eerie emo rap vibes. Bones vibes.
Suicideboys X Bones X Emo Rap X XXXTENTACION X Phonk Melody. Sad Anime Type Melody.

Description : a heavy lead that I made in the past, very noisy and angry, can be good in dark genres, like phonk or hard trap :v

Description : EVIL DARK GUITAR
metal, death, grunge, punk, heavy, horror

Description : Meatcanyons voice.
0 FX
Would be great for some tearout or heavy dubstep!
I have a free sample pack on my bandcamp and mediafire, find me and ill link you.
stay blessed

Description : i used PRS grand piano to play this harmonic beautiful riff or loop.
plugins used -wave Rcompressor, ultramaximizer T racks.

Description : Pad sound with heavy effects, almost just ambience

Description : heavy guitar with effects
Suitable for artists like: Pop Smoke, 808Melo, Ghosty, Digga D, Fivio Foreign.

Description : A heavy synth bass plays a thumping ostinato.

Description : do what you will

Description : Ive been listening to a lot of bvssic recently and damnnnn that neuro future riddim style goes mad hard, so i took some inspiration from the switchup from his song on halcyon DISGUST (go listen its absolutely insane) and made a heavy drum loop :) im using these in a track of mine but feel free to use them anyway

Description : heavy distorted lead/synth melody for yeat, kankan, ken carson, filthy beats

Description : Heavy metal drums recorded in FL Studio with added compression. In the style of Metallica, Pantera, Alice in Chains, etc.

Description : Distorted heavy metal guitar recorded with Amped Roots in FL Studio. Suitable for any kind of metal especially in the styles of Metallica or Avenged Sevenfold.

Description : do what you will

Description : Pizzicato with some heavy synths.
Let me hear what you've made!

Loops 1 - 25 of 1305
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