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Description : Key is F. This drum loop includes:
Kick, clap, rim shot, a hi-hat midi pattern, and an 808 which slides up at the end :)

Description : 808, Layered Snares, Percs and simple Hi Hat
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Description : A catchy, uptempo drum loop from a scratched pop project. Consists of a kick, clap, hi hat, open hat, and sub-clap. Ready to be dragged and dropped into your pop creations! Link anything you make down in the comments.

Description : Simple pattern guitar with little reverbs.
If you need PART2 flute DM me on insta.
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Description : Kick, snares, hi hat and open hat, Travis Scott back in the days vibe.

Description : used to have trouble finding these kinds of perc loops, not anymore, thought this might help someone make drill

Description : With hi-hat,, wow it's pretty damn crazy right?
Tags: hard drum , hi hat , 808 , hard , kick , basic ass shi

Description : A very smooth and straight drum loop with Hi-hat, shaker, bass drum, and snare.

Description : kick - hat - snare

Description : 2 5 1 (3) progression, kick clap hi-hat snare open-hat

Description : adds some sauce to your trap drums
made with train mane kit vol. 1

Description : Hi Hat Loop that pans from left to right

Description : Hi Hat 2 Drum Loop

Description : Hi Hat Drum Loop, 909 HH

Description : Some bounce for y'all

Description : Hey!
I made these really heavy riddim drums for you all!
There is a kick, snare, clap, two closed hi-hats, an open hi-hat, a ride and a perc hit.
Hope you like it :)
Please link your uses!
(this doesn't really go well with my drop loop i posted today fyi)

Description : Nice hi-hat
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Description : I had some fun with a drum kit and some gritty effects
Hard Lofi Boom Bap Hip Hop Old School Drums Beat
Leave a link in the comments of you use this loop would like to hear what you do out of it
Old School Hard X Lofi Hip Hop Drums Beat Trip Hop Trap MPC sampled muffled Vinyl Slow Dusty Funk Funk Snare Kick hi hat Banging Smooth Gritty

idk, tried something out
let me know if you used this in something
drum loop with kick, clap, hi hat, 808, voice, vocal, for drake, travis scott, future or other

Description : This some of dat super dark vibes drums - only one basic slow hi-hat pattern so that can be expanded on.

Description : Click my Proflie to find me on IG
got creative with this loop
Send your work :)

Description : Just a simple pattern for you guys. Enjoy!

Description : red rose loop kit click on my profile
layer wit other ones
add a lil open hat and perc

Description : Hat loop from Quarantine Loop Kit

Description : Pretty gud huh

Loops 1 - 25 of 728
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