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Description : spoken word rhetorical keeping it real rant.

Description : Smooth optimistic lyrics spoken word

Description : Spoken Word motivational speech

Description : Motivational speaking with a football analogy by Kamal the Hip Hop Teacher

Description : Lit lyrics telling a hotty to slow it down. She's giving it up to fast for the player. This is how a brother would talk to his niece or daughter.

Description : This song will rock the kids with a dope beat. This is part of my children's education series as Kamal the hip hop teacher

Description : Lyrics for a hot dance track at 125 bpm. Get the party going with these lyrics.

Description : An inspirational rap song for the youth

Description : Inspirational rap by Kamal Imani

Description : Motivational spoken word poetry from the dome of kamal imani

Description : Ascend with us on the spoken word mind flight with Kamal Imani and souls

Description : Spoken word poetic lyrics made to uplift people and a people who are down, with that real feel sound. Kamal Imani

Description : inspirational and motitivational spoken word by kamal imani. some background noise.

Description : The ultimate new party song! Blend this at 130 bpms and let's share this hit. You can hit me up at cipherkam at gmail ig kamalsupreme

Description : This is the perfect flow to get the tik tok girls making videos and selfies. Help me make these lyrics blow up with your beats. Let's Go!

Description : Run to Allah find your identity. Be at peace
spoken word kamal imani

Description : Do I? Why? This is about existence

Description : Keep sex alive is a fun party hyping acapella and song. lyrics originally put to house music.

Description : Amp the party up with these crowd pleasing lyrics

Description : A positive spoken word and soulful song about love and unity.
There is background noise as I did this on the fly in a noisy environment.

Description : Boom bap hip hop rap, raspy voice

Description : Ethnic riddim sexy spoken word holla back song
In the beginning there is outside noise, ambulance noise. i liked it and left it there on purpose.

Description : Fun lyrics with west indian accent dope for djs

Description : African accents, spoken word, kamal Imani

Description : Spoken word poetry mad for a dubstep track.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 258
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