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Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Description : Inspirational and motivational spoken word lyrics about and for the African/Black Woman

check the tempo

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Description : Dance, R&B and Hip Hop inspirational lyrics

Description : Some positive singing and rapping with the intent to uplift.

Description : Kamal the motivator speeds it up and gives you more energy in this one for your motivational remixes!

kamal the motivator

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Description : Check out this motivational snippet that I put out here from a larger series.

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Description : Lit bass and beat and tight lyrics. Why did he trust his boys in the trap game? Now they got him on lock down.

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For published sales 50% Rezawrectaz Music ASCAP T.Oats

Description : Powerful spoken word lyricism breaking down the politics of American psychological and socio economic bs.

By Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme

*****check the tempo

Reach me at cipherkam at gmail

Description : Very funny spoken word hip hop poetry.

Description : A big pun (play on words) talking about my new ride/girl at the same time. I keep remixing because the lyrics are fun.

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Description : These lyrics are for a competitive spirit. Reggae and rap blend. Have fun.

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Description : Party People! Here are your instructions on how to do the catwalk at the club or the party!
#1 Form a soul train line.
#2. Walk like a top model and do your dance. Have fun!

Now models and the fashion world have a strong song to work the catwalk to. Serious house/dance music that adds sensuous flavor to the fashion scene!

Check for tempo.
contact me at

Description : I'm just talking about an epiphany that I had about why we're here. I don't know the tempo.
Feel free to contact me via facebook kamalsupreme with any questions. Peace

Kamal Imani

Description : Hip Hop and Soca Fusion with flirtatious hip hop lyrics

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Description : This is an inspirational and motivational hip hop piece originally spit to a staccato type of beat.

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Description : Spoken Word poetry asking a girl to be my valentine.

Slow tempo (check)
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Description : Hot Techno-House Dance Song with tight metaphorical lyrics comparing heaven to a beautiful woman that the rapper wants to visit!
By Kamal Supreme

Check the tempo

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rezawrectaz music ascap

Description : Hardcore lit joint about under covers and fakes. If you're not about that life you should just go straight.

check tempo facebook kamalsupreme

Description : Reggae Stylee, Kamal Supreme breaks it down about the injustices in America.

check bpm

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Description : A Flavorful Conscious Roots Reggae Jam Response to the 1 Knee Controversy.

The artist believes that African Americans are not unpatriotic as they helped to

build America in enslavement and should have a right to put one knee on the


Description : This is a hot and funny song. Get you dance, party and joke

on while you sing along.

contact facebook kamalsupreme

Rezawrectaz Music T.Oats ASCAP

Description : "Cats Keep Coming At My Neck" has that "Get off me",

"Fall back" swagga with tight low key lyrics and a phat

house beat. It's hip house at it's best!

Contact Kamal on facebook kamalsupreme
credit rezawrectaz music ascap for published songs

Description : You are under surveillance! Tech House and Spoken Word breaking down the state of privacy rights in our society with metaphors and powerful poetic prose.

Check tempo
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rezawrectaz music ascap

Description : You are not an accident, you are hear for multiple reasons. Spoken Word Poet Kamal breaks it down. Be inspired!

Description : Slow flowing trap style with positive message.

Kamal Supreme

facebook kamal supreme

check tempo

Description : East Coast style freestyle by Kamal Supreme, not sure of the tempo, but you'll get it.

hit me on facebook kamal supreme Peace!

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