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Description : My Birthday is approaching soon! I made this track last year around this time. Let me know what you think about my music.

My email is on my profile.
Please send me your links, I would love to listen to what you have made.

Soundcloud: Cole The VII

Description : Time for some dee dum fun so get to your dee-dums and put some nice music to this Shamoozey orig. May you see betta in 2020

Description : Have fun with the vocals! Contact me for commercial use.

Description : Have fun with the vocals! Contact me for commercial use.

Description : Same thing but with more vocals this time

Description : Key: E Myxolydian
Time: 3/4

Description : Key: E Myxolydian
Time: 3/4

Description : Key: E Myxolydian
Time: 3/4

Description : Key: E Myxolydian
Time: 3/4

Description : Was looking through some loops. Found one from BradoSanz called Emotion - Piano Loop. Really inspired so I threw together some sadboi lyrics.

Description : Heyo,
A bit different this time. My first adult content acapella. I tried rap, but with heavy effects. I made it with trap or bass house in mind. Feel free to use for non-profit, but If you're making money with it chuck us some bruh. It helps me provide more material for you guys.

Description : Enjoy these vocals I randomly put them together
MUST PUT FT. Michael Mayo
listen to the original

(IN FRENCH and some english first time doing french song)

Description : Watch the original on YouTube: "How To Loot Brazil - Errror". Vintage Playmates all over!

Free usage for non-commercial purposes under the following terms:
1. Follow 'How To Loot Brazil' on Spotify and YouTube
2. The instrumental HAS TO BE in time with the acapella and in an appropriate key.
3. You have to name it "How To Loot Brazil - Errror ('your name' Remix).

For commercial purposes: Hit me up directly via howtolootbrazil(at)gmail(dot)com!

Have fun!

Description : Russian vocal. Русская акапелла. Русский вокал.
поддержи артиста buy album
Для связи : inst. @houponelove


Please send me a link to hear your project, but /don't/ put my name in the title. Contact me if you have questions. Thanks!

I love ambient, cinematic, and chill genres. And melodic, uplifting trance - the kind that almost feels like the ocean.

Description : Under the breath-Type of Soft Vibe.
I did NOT use ALOT of Compression as I wanted to capture the emotion behind the verse. You can use it as per need.

I'm talking about the people, how they change with time and how all of a sudden, it's difficult to recognise them because all they're doing is play games.

Description : first time playing the guitar I suck lol
give credit

Description : My poetry in english. Words & Voice by Igor Pose.

Chill Out
Trip and Hip Hop
and other sound philosophy

Description : I wrote a short time ago

Description : Vocals DOES Follow the circle of fifth. MINOR PENTATONIC SCALE
Sample has 2-3 milli seconds latency due to computer limitation. Please adjust the sample start time when you are working on it. Thanks

Description : If Used Please Put "REMIX" in the title.For commercial purposes, features, exclusive vocal work and more visit our profile or contact RhealEntertainment atgmaildotcom.

Description : If you want to upload this to apple music and spotify and make money, hit me up on Instagram for approval.

Emo hook I made up, low Harmony included

it goes over this guitar loop
'if time could stand still by minor2go'
look it up on looperman

post what youve done in the comments

If you're an established artist - hit me up on instagram. collab

Description : This is a updated and better version to the "On my mind vocals."

Please title the song Lonaboi - On my mind remix (YOURNAME)

Absolutely, no spotify or Itunes posts without my permission.

If you use these vocals please support the original, it's in my bio. I would really appreciate that, it takes time to make these. I hope you enjoy!

Description : I got caught sellin back in the day. Figured I'd make a track talkin about all of the BS ya gotta deal wit when you're in that life. Let me know what you think of it, and what ya do wit it!

Description : Time to 'Shake A Bum' with another awesome jingle by el Shamoozey. Not sure of bpm!
Don't forget to credit Shamoozey if you use in your new fun creation. Cheers and who's ur daddy?!

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