4th Nov 2023 09:50 -  6 months ago
Description : Song I wrote, if you use this please put in the title Ft. Michael Lacroix.

This is a rough recording, I am slowly getting back into the swing of things.

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12th Dec 2014 09:15 -  9 years ago
Tags : 98 bpm
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Description : A girl lost her mother. She is crying -she sees as if her mother is going away down the stream of the shallow river - bare feet...
21st Aug 2021 13:28 -  2 years ago
Description : Please use it at your discretion. No special requirements. You can rename and do whatever you want.

The singer (Vetta) will be happy if you mention her. We will be glad to hear your works.

Feel free to contact her via Instagram @vettaraven
27th Mar 2024 18:19 -  1 month ago

If you'd like to use this for profit and/or want stems/wav/full song, you must contact me! my email is on my profile

nonetheless, comment with soundcloud links to what you make!
8th May 2008 02:27 -  16 years ago
Tags : 90 bpm
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Has Lyrics
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Description : As best as I can determine this oldy is PD. First learned it in that little folk destruction ensemble 'Suicidal Undertaker Dudes' where we did such things as 'Michael Row Your Boat' with every voice a half-step apart, or this ditty with me attempting the part you hear in discant here in bass. Forgot all about it until O, brother. So I don't own the copyright but research indicates the Coen brothers don't either. Embracing chance, the lovely cameo is my wife showing me lunch.
25th Jul 2009 19:58 -  14 years ago
Tags : 68 bpm
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Description : First verse of the Irish traditional The Moorlough Shore. In C minor.