21st Jul 2017 15:22 -  6 years ago
Tags : 80 bpm
Chill Out
161.54 KB
Has Lyrics
Key : D#
Usage : indoji did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : small little song i guess (you don't have to feature me if you'd like but if you do, pls put 'ft. indoji'. it all depends on if you'd like to or not :^) *oh & comment the souncloud link if you sample it or make a song bc i'd like to hear !!!!

Comments (39)

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the song you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

hkane 6th Apr 2024 00:50 -  1 month ago
i used ur voice in my song man
Max170 1st Mar 2024 10:22 -  2 months ago
SivadDevon 14th Feb 2020 03:30 -  4 years ago

Nice of a's my take...hope you like it
Frozan 1st Feb 2020 23:32 -  4 years ago
dude, i have to show you something. please send me where can i find you or here is my inst: maryan_ryb
2CharlesB 7th Oct 2019 08:37 -  4 years ago
Chopped a bit and here's my take:

Nice voice / sample !
ln5 15th Sep 2019 10:51 -  4 years ago
Hey man, I like your stuff. I made some simple beat with your vocals, I hope you like it
PGChaytum 30th Mar 2019 02:12 -  5 years ago
Hey I just used your vocal in a track check it out on my EP.
iancobbs 7th Feb 2019 18:58 -  5 years ago
Hey, bro, can I make a beat to sell with this sample???
Venuslove 23rd Jan 2019 16:24 -  5 years ago
That was a great start to a song. I really liked it. Sounds like you get the words!
downhill 27th Dec 2018 05:56 -  5 years ago
damn boy you the only good singer I've found on here
TrakSmyth 20th Dec 2018 22:43 -  5 years ago

finished. plz check out if you can. anybody and everybody.
gonzii 28th Oct 2018 19:19 -  5 years ago
gonzii 5th Jul 2018 04:44 -  5 years ago
Merkzi 19th May 2018 03:03 -  6 years ago
Made a little Lo-Fi beat and video with your sample. Your voice sounded incredible for what I made and here it is with the video:

SGWA 7th Apr 2018 11:37 -  6 years ago
I liked your vocals and used more from your page! This is my first ever music.
Arcaway 24th Mar 2018 21:06 -  6 years ago
Chrizz28 11th Mar 2018 11:29 -  6 years ago
AlexSN 8th Jan 2018 18:13 -  6 years ago
Hello,i like your voice,and im not a producer lol pls just check my track if u want,and comment,cuz for me its very important=)
shenlow 5th Jan 2018 14:20 -  6 years ago
Hi, i'm an eletronic dance music producer and have used this amazing vocal in one of my tracks. I've submited the track to an brazilian label, Dj Sound, and i would like to know if you are interested in participating of the release. Contact me plase, as soon as possible in one of the following emails, and i can give you more infos if you want. or
Demonaru 4th Jan 2018 18:57 -  6 years ago
Hey, I made a song with this vocal, and I really want to make it part of an EP I want to release this month. Obvious trouble is I can't figure how to reach you directly except here. So, if you are okay with that, please contact me as soon as possible!

PS. If it helps, I'll probably make...liiike no money from it. lol Never do.
akabedhead 29th Dec 2017 06:49 -  6 years ago
taylorjw 19th Nov 2017 00:31 -  6 years ago
great vocals! this is what i came up with
portmanMusic 9th Nov 2017 12:51 -  6 years ago
Zalvarinis 8th Oct 2017 13:31 -  6 years ago
Hey, Im producer from Lithuania, Your voice is perfect, I would love to work with you. Please contact me:

Im making all styles of music.
My SoundCloud:

tcava 11th Sep 2017 00:25 -  6 years ago
Hi indoji, I've used this sample on a track I've produced. I've given you full credit for the vocals. Would much appreciate it if you checked out my beat:
damual 6th Sep 2017 06:41 -  6 years ago
skimaskshawty 27th Aug 2017 12:42 -  6 years ago
Haven't finished it but here is what I've done so far.
treytrey93 7th Aug 2017 20:09 -  6 years ago
Could you possibly upload this with no noise in the background, just your voice?
SGAir 2nd Aug 2017 01:14 -  6 years ago
Such a great voice man!
Love the soul in it.

I've used it to make a short smooth song, Hope it does your voice justice:

If you want to work together on something similar in the future let me know. Great stuff again, I look forward to seeing what else you put on here :)
Jordan010599 27th Jul 2017 18:47 -  6 years ago
Hi, i am a producer and would love to work with you, you have a perfect voice for a song i am working on. Email me @
Jordan010599 27th Jul 2017 18:42 -  6 years ago
Hi, i am a producer and would love to work with you, you have a perfect voice for a song i am working on. Email me @
Quimey 25th Jul 2017 20:46 -  6 years ago
Your voice interests me to work on my new track with commercial output, please send me mail to
LeMonty 25th Jul 2017 03:00 -  6 years ago
this is so beautiful, i feel that i need more, beautiful song
JoseNerder 24th Jul 2017 08:23 -  6 years ago
Hello Brother, I'm a singer/producer, I'm writting and producing a song inspired on your acapella, please send me an email at . This is my soundcloud page , there are just covers, but I'm going to post original in two weeks, please contact me, blessings..
officialtimerage 24th Jul 2017 03:22 -  6 years ago
hey I really like your vocals, I'd love to make this a complete song, my Soundcloud is iamcaptn for reference, I'm not really popular but I feel like my music production is alright, send me a message there please if you're interested
freddyfraktal 23rd Jul 2017 14:57 -  6 years ago
this is beautiful. wish it was longer.
What u think when we produce this track together ? U do the keys then u can send it to me i do the production stuff (add drums etc) and send it back to you so u can record the vocal over it ? :)
nolanwhite 22nd Jul 2017 19:52 -  6 years ago
Hey man would love if you contacted me to collaborate and make some DOPE music. Dude you got some real potential. Like top 40 potential with the right producer. your voice can capture people and make a difference.
I am a pop hip hop producer. My Soundcloud is Please check it out and consider the opportunity, If your interested please contact me @
ogbass90 22nd Jul 2017 18:32 -  6 years ago
amazing. im going to mix it with a beat i made and send it to you
indoji replied 22nd Jul 2017 - 6 years ago
thanks :^)
Artoour 22nd Jul 2017 03:56 -  6 years ago
Hey hello I like your voice, I'm a dj producer, I just started in this I would like to make a collaboration with you and to see that it leaves, the song will be uploaded to spotify, well if the proposal interests you as the message responds, greetings from Peru
contact me +51 964701734

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31st Jan 2015 10:51 -  9 years ago
Tags : 125 bpm
Chill Out
3.49 MB
Key : A
Usage : Ratsouk did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : this pella is already given to the label GLUB REGS MADRID
so the songs you make with it shouldn't be for a commercial use
6th Aug 2019 02:28 -  4 years ago
Description : Hey all. This is my very first full Acapella. I don't have a singing voice so a bit of autotune is fixing it up. Since this is my first one. I GIVE MY PERMISSION FOR ANYONE TO USE FREE! Just add me in the title and send the track my way.
16th Feb 2010 07:03 -  14 years ago
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Usage : minette did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : My very FIRST try at uploading an acapella. So, please don't be too harsh, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you end up using it in anything. Would love to hear it.

Lots of reverbs and echos... as I said - this is my first shot at this :)

Any advice welcome though.
3rd Feb 2019 16:30 -  5 years ago
Tags : 130 bpm
Chill Out
5.62 MB
Usage : mulaoff did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Vocals from my new Song "Dreaming".
Feel free to have a listen to it on Spotify.
Link is on my profile.

If you need anything hit me up on Instagram or Soundcloud.
@mulaoff / MulaOfficial

Don't release your work without contacting me first!
16th Oct 2016 01:48 -  7 years ago
Tags : 93 bpm
Chill Out
5.62 MB
Has Lyrics
Usage : eSoreni did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Was trying to promote my vocals elsewhere and well, they chose a man.....It is alright. Why let these go to waste. There are two french words (Sans Toi) which means "Without you." The BPM could be a bit off. My vocals were chopped and put together into one track, so please do not rely on them as a whole to sync with your music. It won't work. If you use all or part of these vocals, please ft. eSoreni. For commercial use, please visit my website for details. Do not send anything to a label because my vocals are registered.
25th Nov 2022 16:23 -  1 year ago
Description : put ft. clxrity in the title please! vocals made for a track on soundcloud search breaking prod THaiigerz

19th Apr 2020 02:42 -  4 years ago
Description : (Vocals start at about :14 in!)

A song about being lonely at school. Not so much about bullying. More about feeling isolated and not fitting in to any particular group or clique. A caterpillar biding its time hoping to turn into a butterfly?

Feel free to use these vocals in your song, just please credit Ashes and Dreams (i.e. featuring Ashes and Dreams). Thank you.

Verse chords:
Em D / Em D / C D

Chorus chords:
C D / C D / Em D

Bridge chords:
Em / F# / C / D
28th Nov 2020 23:03 -  3 years ago
Description : It's almost christmas
17th Oct 2018 05:33 -  5 years ago
Tags : 96 bpm
Chill Out
3.27 MB
Key : G
Usage : BradoSanz did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Credit "(Ft. Brado Sanz)"

Visit for acapella licensing, vocal and loop requests!
23rd Jun 2021 18:49 -  2 years ago
Description : Just a simple 8 bar chilled vocal, sung through a few different reverbs to get a more ghostly etheral like quality.
9th Jan 2016 23:51 -  8 years ago
Tags : 100 bpm
Chill Out
1.85 MB
Key : C
Usage : steelyvibe did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Electronic vocals. Chords Cm Bb Cm Gm. Please credit me and send me a link to finished tracks.
22nd Jul 2022 09:38 -  1 year ago
Description : Feel free to release wherever you like. Please give me a feature credit if you can i.e. feat. Silver Bella.

These lyrics were written to accompany an oddball, syncopated keys riff I created. If you want that file, too, just DM me.

Vocals are arid dry, straight outta my mic. Gonna need some serious vocal FX, boys and girls! :)
18th Aug 2015 07:39 -  8 years ago
Tags : 190 bpm
Chill Out
397.01 KB
Key : A
Usage : Nextgentracks did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Check my other upload (Finishline Acapella).

This is an extra sound I made out of that acapella which works really well at the last singing part.
8th Apr 2019 18:13 -  5 years ago
Description : Contact me if you want the dry version or using commercially!
3rd Dec 2022 17:17 -  1 year ago
Description : A quick verse for a song that I was working on! I didn't finish it but I thought it would be fun someone to use! If you use it, please add "ft 4lee' in your song's title or something similar! For more inquires and full vocals please check out my profile!