16th Feb 2010 07:03 - 14 years ago
Tags : 120 bpm
Chill Out
1.25 MB
Has Lyrics
Usage : minette did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : My very FIRST try at uploading an acapella. So, please don't be too harsh, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you end up using it in anything. Would love to hear it.

Lots of reverbs and echos... as I said - this is my first shot at this :)

Any advice welcome though.

Comments (38)

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the song you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

Exoterrestrial 27th Jul 2014 00:58 - 9 years ago
This was your first Acapella upload and this is my first upload here, using your voice :-)


IanShell 19th Feb 2014 17:31 - 10 years ago
Very Very beautiful Vocals!!! :-)
Stigw 17th Nov 2013 20:43 - 10 years ago
TheElectricNote 12th May 2013 20:26 - 11 years ago
Hi Minette, this is our song, i hope you enjoy it

djkillapaul 29th Apr 2012 20:59 - 12 years ago
Minette, this is absolutely mesmeric. Lovely voice that fills one's body. I thank you for posting this and hope to create something built around it. In your description you say it is your first acapella, well it is excellent for a first attempt.


jono898 13th Jul 2011 09:11 - 12 years ago
which i proably will, how do i credit you?
Demynhunter 19th Jun 2011 20:08 - 13 years ago
How are you not famous? That was amazing, I'm gonna use it in a track, I'll send you a link to it. How do you want me to credit you?
JohnBoxful 6th Jun 2011 18:05 - 13 years ago
This sounds amazing, i really want to use it, but my music theory is a little lacking, could you tell me what notes you used or the key? Thank you :D
mindkiller 26th Mar 2011 06:32 - 13 years ago
hey,love it but can you send me one with no fx on it please THANK YOU :)
khavits 28th Feb 2011 00:38 - 13 years ago
I am a house/dance/progressive composer and maybe I will use it.
str8sounds 10th Jan 2011 20:13 - 13 years ago
Str8 Sounds did a version of your "Mirrorball" to a techno background.

320 kbps mp3 at ACIDplanet
harold5187 14th Dec 2010 10:10 - 13 years ago
This is so far, my best one that I've heard so far, be great to a darker song, with some drums, dark bass, and some depeche mode style synth. I picked up a bit of torry amos style in your voice, you are truely a talented vocalist, she hits some hard notes, but I'm willing to bet you could keep up with her!
DJFredrick 30th Oct 2010 16:34 - 13 years ago
this is superb!!! :) love the background stuff and everything! WOW very pro stuff and I luv it.
Gonna hit you up cause I need a voice just like this!

Cybertooth 27th Jun 2010 18:22 - 13 years ago
i couldnt play around with it either, which really hurts the timing for this
if i could get this without fx that would be terrific
Atla 22nd Jun 2010 10:56 - 13 years ago
Very nice one,probably i will use it,in a such as nice track as it :) thanks for upload it :)
lamardsol 4th May 2010 07:37 - 14 years ago
cant wait to f- with likes
Auris 25th Mar 2010 13:24 - 14 years ago

great acapella. Only one thing is that you used reverb on vocals. i couldn't play much around with it, but it works fine on this track, i guess ;)
sergio81 23rd Mar 2010 19:51 - 14 years ago
her's the link so you can listen to it. I hope you like it. Thank you for hold this great acapella.
topkracker 21st Mar 2010 07:06 - 14 years ago
im puttin this on my new song hear it on myspace soon grate job cant wait till tha nxt 1
KrayzE 21st Mar 2010 07:05 - 14 years ago
I love How you carry your voice and you have good lyrics.
IchiroHideaki 18th Mar 2010 16:30 - 14 years ago
Well...used this a capella too...hope you like it...
Reuben 17th Mar 2010 17:13 - 14 years ago
really good gonna put this on a drum and bass track if you dnt mind?
minette replied Unknown
don't mind - would just love to get to hear it!
sergio81 13th Mar 2010 20:36 - 14 years ago
Great voice, i hope delays doesn't break too much the track's time, i'll show you my work with it. Thank you And continue with that.
OneVizun 9th Mar 2010 07:17 - 14 years ago
nice for a first attempt. loving the effects in the back. when i use it, i will send you the completed track
Nicooo 5th Mar 2010 20:30 - 14 years ago
I couldn't resist I hade to make somthing with acapella, I hope you like it, mind yuo I an not a musician, just like music and like to play with software, I mean I hope it want offend you :P
Nicooo 4th Mar 2010 19:08 - 14 years ago
I just think I felt deeeeeply in love with you!!!! Your voice blows my head away, no jokes YOU are amazing!!!
dinInja 28th Feb 2010 20:14 - 14 years ago
your acapellas are amazing, please keep em coming
keithprosser 28th Feb 2010 13:32 - 14 years ago
this wasent just a good first attempt i suspect that if you lose most of the reverb and echo etc that you have a fantastic voice i would love to hear more of it keep up the good work
ricardo773 27th Feb 2010 03:50 - 14 years ago
this is studio 132 in chicago this sound so good i love it im going to chop it up so nice i got you
senciman 25th Feb 2010 16:26 - 14 years ago
might use this in a dub step tune i agree tho u should have left it clean with no effects< but a nice voice.
J_Infinity 25th Feb 2010 09:33 - 14 years ago
Really nice but i think u should leave the effects for professionals couse now all song is loosin a lot and even if i will want to use your voice it will be very hard to fit in to any track. I know u want to present it in best but next time try to upload acapellas with no effects, just clean.

For now i love just the first words. Really good.

Thank u for acapella! Keep going!
djctx 23rd Feb 2010 18:51 - 14 years ago
hi there what a wonderful voice u got, pitched perfectly on each note, gonna try and use this will let u know the out come, if its good then it will be played at a venue im at in germany in july so fingers crossed...
CalifKen 23rd Feb 2010 07:02 - 14 years ago

This is amazing. Total chills. I love it. It is a song all of it's own. Like seriously this could be the cornerstone for like a recording contract or an album, I love it and think it's beautiful. Love the things you're doing with your voice. Love the tension at "if I had a mirrorball OH" that was awesome.

Hey I'm totally impressed. I've got lots of songs that I need a lovely voice such as yours on, so if you are interested, contact me, and I'll send you some tracks and lyrics. Would love to hook up with you. D/l ing your acapellas now as well. I don't know even know that I'll do anything to them - besides play them and say "check this out" to the people here. They are that good.


ps - you're pretty cute yourself.
Salook 22nd Feb 2010 22:31 - 14 years ago
again this is fantastic, you have a great voice
BigPete 21st Feb 2010 16:59 - 14 years ago
ok I'm up for this challenge, love the performance very inspiring, will try to produce something with this, don't know what style yet but I'll be in touch great acapella.
jur1ss 20th Feb 2010 11:19 - 14 years ago
WOW i love it :) Make more plz :)
kingaaron 20th Feb 2010 08:36 - 14 years ago
yo ur song is hot i let you know how im gona chop it
Badhuman 19th Feb 2010 15:34 - 14 years ago
Good first attempt.

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31st Jan 2015 10:51 - 9 years ago
Tags : 125 bpm
Chill Out
3.49 MB
Key : A
Usage : Ratsouk did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : this pella is already given to the label GLUB REGS MADRID
so the songs you make with it shouldn't be for a commercial use
6th Aug 2019 02:28 - 4 years ago
Description : Hey all. This is my very first full Acapella. I don't have a singing voice so a bit of autotune is fixing it up. Since this is my first one. I GIVE MY PERMISSION FOR ANYONE TO USE FREE! Just add me in the title and send the track my way.
19th Sep 2014 11:36 - 9 years ago
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5.69 MB
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Usage : minette did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : This was recorded a LONG time ago on a crap mic, but I would still like to share this with you guys. The quality is scratchy (dunno what I did to it!)
You can hear the full track at

Please be sure to inbox me on Soundcloud or pop me a mail at if you make something with this.

I LOVE hearing your work!
3rd Feb 2019 16:30 - 5 years ago
Tags : 130 bpm
Chill Out
5.62 MB
Usage : mulaoff did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Vocals from my new Song "Dreaming".
Feel free to have a listen to it on Spotify.
Link is on my profile.

If you need anything hit me up on Instagram or Soundcloud.
@mulaoff / MulaOfficial

Don't release your work without contacting me first!
16th Oct 2016 01:48 - 7 years ago
Tags : 93 bpm
Chill Out
5.62 MB
Has Lyrics
Usage : eSoreni did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Was trying to promote my vocals elsewhere and well, they chose a man.....It is alright. Why let these go to waste. There are two french words (Sans Toi) which means "Without you." The BPM could be a bit off. My vocals were chopped and put together into one track, so please do not rely on them as a whole to sync with your music. It won't work. If you use all or part of these vocals, please ft. eSoreni. For commercial use, please visit my website for details. Do not send anything to a label because my vocals are registered.
25th Nov 2022 16:23 - 1 year ago
Description : put ft. clxrity in the title please! vocals made for a track on soundcloud search breaking prod THaiigerz

19th Apr 2020 02:42 - 4 years ago
Description : (Vocals start at about :14 in!)

A song about being lonely at school. Not so much about bullying. More about feeling isolated and not fitting in to any particular group or clique. A caterpillar biding its time hoping to turn into a butterfly?

Feel free to use these vocals in your song, just please credit Ashes and Dreams (i.e. featuring Ashes and Dreams). Thank you.

Verse chords:
Em D / Em D / C D

Chorus chords:
C D / C D / Em D

Bridge chords:
Em / F# / C / D
28th Nov 2020 23:03 - 3 years ago
Description : It's almost christmas
17th Oct 2018 05:33 - 5 years ago
Tags : 96 bpm
Chill Out
3.27 MB
Key : G
Usage : BradoSanz did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Credit "(Ft. Brado Sanz)"

Visit for acapella licensing, vocal and loop requests!
23rd Jun 2021 18:49 - 2 years ago
Description : Just a simple 8 bar chilled vocal, sung through a few different reverbs to get a more ghostly etheral like quality.
9th Jan 2016 23:51 - 8 years ago
Tags : 100 bpm
Chill Out
1.85 MB
Key : C
Usage : steelyvibe did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Electronic vocals. Chords Cm Bb Cm Gm. Please credit me and send me a link to finished tracks.
7th Aug 2019 18:48 - 4 years ago
Description : if you use this make sure you comment down below so i can check it out
22nd Jul 2022 09:38 - 1 year ago
Description : Feel free to release wherever you like. Please give me a feature credit if you can i.e. feat. Silver Bella.

These lyrics were written to accompany an oddball, syncopated keys riff I created. If you want that file, too, just DM me.

Vocals are arid dry, straight outta my mic. Gonna need some serious vocal FX, boys and girls! :)
22nd Mar 2016 23:42 - 8 years ago
Tags : 80 bpm
Chill Out
946.35 KB
Has Lyrics
Key : A
Usage : silencekills did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : KEY: A-maj
TEMPO: 80bpm (roughly)
I just wanted to experiment with autotune for once. I really hate autotune but other people seem to like it, so maybe you can use this?
18th Aug 2015 07:39 - 8 years ago
Tags : 190 bpm
Chill Out
397.01 KB
Key : A
Usage : Nextgentracks did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Check my other upload (Finishline Acapella).

This is an extra sound I made out of that acapella which works really well at the last singing part.