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Tags : | Chill Out | 7.45 MB

Description : Desert Run extended. I have composed this piece to give the Lord his glory in all I do. I don't do that enough and forget where it comes from. Whether its good in others eyes or not its a gift as is my ability to run.

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.55 MB

Description : A perfect time for reflection and contemplation. A tune that continues as does the journey.

Tags : | House | 5.12 MB

Description : A house piece to call for spring to appear in Colorado. Getting cabin fever here. Synth loops from mixcraft I created the bass and beat.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.58 MB

Description : A chill laid back piece meant for headphones and a recliner.

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.63 MB

Description : One of my small pieces I will be sending to the loop. I will be just sticking to short chill/cinematic pieces for a time. Life has thrown me a curve and have to focus. Creating chill is a release. Creating other more intense stuff is an obsession.

Tags : | Cinematic | 6.46 MB

Description : A cinematic piece which has a bigger story to be told. I hope redemption is a part of it. Having added a more calming section for the redemption I still feel a piece is missing there to really pull in that feeling. It will come to me I am sure.

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.11 MB

Description : A little arppy piece with some funky bassline

Tags : | Cinematic | 6.22 MB

Description : Cinematic piece drifting over an ocean of another place.

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.43 MB

Description : I am thinking spoken word and may try a few things.

Tags : | Electronic | 1.51 MB

Description : A funky little number using my "down the way" drum loop.

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.33 MB

Description : A piece with a forlorn story set during the fall on a boardwalk in any northern shore town when all the fun ends and its time to say goodbye to the memories. final cut.

Tags : | Electronic | 1.60 MB

Description : *A mixup on this upload- The correct piece now. This is an experimental piece that I am working on. Wanted to get a feeling of its potential to continue. I am not very good in genres outside my comfort zone and fail pretty often.

Tags : | Electronic | 1.66 MB

Description : In light of the recent loss of a great actor/comedian and one who I've been told most of my life I look like, this is for the lost and fallen. All are kindred spirits to me.

Tags : | Dance | 3.39 MB

Description : Dedicated to my lovely daughter and her support of my music.

Tags : | Fusion | 3.48 MB

Description : Still working on developing a style or sound but definitely am hindered by the choices of synths. Any good free synth vsts out there?

Tags : | Chill Out | 7.50 MB

Description : Definitely my longest piece. Used all my fav vsts. A chilled track but yet a strong vibe.

Tags : | Fusion | 5.13 MB

Description : My last faster piece for awhile. Going towards cinematic for a bit after this.

Tags : | Chill Out | 1.65 MB

Description : A short gentle trip west. My once a week track. Starts a little quickly. Not sure if it needs some work on the production end, well of course it does.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 1.38 MB

Description : A short piece that I am building using some new VSTs

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 2.75 MB

Description : Dark heavy piece using some of my new vsts

Tags : | Rock | 3.69 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Moody Blues cover. One of my all time favorite bands ever. Creating ground breaking sounds with those future thinkers in music from the 60's and 70's. Justin Hayward was certainly one of my inspirations as a kid and an adult.

Tags : | Electronic | 1.65 MB

Description : A driving piece dedicated to that damn girl I know.

Tags : | Rock | 2.49 MB

Description : Transposed this piece from my written acoustic song to the DAW.

Tags : | Electronic | 2.85 MB

Description : Mixcraft 6, a combo of mixcraft loops and my own. May add some vox haven't decided.

Tags : | Rock | 3.09 MB

Description : A vocal rock piece composed with mixcraft 6

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