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12th Apr 2017 10:15 -  7 years ago
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Description : Pete Jon Tebar has adapted the text, and sings this melodie. A few years ago I met a lot of enthusiasm on the part of Pete when I proposed this music track, there are, which was designed with the help of my friend Nicolas .... Pete surprised me with its musical logic, and also by his charisma, its facility of writing adaptation .... I hope you will be enthusiastic, as I have been .... for listen to this immense talent.
7th Apr 2017 10:27 -  7 years ago
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Description : A bass, but also a voice that astonishes, but which mingles sweetness, potency and intensity .... A collaboration carried out a few years ago, but which always keeps in, a great interest for me.

With Virtual collabotarion at sax: Slap Johnson
4th Apr 2017 12:49 -  7 years ago
Description : A little moment of complicity, with my Friend Ed .... that I thank, for his kindness and spontaneity to answer at every musical solicitation ....
27th Jan 2016 08:39 -  8 years ago
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Description : A few harmonies to highlight the great talent of our friend Ed ( Who has kindly , again, to lend themselves at "game", with his usual kindness .... Thanks Ed.
6th Dec 2014 16:19 -  9 years ago
Description : Nothing religious for me in creating this concept and my message Musical.
I just tried to adapt music once again, for the harmonious voice of Michael Webb ....

Thanks for your listening ....
28th Nov 2014 13:29 -  9 years ago
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Description : A great pleasure to be here again with this track.

It’s somehow another way to accompany this voice, this text …. once again while respecting the “message” and the evocative harmonies.

Thank you for listening ....
5th Sep 2014 10:40 -  9 years ago
Description : A return among you, with this song, whose voice and lyrics are by Michael Webb (Wilberson on ccMixter).
Here, the bass and guitar magic of our friend Ed (Tumbleweed: support this melody ....

Ed thank you for sharing your talent and your kindness.

Other musical surprises soon.

Thank you for listening ....
22nd May 2014 14:49 -  10 years ago
Description : The basic idea of this concept has been to use two very melodic Loops of piano and synthe of our friend Danke ( .... that I have adapted in the beginning and the end of my project planned for voice and text Emily Richards (Snowflake on ccMixter) .... I could also say they have been somehow the trigger this musical ensemble ....

Danke, thanks for your virtual assistance .... You have good ideas.

Thank you for listening ....
10th May 2014 13:16 -  10 years ago
Description : I integrated here a Pella, of David Forest, of the group "Trifonic" and of album "Emergence" (2008, Trifonic Music LLC) in a musical concept that will remind to some the style Electro / Pop from groups of the 2000s ....

Very different from what I usually performs, but fun to do ....

Thank you for listening ....
22nd Apr 2014 17:34 -  10 years ago
Description : Words of hope written and sung by Emily Richards (Snowflake), that I tried to put in music while respecting this great theme.

Thank you for listening ....
22nd Mar 2014 15:29 -  10 years ago
Description : Here, a very different concept because of this text and this very particular voice.
Some may have in mind the musical participation here of "Silverpaw". An Irishman, of great specificity, but very talented at the same time ....
It took some time, for to write and create the vocal on this song that I had offered him .... but the result is really impressive (at least for me) and I wanted to share with you this moment.
You can also listen to one of our cooperation here to understand the eclecticism of this musician / singer :
and also here:

Thank you for listening ....
16th Mar 2014 09:38 -  10 years ago
Description : Our friend Josh (FutureAnalysis: decided to turn the page Looperman.
Her curls, and her voice left an indelible trace. You like, or you do not like but, It's a kind of thanks I spend it here with this track that I made in 2011. You will find here the mastery of "autotune" which was one of its particularity.
Thank you to him.
Thank you for listening ....
16th Feb 2014 15:25 -  10 years ago
Description : He wrote the text, and sings:
I met a lot of enthusiasm on the part of Pete when I proposed this music track, there are currently some time, carried out with the help of my friend Nicolas ....
Pete surprised me with its musical logic, and also by his charisma, his writing .... I hope you will be Enthusiastic, as far as I am .... for listen to this immense talent.

Thank you for listening ....
8th Jan 2014 15:16 -  10 years ago
Description : A first track this year, which could be representative of the external image of time also, that there has here on the edge of the Atlantic, in France.
Rebecca (reblaw27) of ccMixter accompanies me, for this little musical ballad ....

Happy new year to all.

Thanks for your listening ....
1st Dec 2013 11:22 -  10 years ago
Description : Sometimes an important event can be for a musician, a way to express some pain. A way of expressing an injury other that by words .... that by tears.
Thank you for listening ....
10th Nov 2013 13:15 -  10 years ago
Description : This music is composed as a film script, a video clip, and I dedicate it to our friend and great guitarist "Ed" the most Irish of Canadians (Tumbleweed), who is already under snow at the heart of this friendly country called Canada ....
Sung by Jeff Grant (LoveShadow) and the text of James Joyce's poetry recited by Jaff Noël Seijas (AnchorMejans) any two that you can listen on ccMixter.

Just let his imagination wander. Thank you for listening ....
24th Jul 2013 11:26 -  10 years ago
Description : I re-found, this concept a little different here, to this voice message of "Mhyst", again outside of his original musical context.
Will she love, this version? It's another question, but a good chalenge for me.
Here you can find some "Loops" and some of his creations:

Thank you for listening ....
10th Jul 2013 09:27 -  10 years ago
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Description : Sometimes the adaptation of a Pella, of a voice, take on a meaning quite different to what was originally planned.
This is the case here with "In A Box" from JJWeekz (Familiar singer to some here and also elsewhere ....) :
I joined the track in this piece with much pleasure, because as the "party" was not won in advance...
Thanks Jenny for sharing your talent ....

Thanks you for listening.
27th Jun 2013 14:07 -  10 years ago
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Description : A music on which I have adapted this surreal text of Quennie, but well within the musical context.
A Gothic atmosphere .... or

To stay in the "beat" of the music, I had to split the text. What the author will excuse for this freedom ....

Thank you for listening ....
29th May 2013 09:16 -  11 years ago
Description : Many of strangeness here ....
A link between two musical worlds quite different but united in this message of harmony.
"Silverpaw" (former Looperman) had in the depths of one of its hard drives, this arrangement that I made the past year:
He decided to bring this theme, with a text and this voice ....
Very surreal but I really enjoyed ....

I hope it will be the same for you.

Thank you for listening.