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Tags : | Rap | 6.24 MB | Adult Content

Description : UK Rap from the very talented Nathan Wright

Tags : | House | 7.70 MB

Description : Tropical House. The instrumental for this was originally entered into the Charlyfive - "Empire" remix competition, here on looperman - (which I won).

The prize was supposed to be 15 dollars but I'm still waiting for that lol..

I added the vocal at a later date and was really pleased with how well things turned out..

Take a listen and feel free to share your thoughts :)


Tags : | House | 9.66 MB | Colab Request

Description : Got a thumbs up from Frontliner and some airtime on BBC Radio with this one. Would LOVE to hear some vocals on this if anyone is up to the challenge?? Drop me a message if you're interested..


Tags : | Electronic | 8.72 MB

Description : This was my entry into BradoSanz song contest Dec 2016.. It was picked as the winner, but Brado never got round to laying down vocals for it. Shame really because this track doesn't sound complete without them. Maybe I'll attempt to do the vocal myself someday.. where's that autotune at?!? Ayyy! :p

Tags : | Electronic | 8.57 MB

Description : This is a project I worked on with American singer Josline Fischer a few months ago. Not my normal musical style, but Josline had a clear vision of what she wanted the music to sound like so I did my best to achieve that end :)

Also played on BBC Radio Introducing in a prime time slot right after Louis La Roche's track :D

Description : A modern remake of the Shanice Classic "I Love Your Smile"

I'm looking to work with a female vocalist on this one, so if you're interested, get in touch.

Will also be looking to get this licensed and released after all the hard work is done .


Description : Found this acapella on soundcloud when I was high one night and my mate didn't think I could turn it into Drum n Bass... made in 2017

Tags : | House | 9.99 MB

Description : As the title suggests, it's a remix! :)


Tags : | Dance | 9.16 MB

Description : A remix that I knocked up in a few hours! Have a listen :)

Tags : | House | 8.33 MB

Description : Feat. Patricia Edwards and played on BBC Radio Feb 2016. Nice little house track to get you in the mood for summer :)

Thanks to Patricia for the vocals.. awesome stuff
And also thanks to Mahloo for the mix and master!

Tags : | House | 9.27 MB

Description : First track I've made after a year out... still working on the mix

More bass oriented than my normal style. Definitely influenced by the UK dance tracks I've been listening to..

I'm a bit rusty but it's just like riding a bike. You never forget ;)

Tags : | House | 7.83 MB

Description : Lemme know what you think :)

Mixed and mastered by Mahloo13. Thanks a lot man ;D

Tags : | House | 8.88 MB | Colab Request

Description : Dead project n now up for download

Tracks 1 - 13 of 13
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