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Loops 76 - 100 of 100

Description : Silver bass with a ton of distortion and love filter.
hear it hear :

wav should sound like 5x better, the mp3 just didnt render right

Description : A very nice touch to any dub base. hear it in atcion here :

Description : very uplifting dance-pop melody

Description : slayer pimped out with squeeze! makes a good dance track tune

Description : messin with fx

Description : somethin from a project that never turned out

Description : somethin from a project that never turned out

Description : very upbeat lead from a previous track

Description : one from a previous track.
let me know what ya do with it please

Description : a little more inspiration

Description : A little inspiration

Description : Messin with your sub!
credit to alividlife for the crazy drums

Description : some bells

Description : killer drum loop. PLEASE tell me if you use it. it is a must have for anybody

Description : Really have no idea what genre it is, but here ya go! love to see what you could do with it

Description : just a few arpegiated chords.
E7m , C7 , G, D

Description : a little DnB. I was just messin around with a track and thought this sounded cool

Description : A little(or a lot) of inspiration of eminem's track marshal mathers. Used KorePlayer. Let me know what ya do with it

Description : So this is more of a mixture than hip hop, I set it at hip hop just because thats the type of beat I recorded it to. just me laying out some chords in the middle of the night.
Let me know what ya think of it, and ill review one of your tracks

Description : one just for halloween. its gotta nice chill to it with a smooth bounce. let me know what ya think, and do with it.

Description : an intro good for building up to a previous loop I posted. I take requests, so hit me up if ya want somethin. Let me know what ya do to

Description : Some sweet chords on a bright piano. Slap a sweet beat on this and it will be SIIICK!! let me know what ya do with it.
Inspired by: Opposite of adults

Description : nice chord progression on my piano.
let me know if ya do somethin with it

Description :

Description : first loop!

Loops 76 - 100 of 100
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