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Description : Since the loop's been down for about two months, thats given me enough time to learn how to (very basically) play the guitar. This is just a simple progression from Esus4 to E major for the first two bars, and then A major without the fifth string bieng pressed (not sure of the actual name)

My microphone wire is pretty much dead, so there is still some slight static, even though I've done what I can to remove it.

Description : Made using my voice, vocodex, and the same chords used by the pads in my song "in paradise" I had to cut the end off to make it loop, but if you add a little reverb and reduce the volume, it should sound fine.

Description : A pretty simple drumloop made using Kore Player.

Description : A 4 bar drum buildup for the main hiphop drumloop I uploaded.

Description : The same as the build, but without the cutoff adjustment.

Description : A melody I composed in fl studio 8, I just haven't had any luck with it, so hopefully someone else will. This is the buildup (just a little cutoff adjustment, nothing to complicated)

Description : A complicated chord of about 7 notes, sidechained and uploaded for use in your tracks. Let me know if you use it,

Description : The same loop as before but without dblue glitch.

Description : Playing around with fl studio and dblue glitch- which is an amazing (and free!) vsti effect.

Description : A little melody I thought you guys might enjoy. Originally I used it as a bassline in a little hard dance experiment, but then i used as a chord and it sounded pretty amazing. Then when I got the house expansion for nexus, this happened.

Loops 1 - 10 of 10
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