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Description : Second part of Guitar Loop

Description : First part of guitar loop

Description : piano

Description : Calm and slow guitar riff

Description : EQ + compressor + reverb

Description : bias + fab saturn. nothing else

Description : Church organ for your drill beats.

Description : Simple progression

Description : You can use only half of this loop or full. EQ and reverb

Description : I dropped my pizza

Description : Made with omnisphere, no fx

Description : im tired to write descriptions just listen the loop

Description : Distroted guitar

Description : Clean guitar without any fx to make it more flexible for you

Description : 4 chords top and low melody in one loop. Compressor, reverb and EQ

Description : Clean soft guitar with reverb only

Description : Soft guitar with reverb and nothing else.

Description : Slow guitar in arabic harmony. Minimum Fx

Description : Calm guitar with a little FX. Comressor + reverb + EQ

Description : Second part of three loops. Back guitar, power chords. Without FX

Description : First part of three loops. Main riff without FX

Description : Guitar riff with distortion. Cetted sub freq. A bit of compression and reverb

Description : 3 chords played on guitar. No fx except denoising and cutting off sub frequenses.

Description : Clean guitar riff. Downpitched the original record. Used Guitar Rig, compressor and EQ

Description : Lyrical piano, no FX

Loops 1 - 25 of 34