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Description : I don't know what it could be used for, but probably for a dubstep drop.

Description : Just a little test growl made with Serum.

Description : Melody taken directly from the original Screechy Lead, but made into plucks. Great for layering with the leads.

Description : Same Lead from Screechy Lead 1, but with a backup of lower basses.

Description : A Must Die'ish kind of heavy screechy lead.

Description : To be used with my other Riddim Womp Loop.

Description : Made to be used with the Riddim Womp Drum Loop, I think its pretty good.

Description : A dubstep drum loop that I have used in some of my songs. Mainly on the drops

Description : A melodic drop I found that I made around a year ago and decided to give it away.

Description : With Sidechain
I tried my best to make a drop that sounded like something Bear Grillz would make.Made it in around an hour.If you want drums for it,just ask.

Description : A drop made by me which sounds like one of excisions drops.

Description : A simple chord loop.Could be used for anything really.The first half contains bass and heavy saws where'as second half doesn't.

Description : Got a request to make one of my riffs into a loop so here you go.It sounds pixely and pretty good for dubstep.

Description : A bass drop I did.I kinda like it.Used alot of serum.

Description : I extracted the snare from Eptics Gun Finga track.
Here it is.

Description : Just a chord loop I did for a dubstep drop and forgot about it

Description : Ray Volpe drums that I remade.

Description : Xilent Drums again but different and now 140bpm

Description : Dubstep drums that Xilent uses.
Contains Kick,Snare,Crash and Hats

Loops (19)