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Description : Free drum kit in 5/4 time.

Description : Made from a VST called poizone, used a preset called
Chip Choooon and removed the delay. This is probably my favorite default for making chiptune-ish tracks.

Description : A loop made from a free power kit.

Description : Used a preset from FLEX and modified it a bit.
Removed delay, but I would recommend you add one yourself!

Description : A drum pattern I made in Fl Studio, used FLEX and added some FX and reverb

Description : Bass Synth

Description : Drums, Hats, Snare. All you need? All I need. Baba Booey

Description : A chip preset from Fl Studio, made a pattern with it

Description : Made in FL, used in pattern, enjoy

Description : A bass made from Transistor Bass in FL Studio.

Description : A bass made from 3x Osc in FL Studio.

Description : A bass with some wobble to it. Don't lose balance.

Description : A weird synth I found. Enjoy the way I played it.

Description : Drums from a jazz preset, modified, and published

Description : Yee haw

Description : Synth in piano roll, added notes that slide the sound down, made with progression in mind.

Description : I got tired of not finding the right snare or kick for my music, so i just downloaded all the packs i could and then shorten the snare and got a hip hop drum mixed in. Sounds good to me.

Description : A bass from sawer in FL Studio.

Description : Preset from FLEX, a new VST in FL Studio.
Add some reverb and delay and you'll have a good sound.

Description : A piano pattern made with some effects and just a VST that sounds like a piano

Description : A sample thrown into slicex, a FL VST, and then made into a breakbeat

Description : It's a drum loop comprised of a kick, snare, and a bunch of Foley sounds.

Description : Made using a transistor VST from FL Studio 20. Pretty useful for making arps.

Description : Includes a break that is spicy. Just a reform of a sample I used and some effects added to make it sound better and harder.

Description : A chord from ST 2008. A VST I like to use sometimes, but I just used the sound preset and modified it to my liking. Also made it into a chord pattern.

Loops 1 - 25 of 101