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Description : Getting alot of ideas for melodys at the moment.. so uh.. sorry for all the loops haha

Description : Nothing to do with the other loop, just another melody :D

Description : little something i done :D

Description : just a little something im working on. :D

Description : just a little something im working on. :D

Description : these are from the track on my profile called 'pluto' :)

Description : hope you find them useful :)

Description : I dunno, they are spacey... Kevin Spacey... :/

Description : its like 90% cheese... >_>

Description : Not put out a loop in a while, so thought id make one, so i went into FL and came out with this :)
Hope you find it useful.

Description : Just a different take on the first one

Description : :) made a synth that sounded similar so i HAD to make the loop haha

Description : best with a sidechain.
Hope you like :)

Description : My version of a deep house lead, looking to make some deep house music this is my first go at it :)

Description : someone asked for one of the synth leads in my song 'liberated' so here ya go :)

there is more loops on my profile from the same song if your using this one it might be useful


Description : i dunno its quite a unique a little thing haha.
weird synth, weird melody its just strange.. lol


Description : the chords from 'liberated' hope you like :)

Description : the bass i used in a song i uploaded here, hope you like :)

Description : hey hope you like :)

Description : Plucks i used in a 'Someone like you' by Adele Remix i just uploaded. I seem to be uploading alot of 'pluck' loops... sorry haha

Description : The bass i used in a 'someone like you' by Adele remix :D

Hope you like :)

Description : Happy New Year Everyone! :D

Description : hey! :) a reupload of a loop i made a few hours ago :)

Description : second part of the earlier loop :)

Description : A cool synth pluck with a cool melody i made :) btw this is most likely my favourite synth in the world haha with some delay, reverb and some stuff it just sounds awesome :) hope you like :)

Hit me up with a link if you use so i can check it out :)

Loops 101 - 125 of 236
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