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Description : messing around in FL

Description : Alittle tropical i think, hope you find it useful :)

Description : Made this for a remix that didnt work out

Description : a drum beat i used for a song

Description : Pretty cool melody i think, ill prob use it for something but not sure what yet. In the meantime... Hope you find them useful :)

Description : Plucks from a song im working on called Juno :)

Description : A little atmospheric pad thing :)

Description : Wont use this for anything so thought id upload here :)
Its a Electro house bass thing :)

Description : for the same song as the loop 'chords 2' but its the intro version :D

Description : Made some new chords, still kinda inspired by deadmou5.
But not as much as the last one

Description : :) hope you like

Description : inspired by deadmou5 - the velt :)

Description : Been away on holiday so not done much lately soz :) so thought id do a quick drum beat loop.

hope you find this usfull :D

Description : From i a song i was making called time, hope you like :)

Description : hope you find useful :)

Description : melody for a song im making :)

Description : Just a little something i made for a track thought id share :) Hope you find them useful

Description : Arp, synth thing :)

Description : a cool bassline thing, hopefully useful for you :)

Description : Some-what fast little plucks cool for an atmospheric track i think. Dont think i will be using them so they're all yours :)

Description : hmm... i dunno tried my best haha

Nexus - Panflute.

Description : nothing special :)

Description : retro game style thing, just messing around in FL :)

Description : making some random loops for you guys :)
hope you enjoy

Description : just made it there whilst making a remix thought it sounded cool :)

Loops 51 - 75 of 236
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