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Description : A dubstep drum loop, I haven't uploaded in a while, figured I'd do something basic.

Description : Organ melody for glitch hop in F minor.

Description : Shuffled drum beat at 140 bpm

Description : I made this in class today for no reason, so sorry if it sucks

Description : You've never heard anything like this before! ummm. right? ;p

Description : Self explanitory

Description : My attempt at a datsik style wobble. how close did i get?

Description : For those you that wanted to remix this here it is. In Cminor

Description : Hey its been awhile! This datsik/Lone Wolf! Bass is a heavy hitter

Description : A heavy dubstep bass loop, made with massive

Description : A bass sequence from a possible song of mine. Enjoy

Description : A pluck-like lead melody in B minor.

Description : Idk :/

Description : I've been getting into drumstep lately, so here you go

Description : eeehhh G minor

Description : Some WC inspired synth in F minor

Description : another bass melody in F minor

Description : An electro dubstep bass for ya'll in F#minor

Description : Just another one in F#minor

Description : The first part of the Drop from my song "Lies".

Description : a fun little chiptune thing in d minor

Description : A simple glitch beat

Description : A simple square lead melody

Description : A heavy Bass using massive. key is Fm.

Description : A melody for glitch or hip-hop

Loops 1 - 25 of 41