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Tags : | Cinematic | 1.52 MB | Cubase

Description : All the instruments are Spitfire eDna Earth cinematic tool. For your reference, The presets I used are below.

edna drums kick3
edna fx massive metallic drop
edna keys oscillating marimbi
edna leads blade runner horn call fatter MW
edna bass a simple bass for every occasion 1
edna atoms drone reflective continous riser
edna keys Digital Bright Celeste Mellow
pl. note that every parameter such as envelope has been altered for my use.
Thank you.

Description : A space song I'm working on. Still trying to figure out what else to add...

Looperman samples used:

Epic Drum Loop by MukarMusic
7th Heaven Snap-Claps by teddybeatsdc
128 EDM Snap Riser by TheNerve
Cinematic Percussion by TheCosmicEffect

Description : Reggae influenced, jump up, drum & bass.

Sampled the Horace Andy classic - Money is the route of all evil for this one.

Basses and riser were made with a mixture of serum and massive.

Description : upbeat house track
thanks to a few looperman sounds too
tonypowell for the build up
zatch for the beat
xelaplu fx riser
callmeking for fx
if i missed anyone out im sry but thank you all...this is for you...

Tags : | Electronic | 5.63 MB | Cubase

Description : This is second try to write edm music. Chord progression is simple 4 bars repetition, melody has a lot of syncopation over verse, chorus, and bridge. Also, Bass or keyboard compression against the kick drum. Riser and noise needed. Within this simple format, making hit song is certainly difficult.

Description : something i came up with using this riser sample. not available to use as is, must remix if you want to use it. or we can collab on it.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.74 MB

Description : used 4 loops from 3nigmadjing including the insane riser which i love big thanks for that looperman-l-2432186-0114538-3nigmadjing-insane-trap-or-dubstep-buildup and ableton with old greco stratocaster.

Tags : | Dubstep | 8.25 MB

Description : Completed for MitiS' Beatport Play competition, for which I used his vox and arp stems. Now, production: I recently got a Comb Filter (MComb) to mess around with after browsing various EDM forums and FM8 tutorials, thus you'll hear its use on the high-pitched noise riser throughout the song. I've also tweaked my kick a bit; I've taken the initial 75 ms of WhoAteDaMuffin's Dubstep Drums kick and created my own sub bass tail within the Ultrabeat drum machine, putting the pitch and gain through a decaying envelope. As an experiment I've also low-cut my crash cymbals at about 700 Hz and given them a subtle hi-pass noise tail, and I've revised my typical hi-hats pattern. Other than that, the entire thing was made using the ES2 Hybrid Synth, EXS24 sampler (for the piano) and Ultrabeat drum machine. -

- I've also experimented with attempting to give the track some form of decent mastering. The track was bounced and the audio file was imported into a new project, onto which I applied a formula of: Low cut (20 Hz), High cut (20 kHz), Gain (1 dB), Compressor (1:7:1 ratio), Multipressor, Stereo Spread (limited to the higher frequencies to spread the noise), two Linear Phase EQs (one peaking at various frequencies, the next cutting 3 dB off at 670 Hz) and an adaptive limiter at the end. Phew! Hopefully that won't smash the waveform into the ceiling/floor as much. ----

---- Like the track? Vote for it from 27 October to 9 November on the Beatport page! You can find the link on my profile!

Tags : | Fusion | 7.87 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Update 24/7/15: Added a new melody/synth after the drop and tweaked a lot on the pecussions and sweeps etc. Let me know if it sounds better now! Update 21/7/2015: Changed a synth, mastered the vocal loop and added some more bass. It is close to finished. Anybody an idea to make it any better?

Was not active for a few weeks. Sometimes I cant find the right flow to make music. But after listening a vocal loop from 1-7venth12 I got fired up again. Its a vocal trap loop but I made a house song out of it. hope you will like it. The following loops I used(thanks for letting me use them):

Tags : | Electronic | 4.07 MB

Description : Vocal from Maaka and BEATZMODE (Zeebeatz): https://www.looperman.com/users/profile/736426 ) which I totally demolished because it was really hard to sync (my fault, not the vocals fault).
Thanks for the synth loop from Billboo: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/36694. And also for the riser from refl3xdubstep and the flute from drmistersir.
If you have the time to give some feedback: Are the mix and volume levels OK?
Is it coherent? What genre is this?


Tags : | Dubstep | 9.03 MB

Description : My friend told me that my synth needs more 'grunge' or something, so I tried. Also, I just found out how to change the tempo, so I experimented with that. Uses some of the loops in my previous tracks, as well as a new riser from TheNayth.

Tags : | Dubstep | 7.80 MB

Description : Had a bash at making something, Gemini-style, and using lyrics. Drums are a dissected version of kenzo409's, the riser is TheOfficialKatechism's and the vocals, of course, belong to RomyHarmony. As per RH's terms of use: Acapella downloaded from Looperman, made by facebook.com/romyharmony. Go follow, because I have never found lyrics as good as those before. Feedback is always appreciated, especially if you're familiar with GarageBand, as long as its constructive.

Tags : | Dubstep | 8.34 MB

Description : My attempt at dubstep, made in GarageBand. As far as loops go, I used a dissected version of EOS' RAD Octavia drum loop, Enzotic's riser loop and a reversed crash symbol I got from god-knows-where, but otherwise, thats all the loops, everything else was made by me. NOTE: This hasn't been exported at the full 320 kbps, that would have made it 14MB, so this is 192 kbps instead.

Tags : | Dubstep | 751.09 KB | Featured

Description : Dubstep!
Full track is on my youtube account take a look :)
changed up the intro and all fixed it up

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