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Tags : | Trance | 6.12 MB

Description : My new progressive trance.
Please leave me a feedback

Merry Xmas to all

Description : Anyone interested in colabing on a complete musical level please reach out my musical abilities crosses many lanes. Please only serious and progressive thinking artists or composers respond. You can also scope the range at Daddy Dawk Brick City USA / Q-Lounge Originals on Soundcloud

Tags : | Dance | 7.16 MB

Description : Free DL for a limited time! Later (Maybe 12/20/15) I will release on bandcamp. Listen to this Progressive House (totally wasn't just begging).

Tags : | House | 8.97 MB

Description : This started out as a song called Alchemy Studies that asidRn sent to me. Then it took the form of a Deadmau5 song. That's the one I uploaded (then deleted) a few days ago. Then asidRn made it more of a deadmau5 song. Such progressive, much chill. wow. Enjoy

Description : Used vocal chops from lowkeymusikk and built around them. Let me know what you guys think!

Tags : | House | 8.54 MB

Description : Progressive House Vocal Project
Produced by Friso Schaap

Tags : | Electronic | 5.25 MB

Description : This is my rendition of Riggi and Piros' Knightlife. I fell in love with the melody of their work and next thing I know, I'm up till 4am working on this remix. I took their track and flipped the genre to a more trap/future bass vibe, rather than the original progressive house track. Please leave some feedback, and let me know what you think :)

Tags : | Dance | 6.44 MB

Description : Progressive EDM track, reached high in the Mixcloud charts.

Description : a dance/progressive house track that really needs vocals.If you would like to do a vocal on it comment so i know. If someone can sing and i like it so are this gonna go up on Spotfiy and i give also credit for it. Good luck!!:)

Tags : | House | 8.87 MB

Description : Progressive House

Description : Was trying to get some nice progressive, hope you like it. Please contact me if you want to collab

Tags : | House | 6.78 MB

Description : Progressive House, demo track

Description : Progressive house , come to the end do not know what , this genre of music .
If you like it, let me know in a comment ! :D

Tags : | Trance | 8.59 MB

Description : Progressive house/trance. You tell me?

Tags : | House | 6.68 MB

Description : Name-Far From Here.Genre-Progressive House,Dance Music,Chillout.The melody and chord progression on this one is really nice.And I guess you will love the breakdown very much.Hope you will like it :)

Tags : | House | 3.27 MB | Featured

Description : Progressive House

Tags : | House | 3.11 MB

Description : Progressive House

Description : Well, this is a new track I'm working on.

Progressive vibes to it, and melodic as well.

I havent done any retouches yet, waiting on the feedback.


Leveled some sounds.
Added a new sound, modified main melody.
Tweaked some effects, and masterized some percussions.
Deleted secondary bassline.

I do think the main melody needs some changes though.


Tags : | Electro | 5.21 MB

Description : This was really fun to make with Zac, a true treat! This genre is kinda close to French-Touch or a progressive Electro. Not 100% sure. Oh well! Enjoy!!!

Tags : | House | 5.75 MB

Description : Just the instrumental part of this. Tropical house mixed with a progressive style. Probably you can remix this track in a near future, so keep an eye on this!!!
And this track isn't released yet, so enjoy it Looperman! ;)

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.90 MB

Description : the bonus track on my up coming third album Dreams
most of its progressive house ,,but the bonus track is pretty chill and what i think is beautiful

if you catch the video on youtube youll understand ;)

Description : Techno, Progressive, Jazz, Fusion, Improvisation

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.96 MB

Description : I wanted to make a really chill track with a cool atmosphere thats progressive and has a cool ass ending chorus and i think im nearly there.
Im enjoying making this one, im still working on it adding a few synths and some fx but really wanna hear your thoughts on this.
So what do you think!??

Thanks guys.
Also no loops or anything in this.

Tags : | House | 4.91 MB | Featured



Rate Comment and download enjoy the music people as i enjoy making it.

After almost a year without making anything i finally started back with a new sound stepping away from the dance/trance style and focusing on progressive house and electronic. although it is unfinished let me know what you think.

Tags : | Electronic | 9.59 MB | Featured

Description : With our backs to the setting sun, we'll leave it all behind on the run.

Progressive House with a small mix up.

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