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Tags : | Pop | 4.93 MB
Description : Produced by Shrugga. Acapella by AustinMusic.
Tags : | Pop | 3.51 MB | Featured
Tags : | Electronic | 6.21 MB | Featured
Description : synth pop, synth wave, retro
Tags : | Dubstep | 4.34 MB | Featured
Description : Download the track but if you could please post a comment :) thank you!
Description : Mellow Chill. This track is a little less funky and a little more emotive than my other tracks. Should this be Pop or Chill Out?
Description : Major phrase introduces a Latin-like guitar piece in a minor key. Plenty of changes.
Tags : | Pop | 5.63 MB
Description : Full track for a change. Quite poppy but if you like that kinda stuff, you still might not like this but it's on here now anyways.
Tags : | Pop | 1.99 MB
Description : Original By U2 Machina Broadcasting Corporation PLEASE STAND BY... V.1.0 This is a only a test... If this had been an actual song, you would have received instructions to tap your toes or snap your fingers to the music... Once again... This is only a test.
Description : Having a hard time deciding if I should keep going with this cover sample or try a different song. What do you think?
Description : LET'S TAKE IT BACK OLD SCHOOL EDM! Anyways if you'd like this track you can get it at itsmichaelmayo.com also from my album #TheEND available everywhere
Tags : | Pop | 6.02 MB
Description : pop new age
Tags : | Pop | 9.83 MB | Featured
Description : Patricia Edwards!
Tags : | Pop | 2.76 MB
Description : Rock Alternative
Tags : | Pop | 10.14 MB | Featured
Description : I literally poured my heart and soul into this song. My friend let me record him playing the guitar and this was how this song became what it is now. This is what I truly love to create and I hope you enjoy it. - CMK
Tags : | Pop | 6.95 MB | Featured
Description : vocals and loops are from Magics 2017
Tags : | Pop | 2.65 MB
Description : Various genre combination
Tags : | Pop | 9.63 MB
Description : Chill pop version of WMA's song WakeMeUp.
Tags : | Pop | 5.29 MB | Featured
Description : Ft. Chrisprince
Tags : | Pop | 5.80 MB
Description : pop, dance, dance-pop
Tags : | Dub | 2.06 MB
Description : Blend of dub step hip -hop meant for a female R & B / pop singer or rapper.
Description : Something a bit different from me. Looking for a singer on this.
Tags : | Rock | 8.46 MB | Colab Request
Description : A soft pop rock remix, vocals courtesy WithoutMyArmor, a talented Looperman Artist.
Tags : | Pop | 9.39 MB
Description : Vocals by the fabulous Farisha (FarishaMusic)
Tags : | Pop | 6.75 MB
Description : Lovely vocals from eSoreni, i tried some accoustic loops with it. Through the night. ;) Thanks for sharing eSoreni :) Download is ok for non commercial use only.
Tags : | Pop | 5.23 MB | Featured
Description : Hello everyone!! Thank you again to everyone who listened, commented and downloaded my first track that I uploaded on Looperman about 3 years ago called Victory March!! This is the extended version of Victory March. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mixing it together!! I want to first give credit where credit is due. I added one more loop to the song which was a harp sound, but I apologize I forgot which artist on Looperman created it! However, here are the looperman artists I used loops from for this track that I can remember: xelaplus -legato choir danke -battle drums 3rdnipplemusic -nv-tribal toms -70 anubis -battle loop xray731- live-drumline loop danke - 120- i-think-so onevizun -the-world-at-hand-drumline juttumoose-synth-rise-140bpm alexisescalona- back-to-the-studio-synth-1 ecksjoe-cymbal-roll
Tracks 1 - 25 of 3084
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