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Tags : | Pop | 3.64 MB | Featured
Description : LISTEN UP
Description : This song is about a guy who goes to a bar quite frequently and there often sees a girl he'd like to meet. But he doesn't know how........

A friend of mine have did the vocals, written the lyrics and played the sax.
We are only playing in my homestudio and we
Now I´m looking for a piano to make the song sound better ;-)
Tags : | Pop | 7.48 MB
Description : you tell me
Tags : | Pop | 2.76 MB
Description : I have so many projects on the go and to complete but i heard this beautiful track by "AjLowry" couldn't resist writing very quick lyrics & singing something, was going to get my other half to sing with me but his voice is more ROCK, so just indulging myself, it's far from perfect very rough draft but boy did i love singing to this track all vocals by me.
Description : Latest production still need a singer to lay down down some vocals, feedback appreciated.. feel free to download and record a vocal over it i only ask to hear it..
Tags : | Pop | 8.70 MB | Colab Request
Description : LISTEN UP!
Tags : | Pop | 5.59 MB | Featured
Description : Alex Richard, bass. Laurent Wirz, drums. Laurent Schwaar, guitars. Claude Barbotte, Hammond. Hanspeter Dubach, slide guitar. With excellent loops from rasputin1963, Zac Wilkins, Rhodesy and MINOR2GO.
Tags : | Pop | 3.85 MB
Description : Heavily influenced by The Mummers - and not entirely finished just yet - in C 110 BPM - 4/4
Description : A helping version. I just played the accompaniment on yamaha auto play. Just to have the average info how the rhythm and chords go.
Tags : | Pop | 4.88 MB | Featured
Description : new track :)
Tags : | Pop | 4.40 MB | Colab Request
Description : i tried
Tags : | Pop | 2.35 MB
Description : Post-punk power wave. Attempt to enjoy.
Tags : | Pop | 13.21 MB
Description : 70's style riffs with 70's style drums leading to a Driving melodic Remix with Big sounds with also a subtle touch.

Unsure of song category so put into the pop
Tags : | Pop | 8.48 MB | Colab Request
Description : A Pop Track I've finished with for now... what do you guys think?
Tags : | Pop | 6.42 MB | Colab Request
Description : 1 of 2 Tracks I have recently done..
Tags : | Pop | 7.43 MB | Featured
Description : This time ... this track is dedicated to Pepito my dog love because composed next to him ... Good listening .... Your remarks are as usual welcome ... See you next!
Tags : | Pop | 5.83 MB
Description : Feel free to download it !
For free use like Youtube videos, tutos, sets, mixes etc...you will not receive any message of copyright, but DO NOT forget to mention my name and fan pages please.
For commercial use like collaborate or remixes, contact me first on my facebook page @ChakibFT

Best Regards,
Tags : | Pop | 10.24 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Tell me what you think...
Tags : | Pop | 5.49 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Wonderful summer and wonderful song. Our new single "sun goes down," out worldwide on October 25th!

BUY: soundcloud com/serhatyavuz/sun-goes-down-orginal-mix
Tags : | Pop | 8.71 MB | Featured
Description : I've had a long streak of writing really depressing, downtempo songs, and I really needed something to get me out of this funk I've been. Found some synthwave drums and synths on here and ran with it! Need to redo some vocals but really digging it. It's Lemme know your thoughts!
Tags : | Ska | 4.85 MB
Description : Jemesi remix with 2nick8 guitar loop
Electro pop/ska experimentation
Tags : | Pop | 3.14 MB | Featured
Description : Follow @nekittarasov on Bandlab
Tags : | Pop | 654.15 KB | Colab Request
Description : Anyone who can sing on this chord progression... hit me up!
Tags : | Pop | 3.71 MB
Description : I just bring togethere this 2 artists:
Track : divady2 - Sometime
Aceplla : a1000times - mathnasium (singer : Dream Vacation)
Description : dopplergamma bootleg
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