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Tags : | Pop | 6.52 MB | Featured
Description : female vocals from frogdude34 rap vocal @1:06 from colorboi thanks!
Tags : | Rock | 5.93 MB | Featured
Description : space pop/rock
Tags : | Pop | 14.44 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : This song has a different atmosphere, it's more a pop-rock ballad with less electronic sounds ... except the unavoidable synth solo !
Description : Rough demo of a song I've been working on. Would anybody be down to remix or add some drums??
Description : an afro pop beat, a blend between east africa and west africa blends.
Tags : | Pop | 4.89 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : I'm sure most everyone has had someone help them in some way when they needed it. Drums, bass and classical guitar this time. Threw some vocals on this one and did some backups towards the end. Update: Had part of a track's compression off and while I was in there I adjusted a few things. Enjoy!
Tags : | Rock | 6.33 MB | Featured
Description : A pop-rock song dedicated to Jelena Ostapenko
Tags : | Pop | 5.50 MB | Featured
Description : Working on a song, have lyrics and melodies just need to record, but wanted to share the track! Everything is me,
Description : I made the beat from a sample...It has that slow pop kinda feel to it. The flow is slow and smooth...I think this is one of the classic joints...Enjoy.
Tags : | Pop | 4.08 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Was trying to put vocals in but failed again! I'll figure it out one day. I intend carrying on working with this. I like what's happening with this but I haven't got it mastered correctly. ot sure I should be putting it up in this condition!
Tags : | Pop | 5.02 MB
Description : New song! Let me know what you think!
Tags : | Pop | 4.78 MB | Colab Request
Description : not so sure to what genre song belongs to...all backup music done by me,exept for drums(royalty free loop from magix),acapella by eSoreni,if somebody wants to colaborate ,you are very wellcome,like lyrics,vocals,replacing my slopy playing with they proper technics on this track ,etr.,live a message below
Tags : | Pop | 2.80 MB | Colab Request
Description : cuz it just sounds FUN!
Tags : | Pop | 5.12 MB
Description : pop music
Description : Based upon the loops "only you 1 and 2" by minor2go. Sorry Martin, dass ich sie etwas "zerpflückt" habe!
Description : 88 BPM... CLUB BANGER/POP MELODY
Tags : | Pop | 4.93 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : I wanted to write a song about walking down the street, which is something I do a fair amount of, and to capture the nonsense that runs through my head as I walk and how it tends toward the spiritual, as nonsense does, and to write a happy song for once. This is the result. It's the first song on the "Rising" album, vocals & guitar by the great Sunny War, on top of loops provided by this essential community. I made a music video of it yesterday which I couldn't wait to post this morning because I'm proud of it, I hope you check it out: https://youtu.be/Yr8s_MdWEnA
Tags : | Pop | 6.95 MB
Description : Last one and im out..a bit sappy lol but i thought the lyrics were appropriate.Thanks to n i n e ta i l s! https://www.looperman.com/users/acapellas/1351694 If you are interested in my music.You can check out some of my other projects here. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1411779&;content=music http://www.soundcloud.com/mseq http://www.soundcloud.com/rt759 http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=305424&;content=music Thanks for listening!
Tags : | Pop | 4.79 MB
Description : Ft. The Suspect
Tags : | Pop | 8.53 MB
Description : This remix I created from CORSICA by Petru Guelfucci is intended for all mothers ... for Mother's Day because the lyrics of this song can largely be associated with a Mom's love.Of course This track has no commercial purpose and was only made for the pleasure of the music ... Good listening and kiss your Mum if you have the chance to have it again.
Tags : | Pop | 4.41 MB
Description : here's a love pop song i really like it, i made it tonight and i'm uploading it for you to enjoy
Tags : | Rock | 4.63 MB
Description : pop/rock
Description : an tropical house instrumental
Tags : | Pop | 14.44 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : A little bit more "electronic dance-pop" song ...
Tags : | Pop | 5.35 MB | Colab Request
Description : ©SamueleSfingi2017 I write songs and tracks in order, if you want something, Just ask me at my mail:
Tracks 1 - 25 of 3045
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