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Tags : | Chill Out | 11.08 MB | Featured
Description : Solo guitar by me, everything else is free loops only from the site. Applied loops (fully or partially): MINOR2GO: 0159051-0046762 (Guitar Pack Gold - Wonderful World), 0159051-0047592 (Guitar Pack Gold - Anytime), 0159051-0033326 (Change the world - Orchestral Drums), CENTRIST: 0079105-0053698 (Khaos - Armor Snare), 0079105-0059979 (Chosen - Bass 2), PLANETJAZZBASS: 0111346-0031678(When The Boat Comes In 4), DUSTHILL: 0139050-0014622 (RnB Vibraphone 02), SKELLA: 0675471-0070992 (Happy Signal - Marimba - 96 BPM), DEXTDEE: 0116269-0033416 (Anticipation picas), DJMOTHBEATZ: 0237471-0022898 (ggt Contrabass), BILBEATZ: 0473280-0046670 (02BiL-Viola), MHYST: 0203623-0017693 (Pretty Oboe).
Description : Listening to the wonderful melody of the great loop of my good friend Martin (Minor2Go) and the capella "Home going" by the amazing artist Shawnlat, I wanted to create a musical piece that would harmonize them and I hope to give the "environment" of this wonderful choices. So I added all other instruments and voila!Good Hearing my friends. Every comment you make is important to improve this musical composition.ChrisK.
Tags : | Trap | 2.73 MB
Description : loops from minor2go callmeking lankframpard middwiz yungoatmeal 808purp xivbeat
Tags : | Trap | 3.43 MB
Description : loops from minor2go sushilbawa blackmansta10
Tags : | Dance | 6.56 MB | Colab Request
Description : I was trying to do a tribute to the Gold Rush theme song and somehow wound up with this track. Thanks to all for looperman-l-2247732-0113283-hbsamples-hbs-orchestra-hit-var-3-g-100bpm, looperman-l-1246769-0113203-rrpinho-bass-breakchnology, looperman-l-1273564-0097485-franko75-birthday-synth-1, looperman-l-1273564-0097486-franko75-birthday-synth-2, looperman-l-1096504-0075110-periodicdrops-trance-synth-1-sidechained, looperman-l-1319133-0104137-fanto8bc-sigulf-synth, looperman-l-2078355-0110174-hemant37-house-drum-loop, looperman-l-0801647-0074680-kriterous-crystal-marimba-loop, looperman-l-0605363-0052354-rodridan-mega-lead-filtered, looperman-l-0925595-0085585-capostipite-progressive-house-melodic-synth-for-intro, looperman-l-0159051-0100614-minor2go-synth-power-aexxea, looperman-l-0510880-0060922-spadeofficial-edm-chords-filtered-and-sidechained, looperman-l-1273564-0111590-lankframpard-request-pendejo-1 Key: Gm
Tags : | Trap | 3.16 MB
Description : loops by minor2go callmeking troysgone immrnoobheadfu1 arkzyy- jackdoeslof
Tags : | Classical | 4.85 MB
Description : dedicated to my best friend Jenn. I love you girl. i used loops from minor2go chielhabis and silencekills.
Description : absolutely love this. I used loops by minor2go
Tags : | Chill Out | 4.76 MB
Description : This is just awesome. Loops used from Minor2Go and MrBlackAdder
Tags : | Trap | 6.79 MB
Tags : | Chill Out | 2.64 MB
Description : So I was trying to create a chill mellow track, and but stuggled with it for a while, instead I ripped most of it out and created the funk track "Stop me before I funk again". I was just going to throw this one out, but whenever I listen to it intently with headphones it puts me in a trance. I played with it a bit, and now it's not too bad. It's called Mother, because it gave birth to the other track. Thanks to all for looperman-l-1564425-0099007-rasputin1963-gospel-waltz-strings, looperman-l-2295651-0113036-mksim-dark-trap-guitar, looperman-l-0671112-0111281-danke-introspective, looperman-l-0159051-0111498-minor2go-piano-quality-sacrilege. Key Em
Tags : | Cinematic | 14.61 MB
Description : My new cinematic track with Minor2go piano and strings loops and choir line by Callmeking.
Description : Hip hop instrumental. 86bpm, key of Bm. Would love to collab with a rapper on this. If any rapper is interested, HMU! Credit to LankFrampard and Minor2go for their loops.
Description : This track features my SUPER talented long-time friend @Minor2go on guitar. He and I often collaborate on tunes and tracks. His piano work and Guitar work are both B...E...A..UTIFUL and melodic! I am about to make him a part of the Big A-L Productions team.
Tags : | Trap | 2.09 MB | Colab Request
Description : As alwys, thank you to Minor2Go for featuring the main sample in this orginization! I know it's pretty simple, but I need some feedback on the mixing so far. Enjoy:)
Description : When I was a child I went to the coast with my brother and sister. I remembered that trip and made it into this song. The children's voices were secretly recorded in a small school where I worked in 2006 and can be heard all over the track. Tribal Percussions: Designedimpression (From United States). Guitar: Ferryterry (from Italy) Edited by: Roddo. Piano: Minor2go (From Germany). Ethnic Vocal Sample: 40A (From United States) Edited by: Roddo. Strings and Pad: 40A (From United States). Male Chorus: Rasputin1963 (From United States). Children's Voices: Roddo
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.84 MB
Description : Just a beat I made with a loop from Minor2Go
Tags : | Cinematic | 9.19 MB
Description : My cinematic creation with guest participation of Minor2go and Danke and Ancoral.
Tags : | Fusion | 11.37 MB | Featured
Description : In the spirit of looperman i decided to grab some of the great loops on here and create something out of it. The result is what you hear by pressing the play button. Off course many thanks to : thecosmiceffect, mrdman, minor2go and lodderup for their great loops!
Description : A beat I made with a sample from Minor2Go. Free to use as long as you mention me and link the finished track to me.
Description : Based upon the loops "only you 1 and 2" by minor2go. Sorry Martin, dass ich sie etwas "zerpflückt" habe!
Description : A simple gritty sounding hip hop instrumental. Would love to collab on this with a rapper. HMU!!! Props to Minor2go for his loop.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.11 MB | Featured
Description : In the beat I used MINOR2GO Piano Quality - A Sad Song and it turned out very well.
Description : DJ The Observer FT MINOR2GO -Reality is a Nightmare...First Impression.... Used Loops from MINOR2GO and samples by PINHEAD from Hellraiser...Bumping Hardcore....................UPDATED 12-7 .......................... It has been a while i made a track cause i have also a very nice hobby > i make nice photo's from SunRises and Sunsets and the nature arround my hometown . You can see them here https://twitter.com/rootje011?lang=nl But i gonna try to make more "Music"
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.06 MB
Description : "WhoEver is Trying to Bring you Down, is Already Below You...!!!" Made on MixCrafT 8 PRO...!!! Hope you Find UseFul...!!! Enjoy & Keep on PLAY!!! https://soundcloud.com/goty-beatsproduction >I USE A MINOR2GO SYNTH POWER LOOPS DEVOTEE https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/107140/synth-power-devotee-1-by-minor2go-free-140bpm-trap-synth-loop
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