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Tags : | Dance | 8.91 MB | Featured
Description : 128 BPM EDM/Future House. Summer is close by...
Description : Disco Funk, Future House, I don't even know honestly. Hope you guys like it.
Tags : | House | 10.45 MB
Description : Future house track,release 16th November,i think. xd
Tags : | House | 3.64 MB
Description : My first future house/future bass track, inspired by Oliver Heldens's Gecko.
Description : Hey So I Just Got FL STUDIO!!!! And Decided To Make Something Also I will Be Uploading A Demo Of This Track So Wait For That. Hope You Enjoy It!
Description : I got bored so I made a future house song hope you like it as much as I do I'm Sorry I know it's too loud I try to fix it soon.
Tags : | Deep House | 1.16 MB
Description : found this future house song on private on my soundcloud. started making it when I was 14 but never finished it but the drop is still pretty cool i guess.
Comments are appreciated
Tags : | House | 4.12 MB | Featured
Tags : | Electro | 4.75 MB
Description : I made my first future house track.Do you like it?I hope yeah.If you want,you can promote/publish this on your youtube channel or other platforms.
Tags : | Dance | 5.33 MB | Featured
Description : My second Big Room, i'm really enjoying this of making hard party music. Every feedback is appreciated :3

More music here:

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If you wanna collab with me (don't care about the genre, I make almost everything [Future House, Future Bass, Progressive, Dubstep, Bass House, Hardstyle]) write me to or to my facebook!
Description : Here's a deep house track, you can download a higher quality version here:https://yarnak.bandcamp.com/track/thoughts
the vocal was taken from this website
Description : First half of my future house track. I hope you like it, and feedback is much appreciated! Possibly some vocals would be nice too.
Tags : | House | 4.22 MB | Colab Request
Description : Ok, so I have made this Curbi/Oliver Heldens style demo here, and I have no clue how to continue/add to it. SO, for all of you skilled and talented people of Looperman, I am opening a little contest. If you can impress me with adding to what is already here, or extending the mix with other styles OR KEEPING THE SAME ONE, I will release the track with you WITH a cool audio reaction video. If you are interested, send me submissions at OR link me your version in the comments! Good luck!
Tags : | Deep House | 5.91 MB
Description : 128 BPM Future House.
Tags : | House | 4.40 MB | Featured
Description : Hi! This is my first track on Looperman. I've actually been here for a while (on another account) and just fell in love with the community around here. This is a future house track and I would welcome some feedback as I am not very experienced as a producer. Enjoy!
Tags : | House | 8.09 MB
Description : Future House song featuring Maddie
Tags : | Deep House | 3.67 MB
Description : I made this in fl studio with the plugins: FL Keys
And massive!
Tags : | House | 8.61 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Predestination Manifestation spiritual spoken word vocals fused with future house music.
Tags : | Electronic | 6.59 MB
Description : Very old song I made on my computer. It kinda sounds like Future House, but I'll just classify it as Electro House.
Tags : | Deep House | 2.46 MB
Description : Loops Used: Future House Synth Drop by Capostipite
DAMNED Future House Lead Style by Capostipite

Genre: Deep House/Future House

BPM: 128
Tags : | House | 1.50 MB
Description : Future House demo/preview i'm working on, tell me what you think f it. :)
Tags : | House | 1.21 MB | Colab Request
Description : In search of someone to collaborate with, hit me up if interested :)
Tags : | Deep House | 6.70 MB
Description : Future house music
Tags : | Deep House | 8.21 MB
Description : deep future house released 27.10.2015 free stuff for all the people who like such kind of music.
Tags : | House | 8.31 MB
Description : Hey everyone! Here's a new track I put together which features heavy bass and smooth drum patterns. I'd consider this maybe future house? Definitely needs work on, so it's the beta version of the track. Tell me you guy's thoughts? Enjoy! P.S. Please leave some useful feedback, and not "cool track bro." That's not really helpful. lol

Update** Fixed and balanced everything, should be a lot smoother and all that good stuff.
Tracks 1 - 25 of 36
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