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Tags : | Dance | 6.51 MB
Description : This track is EDM 125BPMS I definitely want to thank the user who composed these dope sequences I almost don't feel right claiming any ownership to this track
Tags : | Dance | 8.24 MB
Description : Here's a tune I loved since I first heard, by Tritonal and Cash Cash. Copped the stems during their remix competition but sadly never got time to finish it in time.

Finished it eventually though and thought I'd upload here. Put it on soundclick a while ago and it came in 2nd on their EDM charts and 11th in the whole of electronic genre, was thrilled.

Hope you enjoy guys :)
Tags : | Trap | 3.07 MB
Description : This is a fl studio 12 project

EDM and Trap track

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 4.67 MB
Description : edm electro drum bass
Tags : | Electronic | 4.77 MB
Description : EDM track made on FLstudio
Description : Had a little family gathering today a restaurant called Mimosa. Good food and good times. What you think the genre is for this. Electronic? Pop? Thanks to all for: 0115875-haraluu1666-hara-luu-euphoria, 0115187-druciferbeats-xxxtentacion-type-bells-125bpm, 0119454-weazelbeats-simply-sad-chords, 0110833-mladostmusic-migos-style-arp, 0119447-emotionalsad-violence, 0098381-corruptionedm-typical-edm-pluck, 0119468-lacore-gezeiten-flute, 0102967-yappy-draggin-from-80bpm, 0116142-wattersonthebeat-soft-keys-2-drums-80bpm. Key: D minor
Tags : | Electronic | 6.83 MB
Description : 140 BPM EDM. Did I just create a genre?

1 - Intro
2 - Circles
3 - Return
4 - The Unexpected Things
5 - Eternity VIP
6 - Things To Come
Description : Pop/EDM instrumental.
Description : It's a honor, and a pleasure to make some like this to people who likes EDM, so I'm very thankfull to show the world all my work.

Cover by: Matt Vipper
Tags : | Electronic | 9.55 MB
Description : electronic, house, electro, rave, edm, dance, techno
Tags : | Blues | 2.05 MB | Colab Request
Description : I uploaded this as a track because I wanted to disable the downloads. This is in the key of C according to garageband but I have no idea. I also didn't pay attention to the tempo and here's why:
Im looking for someone to make this song come alive.
Hit me up at if you wanna work on this.
I'm looking for something dark.
There are more lyrics. I'm not looking for edm but show me what you got and we'll see where it goes. Thanks!
Description : the last attempt at a solid EDM track didn't really pan out the way i would have liked it to. this one is turning out to be alright. its being uploaded as a rough draft, ( really don't like to upload unfinished work but i wanted some opinions on what needs to be done still) so it will be updated a few times i'm sure. the vocal clip if you can tell by the title was Hurricane by E-40
Tags : | Ambient | 4.08 MB | Featured
Description : LFE/Life whichever. First attempt at EDM rather than the normal Trap and stuff that I do.
Description : A mixture of Hip Hop, Trap and EDM styles at 100BPM.

A great sound and beat to add your voice and passion to.

Im looking for collabs for verses and chorus.

This is a low quality 128kbps

Based on beats by Drake
Tags : | Dance | 6.56 MB | Colab Request
Description : I was trying to do a tribute to the Gold Rush theme song and somehow wound up with this track. Thanks to all for 0113283-hbsamples-hbs-orchestra-hit-var-3-g-100bpm, 0113203-rrpinho-bass-breakchnology, 0097485-franko75-birthday-synth-1, 0097486-franko75-birthday-synth-2, 0075110-periodicdrops-trance-synth-1-sidechained, 0104137-fanto8bc-sigulf-synth, 0110174-hemant37-house-drum-loop, 0074680-kriterous-crystal-marimba-loop, 0052354-rodridan-mega-lead-filtered, 0085585-capostipite-progressive-house-melodic-synth-for-intro, 0100614-minor2go-synth-power-aexxea, 0060922-spadeofficial-edm-chords-filtered-and-sidechained, 0111590-lankframpard-request-pendejo-1 Key: Gm
Tags : | Dance | 13.46 MB
Description : 124 BPM. My favorite EDM track I made so far.
Tags : | Dance | 2.99 MB
Description : This is for the first time to write edm music not knowing the difference between electric, dub step, future base, or tropical something. I should learn much more about these.
Description : I don't listen to these music genres (i guess this should be metal?) as I'm deep in EDM, but I came up with a nice melody while improvising on a piano so i thought i could give a shot with it in FL.. If you want to extend this, or make a remix, or make your original track with this melody - leave a comment down there
Tags : | Electronic | 4.80 MB
Description : ok. I threw everything I had into this one... It's a complete mix of music genres. Easy Listening, Rock, EDM / Electronica, Dubstep... All thrown into a singular mix. Hope you like it.
Tags : | Electro | 5.87 MB
Description : Just love it & comment
Description : A House/EDM/Dance track I've been working on.

I own all the rights. Feel free to contact me through here if you'd like to use this or any other music on my profile.
Description : I have this collab, and I like how its come out, but something seems off to me, maybe it is just my ears. Anyone have any mixing/mastering advice for the track?
Tags : | Electronic | 5.29 MB
Description : edm, electro, house, techno, dance, dubstep
Description : A funky blending of EDM, FUNK, R&B and Country!

This song is going on a pay-per-download site and I need a woman's singing vocals that is a GREAT vocalist in EDM, Country, POP, R&B, as well as FUNK!
I also need a male vocalist to sing the Chorus....
Subject.....LOVE, Romance, Positivity, (NO Negativity period!)
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