Tags : | House | 12.81 MB | Ableton Live

Description : A simple and minimal Deep House track with a hook by ijaw and some lofi flavor.

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  1. pseudoble
    pseudoble on Wed 17th Nov 2021 - 2 months ago

    I think sseldneniar nailed it with his comments - it is a lovely fusion indeed and wonderful sound production - well done

    Reply by AtticElla

    Appreciate the listen very much pseudoble. Thank you.

  2. theFlawlessApples
    theFlawlessApples on Tue 16th Nov 2021 - 2 months ago

    Uplifting, delicate and dreamy... and it sounds exceptionally good!

    Reply by AtticElla

    Thank you for your nice comment Apples!

  3. ioncewas
    ioncewas on Mon 15th Nov 2021 - 2 months ago

    Really smooth, very much housey and clubby, also chilled, good job

    Reply by AtticElla

    Thanks for the listen ioncewas!

  4. kingmt77
    kingmt77 on Mon 15th Nov 2021 - 2 months ago

    AtticElla, what you’ve got here is an excellent foundation. There’s plenty of space for another layer of atmospheric synth and a mellow synth lead to talk back to the vocal. Like convert the vocals into midi and tinker with some midi editing on that synth track. I like what you’re doing. Be safe.

    Reply by AtticElla

    kingmt77, I certainly appreciate your suggestions but maybe you are not familiar with the type of house I am producing? This style is purposely sparse, any excess instrumentation would kill the vibe. You can check out any mix by Carlos Grau in YouTube, specially the first song of his latest mix - The Grau Club #09 [Urban Edition] · Carlos Grau · Valencia and you'll see what I mean. I sure appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. ;)

  5. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Mon 15th Nov 2021 - 2 months ago

    Hello, my friend.
    All I can say about this track is Brilliant.
    Well done

    Reply by AtticElla

    Thanks much Maj!

    BONEZONMARZ on Mon 15th Nov 2021 - 2 months ago

    I didn’t like the chords at first but when the vocals came in it all made sense. I like it now. Keep up the great work!

    Reply by AtticElla

    Thanks for the listen Bonez!

  7. sirefox
    sirefox on Mon 15th Nov 2021 - 2 months ago

    Impresionante ritmo amigo AtticElla, con un sonido muy trabajado y de gran calidad. Me gusta como utilizas los efectos y los filtros. La voz es muy buena, le da vida y un sentimiento Deep House. Me gusta mucho el sonido que consigues en la mezcla, tiene ese sabor profesional. Que tengas una buena noche compañero. Paz y salud.

    Reply by AtticElla

    Thank you sirefox. Sorry my spanish is very rusty! Your comments are very encouraging and inspiring. Truly appreciate it.

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