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Description : Rough draft - might have to re-record vocals before finalizing

Ahhh , at the moment this track has no comments ! Not one, zero, zilch.

If you have time take a listen and give RapeVanWinkle some feedback.

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I'll put your neck on some wood,
pull the lever, let the blade fall
Better than a chainsaw
The name's Rape Van Winkle,
Menace in the game, let it bang
put medicine in your veins like I'm Avon
.. Barksdale

Our sales put rivals to shame
We're the dark ale
You're just Mike's Hard Lemonade
Them boys that stretch weight in section eights
get their intestines drained when I got the weapon trained on 'em

And I won't bat a lash, boy I'm bout to bat an eye
Swing a bat, splatter your mind like I'm Negan
Walk a man through the Passion of Christ like he's Jesus
Let them Christ-killers believe it when their home's invaded
I'm just a stone's throw away, I'll roll up and take it
And I won't just look for possessions, you know I'm a rapist

..Money in hand, got money in the hand
Got money in the hand, got money in the hand

I got coke, got piff, got gummies by the gram
Edibles that I call melatonin, come meet Mr. Sandman
I see you got a problem, she's celibate?
The shit I got packed in saran wrap could probably knock out an elephant
I'm sellin if you never tell on this shit
This is business - if you bring her by later,
I'll Helen Keller the bitch

I got money in the hand, so I'm lethal
I'll go Son of Sam for that hundred grand
People better understand
that if I'm sated, then I'm tame and won't start nothin
But if I'm not, then you should run like it's Omar comin'

..Money in hand, got money in the hand
Got money in the hand, got money in the hand
Got rope, got a trick to get hunnies in the van
Let 'em in 'cause they got hella sniffles, come meet Mr. Sandman

I purchase body bags on reg
Amazon Prime is the shit
Get your naughty ass on the bed
The lines that you'll sniff are top-shelf
You need it, I'll cut it
The forensics lab is used to finding semen in stomachs

But you're nameless 'cause your face is missing
Hands cut off, case dismissive
Cold storage
Camera's on.. Baby, you're a star~
You should see it girl, your family's trippin
Putting out Amber alerts
The van delivers
'bout to get it cookin like it's Ramsay's kitchen



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