Description : made this today,i'd appreciate any review

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  1. ACautionaryTale
    ACautionaryTale on Thu 15th Oct 2020 - 3 months ago

    Hey! This Track is pretty sick Its well put together I think most of the issues I have with it are in the mix itself.
    Drums are too loud you could try using saturation instead of pumping the volume or a compressor that will give you more clarity in the top end of the drums without overboosting things in the earlier stages cuz the limiter can clip them really hard.
    The vocals could have more clarity to them I feel like there smothered in the mix I would definitly eq out some of the synth were the vocal also sits (or respectivily you could try boosting the 8-10k and 800-1.5k range and that could help too) It doesnt really need a lot too pop out I think like a couple DB each would do the trick.
    compositionally i would get rid of the melody at some point during the song I think it would bring a lot more dynamic energy. Maybe as a turn around take it out too emphasise the last words that are getting said in the song or even right before the beat comes in take it out or have it scratch out or reverb out or something too offer change before it comes back around Maybe at the begining have it come in really quitely low pass it maybe? it just goes on for the whole song and I think it would become less boring if some more work was done on the synth cuz the rest of the song is dope the synth just needs more work at certain parts of the composition. Besides that I like the song a lot I listened to it like 10 times.

  2. EricMilligan
    EricMilligan on Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 3 months ago

    Damn! I just accidentally switched pages and lost my entire comment on your track. So, here goes again. I'm not big on trap, basically because I'm hopeless at making this kind of music. But this sounded pretty good to me! Mix was good and the parts nicely separated. Nice work.

    I'm glad that you decided to post the track here on Looperman. You are far more likely to get get constructive feedback from LM members than from listeners on Soundcloud.

    I agree with Steve (Crucethus), that the kick is probably the weakest part of the track. ValveDriver's advice on layering kicks is excellent. I am not sure if the kick was purposely made to sound gritty, or if it is clipping. I think it should be toned down in the mix.

    I'd be inclined to route each kick track to an aux channel and put a compressor on the aux. Alternatively, you might experiment with putting compressors on each kick track and seeing how different attacks and compression ratios affect the combined sound. I do know that some producers use multiple (different) compressors on certain tracks in the mix, producing subtle differences that I can't hear, but that apparently can make a real difference in the overall mix. Worth a bit of time to just try different things and see what works best.


  3. crucethus
    crucethus on Sun 11th Oct 2020 - 3 months ago

    Trap isn´t my forté by I do know a bit about this overdone genre. And this has some good arranging going on. I like the fills U use. Clean mix and good instrument choices. As Valve suggests I am also a fan of the multi layered percussion and kick methods. I would say the kick is probably the weakest point on the song but everything else is quite nice. good luck mate.

  4. ValveDriver
    ValveDriver on Sat 10th Oct 2020 - 3 months ago

    This isn't my preferred genre, so I can't really comment on how well it's done in that regard. But, just listening to it for what it is, it's done well. The arrangement is good, the composition is good.

    The only thing I hear that might need some attention is the levels in the mixing. Specifically, the drums.

    I know the drums are supposed to be big and stand out, but that doesn't necessarily mean boosting the volume to the point where it almost clips. Try layering different kicks. Find two different ones. One that has strong low end, bassier punch, and one that has a higher top end that focuses the "snap". Layer them, and adjust the EQ's so that when both of them hit, it covers the entire frequency spectrum, giving it a fuller, harder hit.

    Same with the snares.

    Then link everything together and put a multiband compressor on them to get them to come out clear, and full.

    At least, that's what I do. I'm no professional, but that works for me.

    Otherwise, good work and keep it up.

    Take care.

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