23rd Feb 2018 22:42 -  6 years ago
Description : Hello after i used a lot indian instruments. this time i used chinese instruments.

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If you have time take a listen and give Budaan some feedback.

Jakulish31 11th Feb 2021 18:36 -  3 years ago
Hi Budaan,

I'm a travel vlogger, liked your music immensely, would like to use this music in my travel videos on Youtube, with your permission, please
Tchertomeka 8th Apr 2019 21:20 -  5 years ago
Very nice sound!

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Description : 2002. Just sharing some Christmas memories.
Of course, I knew nothing about recording, mixing, mastering, so PAY NO ATTENTION TO ANY OF THAT. :-)
P.S. Not gonna put it up for DL cuz I really just want to share them, but if you would like a copy just ask.
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The instrumental track is opened for collaborations with every vocalist. Ask for it.
85 bpm.
Starting in F minor.
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