12th Oct 2017 16:46 - 6 years ago
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Description : Just made this randomly,i actually wrote so many bars to this beat,bar fuel gang.140bpm..not even tried to mix cos i have no equipment set up..just i phone earphones lol..but i like the flow of this beat still..thanks for listening,bless up..(edit)now gave it a little mixdown!

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If you have time take a listen and give OdotZED some feedback.

Spivkurl 20th Nov 2017 21:33 - 6 years ago
It's funny about grime and chill out being "opposites." Just out of curiosity, what makes you have this impression? I know some grime is pretty agressive, but songs like this are definitely very chill for an electronic genre.

The song definitely needs some low frequency signals to add range and potency, but as it stands it is a cool piece and well composed. Keep working on it, I'm eager to hear the results!
joecramer 19th Oct 2017 19:58 - 6 years ago
I don't know any about grime but if it is grime then grime is really close to chill out. But that doesn't matter it is just a nice little track and i enjoyed the listen. Smooth and relaxing stuff.

stay tuned
OdotZED replied 25th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago
Grime and chillout are opposites!! i auto pilot to grime when selecting a genre lol...maybe should break that habit!!

Thanks for listening
GoTyBeaTs 17th Oct 2017 18:27 - 6 years ago
Nice chilled vibe Odo...! ;) Keep on...!
neuromancer56 14th Oct 2017 17:00 - 6 years ago
Sick beat, nice chill piece. Really like the mood.
OdotZED replied 15th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago
Glad you liked it!
toastedavalanche 14th Oct 2017 13:34 - 6 years ago
Hi O.Z
Considering that this isn't mixed, the track works surprisingly well. Because of the lack of bass, it feels very light and airy. Kinda chilled out.

OdotZED replied 15th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago
Thanks mate..I have had little mix but jus basics,thanks for listening..

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everybody seemed to like my UK Drill so, typical dimestop my first attempt at UKGrime
lyric sheet is up too.
if you dont get the Ronaldo skit
even though he's super famous, he wants all the attention and stands on tip toes for photos
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Description : Hey guys,
This is a drillbeat i tryed to make.
What do you think about it?
Idk if its grime too, so nvm :D
Used the Vsti "Halftime"
21st Jul 2021 18:12 - 3 years ago
Description : Drill beat. Hope you like it, if you do mabye go to my beatstars page to listen to my other projetcs, DM me if so. Thank you!

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I did this just before looperman came back.
2nd Jan 2019 01:10 - 5 years ago
Description : house cross grime cross ukg if you think it need something lets us know plz
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Description : DRILL
22nd Feb 2021 15:58 - 3 years ago
Description : Grimey Beat with bass and drums
5th Feb 2018 23:13 - 6 years ago
Tags :
Description : If used please send over what you created:)
grime never died.
Needs more work but a throw away beat.
29th May 2020 00:10 - 4 years ago
Description : Yeah, so I had this acapella for a while and i haven't used it. I thought I would try at a trap thing and see how it came out. I like it, give me some feedback.
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