23rd Sep 2016 14:42 - 7 years ago
Description : I'll just say listen to this! Vocals by myself, music by Rakia. I am just sharing this awesome piece of art. You can download it from Rakia's profile if you'd like. There is more great work there as well. Enjoy.

Comments (13)

If you have time take a listen and give PatriciaEdwards some feedback.

Spivkurl 28th Oct 2016 13:50 - 7 years ago
Very pleasing stuff you two have achieved here! You know how much I respect your vocal and songwriting talents, and they just seem to be getting better all of the time! I too am hearing this early in the morning, and it is perfect for that. It does have some vintage feel about it, aside from the sounds in the music which are more modern. If this were to be performed by a live band, it would push it over the top! Great work! Fave!
Gipish 14th Oct 2016 01:32 - 7 years ago
beautiful work :)
mudhoen 26th Sep 2016 18:36 - 7 years ago
Really good track with top notch vocals. Very soulful and warm. The instrumental is backing the vocals great and stand out next to her beautiful voice!
crucethus 24th Sep 2016 23:28 - 7 years ago
Oh My! really really good Awesome production on your voice, esp the harmonies. and a great arrangement, and as usual buyoed by your incredible talent.
all the best
larrybarrow31 24th Sep 2016 15:38 - 7 years ago
awesome work on this, very professional and clear and the vocals always are on point. larry
Mosaic 24th Sep 2016 14:14 - 7 years ago
Hey Again Patricia

Reviewed one for you early but just noticed this new one so had to come and check it out, wow so glad I did, beautiful, reminds me of the music back in the 60's that's what it sounds like to me old ears, even though was born in 60s didn't hear the music to much later in life, they certainly knew how to do this type of tunes back then, thought provoking, great instrumental Rakia, have to agree with Danke, one fo the best female singers here on the loop, also agree I think instrumental would need a vocal after hearing this version...anyways great work to you both on this one, Big fav...Peace n Love Patricia...mosaic...
FBeatz46 24th Sep 2016 13:38 - 7 years ago
To me this is RnB. Beautiful Voice. Very good track =)

greetz KB
Wobbin 24th Sep 2016 10:59 - 7 years ago
Perfect track to wake up too. Seeing the sun coming through, hearing the birdies outside and this coming out of my system. :)

The instrumental is quite minimalistic but it def works! This gave me a feeling of 'soul meets reggae' in some kind of way. Beautiful voice and also a well done for Rakia!

- Wobbin
EazyBeatz 24th Sep 2016 01:14 - 7 years ago
So glad to have heard this wonderful piece here. Loved the teamwork you show. Very inspiring . Can't wait to hear what is next. Much Love - EazyBeatz :)
Danke 23rd Sep 2016 18:09 - 7 years ago
as usual the best voice here on the female line...great track tell you the truth the song needed the voice...:-)

greetings, Danke
TeeGee1965 23rd Sep 2016 18:07 - 7 years ago
Beautiful singing, what can I say, just a joy to listen to. I am a bit old fashioned, would have liked to hear it with a real bass and instruments, but hey, that's a matter of taste. Love it though, very cool indeed!
MGproduct 23rd Sep 2016 17:25 - 7 years ago
Good work ... sounds well
BeatMaker4real 23rd Sep 2016 15:08 - 7 years ago
Nice sounding track..good work

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