23rd Apr 2016 13:34 -  8 years ago
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Description : Tried to make a track with minimum compression and keeping the sound less loud than my normal prodcutions. Let me hear what you think of the balance of th track. Still learning how to mix down a sound so it could very well changed for the better.

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If you have time take a listen and give mudhoen some feedback.

Orlando51 27th Apr 2016 18:13 -  8 years ago
Well, my ears tell me you did a very good job! I'm not so much of a techy type to be able to give you more detailed advice. I usualy use slight dynamic compression but only when i feel it really works and it's also hard to make comparisons cause I produce quite different sort of music within which the compression actions might well be a mixed bag. All in all, well done my friend!

mudhoen replied 28th Apr 2016 - 8 years ago
Thank you Orlando. As said earlier I know I have a long road ahead of me but the path to it is a fun ride and thatswhy I will keep trying! And you kind comments always help motivating me!
EricMilligan 27th Apr 2016 04:11 -  8 years ago
Well, I can't even come close to giving the kind of technical advice you got from Crucethus. And, I'm the last one who who'll be commenting on how to improve a mix. Mine are usually kind of muddy I think. Its a lot of work to place each instrument in its unique position within the sound spectrum and set pan positions and use reverb etc. to position things in the soundstage. Not to mention ensuring interest through dynamic range. But, if I had any advice it would be to take a look (listen) to the lower frequency range in the track. I think you could clean it up a bit, separating the frequency range for the kick and the bass in particular. There was kind of a continuous "booming" sound and things weren't as clean and distinct as I think they could be. Generally, I liked the track quite a bit, though. I have tried and failed many times to make a track like that. :)
mudhoen replied 28th Apr 2016 - 8 years ago
The thing about making music is that the more you learn..the more you realize you know jack shit about prodcuing hahaha...At least that is what I found out for me. So many things to consider. But after watching a lot of videos and trial and error you become better babyste by babystep. Glad Im not the only one :p
crucethus 24th Apr 2016 04:21 -  8 years ago
There is a lot to like about this mix. Have you experimented with expanding the pan a little bit and using a lighter Dynamic compression. For example when the "do you wanna dance" kicks on it's great, stereo panned and in your face. But that synth stab comes in and it's just kind of in the center and has no energy compared to that phrasing. (and that's the phrase you want to make you feel the energy of the track. Try splitting the stab and hard panning both channels. On one channel add just a small slight touch of distortion. You will be then emulating a hardware unit we used (back in the day)called an audio exciter. For some reason doing this would brighten the sound and make it more interesting. You made a very nice comment on my latest track "You always know how to maximize the minimal sound"
To create that minimal sound I use a hell of a lot of subtle harmonics and sub sounds and barely audible phrasings and percussions that just push the main theme or melody along.
I do like how you build the percussion in this one. But when you use a synth phrase try using multiple phrasing to create something bigger. Even take that synth stab and raise it a third or a fifth (chord structure) and pan it right lower in the mix and you will hear something interesting.
Anyhoo, love where you're going with this.
mudhoen replied 24th Apr 2016 - 8 years ago
Thanks for your advice. You definetly know how to mixdown a track and can learn from you a lot. I will definetly try out your advice and put it in my track. I am still a beginner when it comes to mixing and your remarks really help me out.
Rhodesy 23rd Apr 2016 23:45 -  8 years ago
Looking at the waveform the output level is fine M.H
I enjoyed the track,has some good sections and put together very well.I believe it is lacking a little with dynamics in places but that is part of the mix and easily rectified.Sounds a lot cleaner than previous tracks.Take care.
mudhoen replied 24th Apr 2016 - 8 years ago
Thank you vbery much for your view on my track. I think you are right with the dynamics on teh track. Still learning how to make the track sound more vivid. But one step at the time :p

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