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Description : 9th track of my future vocaloid album, Acerbus 2.
With Lyrics.
Edit: (Update) 11-14-2015, re-did all effects and EQs
Edit2: (Update2) 11-15-2015, re-balanced some vocals cus some were a bit too loud

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  1. JasonCroft
    JasonCroft on Mon 23rd Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    try to unwide your loud part
    then turn the volume of your effected part down and wide it
    Kind regards

    Reply by Eighteen

    I will try that!

    Thanks a lot for the help man. I appreciate it


  2. JasonCroft
    JasonCroft on Mon 23rd Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    My personal opinion is to not split your vocal line
    you can sidechain if you want to be have 2 vocals with different effects
    but man, why you dont use effects on your first vocal line? thats crazy
    every vocal line should be have mastering
    roll off and compression is necessary for vocals

    its ok if you want to split your vocal lines but dont leave your first vocal line unaffected

    Kindest regards

    Reply by Eighteen

    Oh I must have misspoken. I certainly do not leave the any vocal unaffected. Just on the mono i use less then on the side since i want to hear them more clearly in the middle versus the side. I dont know on the top of my head what effects i used on the mono part. But there is a lot but very delecate

  3. JasonCroft
    JasonCroft on Mon 23rd Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Okay so i will glad to write something to help you:
    we have three phases of mastering:
    roll off
    2nd equlize for brighting (EQ)
    harmonic exciter (tube-tape-retro)

    first, what you need to be have a great vocal line is certainly "Roll Off"

    Roll off means removing some additional frequencies
    for example for male singer you should remove frequencies above 15000Hz and lower than 90Hz (its variable for each singer)
    you can easily use a parametric equalizer for this
    and some of them has a box which can show you which range of frequencies are additional like Fruity loops parametric EQ2
    (which i use)

    second thing you need for vocal line is compression
    for example if singer shouts a lot in the vocal line
    you should be have compression
    it makes your vocal line's volume fixed
    but sometimes for example you have a rock vocal line which has a lot of shouting and up and down
    so you have to limit your vocal line with a limiter
    but be careful, cuz limiting and compression should be average, not much and not low
    if you have a loud vocal line after limiting, i suggest you to turn the volume down

    and the last thing you should do, (except effects like delay, reverb, chorus and etc ) is widing
    lemme give you an example,
    if a guitar player play guitar in front of you in about 1 meters distance, you hear the guitar sounds loud
    but if he goes far about 10 meters, you hear sounds lower

    so the widing is same distance
    its effective on volume, "but its not the volume"
    I dont know what is the plugin in your daw for widing
    and if you dont have one, I will be glad to send you one

    but the only thing you should do for this track
    is to "unwide" your vocal line with a widing plugin

    Kind regards

    Reply by Eighteen

    Many thanks for the info man.
    I deffinitly roll off first followed by a compressor.
    As for the widening. This term is kinda new to me. But what i have done is for ,exampletaking one vocal line and splits that into one fully mono and one fully stereo, then over the stereo one use delays ect and side chain so i dont affect the mono part. I will re read the stuff u just gave me when i am at home when i have more time.

    Many thanks again man


  4. JasonCroft
    JasonCroft on Mon 23rd Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Its so simple
    just tell me what DAW you use
    then I can give you some advice to solve that

    Reply by Eighteen

    I use ableton. Usually i start with eq8 and then compressor without makeup and then the rest. Delay and stuff like that

  5. JasonCroft
    JasonCroft on Mon 23rd Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    its a great track
    and I think your vocal line is wide a bit
    not loud
    Kindest regards

    Reply by Eighteen

    Thanks, great to hear!
    I am no proffessional at mastering,
    Still in the learning phase. Sometimes i notice the vocals are way too loud and sometimes way too soft. Still figuring out how to solve that.



  6. smallpaul
    smallpaul on Sun 22nd Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Nice sound here my friend, gets going around 1:05 then back to chillout. I think it would sound equally as good as an ambient chillout type track!? Anyways well done.

    Reply by Eighteen

    Hey man, I love ambient :D
    I always try to put a hint of it in my tracks,
    my older songs of the previous acerbus album are more ambient orientated.
    Thanks for the comment!


  7. fixxx3r
    fixxx3r on Sat 14th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    Great job! I like the chill vibe i'm getting!

    Reply by Eighteen

    Thanks man, it was very hard for me to hard all of that right

  8. SecretSam123
    SecretSam123 on Sat 14th Nov 2015 - 5 years ago

    I like ! good work :)

    Reply by Eighteen

    I appreciate man! :D Thanks

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Okay, I hear
You fell down,
Between the den.
Hey, Hear this,
You'll be fine,
Of course you will.
You'll be fine.

Du dududu, du du dudu, du du du du dududu..

Of course you will..
Du dududu, du du dudu, du du du dududu dudu dudu~ ,
Wa-a-a-a, I hear you will,
on the bed, in the sheets,
Between the lane,

I believe,
between the lane(ooh~)

Please tell me,
I'll be fine.
Of course you will


You'll be fine,
Of course you will.
You'll be fine,
Of course you will(ooh~)
I believe.

Du dududu, du du dudu, du du du dududu dudu dudu~ ,
Wa-a-a-a, I hear you will,
on the bed, in the sheets,
Between the lane,
Between the lane(ooh~)
Between the lane,
You'll be fine,
Between the lane(ooh~),
I believe,
Between the lane.



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