9th Feb 2013 06:46 - 11 years ago
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Description : Updated for this years (2014) Valentines day taking account for some suggestions from Static Nomad
A moody, funky, slow jams style monster with many twists and turns! I cannot figure out what the genre is. it's kinda funk and kinda electronic. I don't know, you tell me please?

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If you have time take a listen and give crucethus some feedback.

LucasMountain 14th Feb 2016 15:13 - 8 years ago
Awesome Record! Perfect for Valentine's Day.
ShortBusMusic 24th Apr 2014 16:37 - 10 years ago
Hey Steve, sometimes it's just fun to just sit back and enjoy the ride and this is one of those times. Like a musical roller coaster, this one takes the listener on an unpredictable but really enjoyable ride. Absolutely no critique here, just a massive amount of respect for what you do and how you do it.

I put this one at a 10 on the difficulty scale, a 10 on execution, and an 11 on enjoyment!! Well done.

StaticNomad 14th Feb 2014 03:49 - 10 years ago
Well, when I'm mentioned in the track description, I'm kind of duty bound to comment again. Not the first time it's happened though it's always regarding previous suggestions rather than "Here is a track dedicated to the out-of-this-world musician Static Nomad. Just thinking of his exceptional talent drives me on a daily basis towards better things and hopefully an eventual place in the Lord's Assembly".

Anyway, enough of that rubbish - your track.

I can remember some of it though it's a pretty damn hard one to remember. I bet you have trouble remembering all the different twists and turns - I do with lots of mine.

Referencing my previous comments, I think you did fix the ride cymbal problem as I can't notice it at all now.

I don't remember the drifting pad intro though I do remember the effects section before that, prior to the drums' entry.

3:12 wah stuff is probably my favourite bit so maybe you could work some little, distant hints of that into your intro. No big deal if you don't.

I've always wanted to do an album in which lots of the riffs heard later in the album are slammed together over about a minute as a short intro track. A sort of short megamix and prelude.

I'm not sure what to say about the other sections here that hasn't been said except that it's damn busy stuff. So many twists and turns that it's a hard track to remember as it sort of has no discernible structure or repeating sections.

About the only genre this fits in is 'electronic'.

There'll only be a genre name for this sort of stuff if you do more of it and then others follow and also do more of it. Until then it's just your one-off, unique, genreless thing.
crucethus replied 14th Feb 2014 - 10 years ago
Yes it would be unfair of me to ask you to remember a tune like this a year out, but remarkably you have ..
I did change the intro to an ethereal pad instead of all the effects that I agreed with you were way to annoying as an intro. By reducing the drum loop with the annoying ride cymbal it opened up the listener to hear more intricate sounds and percussion play. So again thanks for the suggestion. The end of the piece is the same. The bass at 3:12 is nice but I like the usage and would not like to add that at the beginning. Sometimes too much of a good thing is bad.
Genre-less should be a genre (a paradox)
Listening to this song from a Fellow Canadian.
Creepiest stalker song ever written.
Lisa Dalbello 1984....Guitar solo is by the late Mick Ronson BTW.
Then Queensryche decides to cover this the next year.
They kept it pretty close to the original..this was the version I knew.. I had never realized it was a cover until I immigrated to Canada from the US. I Assume Queensryche being a band from Seattle listened to Canadian radio and liked the song.
I thought I would share something interesting this evening.
Steve .. Faux G. (Fauxlacious the 3rd,.. gentleman of the esoteric) too stuffy.. I'll keep working on that one.
Orlando51 14th Feb 2014 02:58 - 10 years ago
Creativity had a main role to play here...excellent!

3rdNippleMusic 8th Jan 2014 01:26 - 10 years ago
was gonna say wahcked intro (cool) and awesome drums and bass, but then that little distorted grind got me and mmmmm yummy.

good mix of genres, does genre reallly matter, nah, music does.. individuation does, a drop in the sea - the same and different right.

you don't mention using other people's loops, so I assume you created all the part - kudos either way man.

nice change ups and atmosphere - you rock.

crucethus replied 9th Jan 2014 - 10 years ago
Hey Neal,
No this is mostly loops and I believe I use a lot of loops from My collection as opposed to looperman. This was one of the more intricate loop usage tracks I have ever made and a personal favourite of mine. More recently you can hear more works of my synth playing as opposed to looping on this site as I am re-mastering some oldies but goodies. Glad your back in the fold.
adamms 13th Sep 2013 22:13 - 10 years ago
very cool funky track you got here. i like how you mixed a sort of modern sound to some good old fashion funk, good work.
crucethus replied 3rd Oct 2013 - 10 years ago
thank you for that! It's definitely a hybrid, and also influenced by David Bowie's Outside album
StaticNomad 5th Sep 2013 23:39 - 10 years ago
"For some reason I have been listening to Icehouse lately, interesting arrangements production wise, even if the later work is sanguine, I can appreciate the complexity in it. Anyhow I digress. Now that I am getting over this debilitating cold I can think straight again. I may make an alternative mix of this over next mon-tues as I have some time off from work incorporating some of your ideas to see how it will sound. I will let you know what the results will be."

I have never heard of Icehouse but will now look them up.

I look forward to hearing an improved version of Valentine Crime because I'm sure you can make it better. It's a complicated mix of elements and those are exactly the sort of tracks that you often need people to point out what's not quite right or when it's too clutttered and the best bits are being interfered with. I'd suggest trying to make things sparser to really bring the funk out. I see funk as the absence of notes ie what you don't play so the gaps inbetween the notes and giving everything space and making some parts really simple if they need to be. So, probably try soloing lots of parts and seeing what you can remove to make things breathe better.

As regards the problem cymbal I pointed out, perhaps try listening to that section with hat playing the cymbal parts just to hear how much better the other parts come through, as I suspect they will. Then try switching back to the cymbal but make sure it's not too loud or playing at too high a velocity. Or maybe try making it a bell ride rather than playing the main part of the ride.

"I will let you know what the results will be"

I'll probably just see it re-posted to featured tracks but you're welcome to let me know via PM if you want.
crucethus replied 14th Feb 2014 - 10 years ago
Reposted....1 year later
edzwood 4th Sep 2013 23:09 - 10 years ago
Hey there nice groove WOW you got a ton of feedback that's cool. I haven't been here in several months.
Anyway very solid song . I like the twists and turns, they help me ease my through the song. Acid Jazz?? that's what it sounds like to me?????
crucethus replied 5th Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
I'm glad u liked it, I try to keep the listener engaged in the song in some sort of systematic way. Acid Jazz...mmmmn not so sure about that but we will keep trying to find a home for this work. ;-)
DesignedImpression 3rd Sep 2013 20:38 - 10 years ago
Great show! Really liked how the beat dropped and things move along. Twist and turns of the moments in the mind for me. Theme is a nice idea, dig the combination Crucethus. The sounds selected and how they are played inspires. Enjoyed this from you. It hits everyone at different times man. Thanks for sharing. Peace.
crucethus replied 5th Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
thanks for commenting, I'm glad u enjoyed this piece. I wanted to take a slow BPM and make it glide along. the funk guitar is the sounds of the heart beating in love. The dissonant sounds are this persons love cracking and falling apart at the seams, and the end piece is the crime committed we don't know exactly what happened, (but it can't be good)
FreeRadical 3rd Sep 2013 19:52 - 10 years ago
I'm hearing a great bit of electronic, funky fusion with lots of different ingredients going on all at once. This has a great groove to it and really gets your feet tapping.
Love those swirly flanged pads and that old school bassline.
This one's out of the park.
crucethus replied 5th Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks FR , fun to make!
SeriouslyJoking 3rd Sep 2013 04:05 - 10 years ago
Hi Steve!
Awesome intro - and then it just got even better.
Eclectic, to say the least.
crucethus replied 3rd Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
Thank you for that, you know me and eclectic.
Pippa777 3rd Sep 2013 02:46 - 10 years ago
Id say electronic for sure, has a nice feel to it
crucethus replied 3rd Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
Thank you for that!
FastFunghi 2nd Sep 2013 15:57 - 10 years ago
Love the bass, great drums. Flows like mountain dew. Great job!
crucethus replied 3rd Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
Thank you!
StaticNomad 2nd Sep 2013 03:57 - 10 years ago
As to who puts an oboe on a track these days, I'm not quite sure. Maybe all those cool oboe-metal groups that are so popular these days?

"I see what you mean about the ride-cymbal. I may try to change the timbre of it in the mix."

Yes, give it a go as I find choice of ride (and the velocity at which it is played) makes a massive difference. If it's too noisy or taking up too much space, it can be a real problem. Sometimes in something like metal you want a cymbal to take up loads of space in order to provide a sort of wall of energy. And then you can play with the big drop when you remove it and switch back to hat, for instance.

I spend ages choosing just the right cymbal and how it responds when I'm working with my multiple Superior Drummer kits.

Now that I listen back to this track, I think the first section it kicks into on 0:24 would probably serve as the better intro. I quite like the sound effect intro but think it perhaps lasts too long before things get really enjoyable. The other sound effects stuff could occur somewhere else in the track so I'm not saying get rid of it.

Between 2:12 and 2:24 that problem ride is really interfering with the piano, which I'd like to be able to hear a lot more clearly.

I'm a big Dire Straits fan. On Every Street is probably my favourite album but that title track not one of my faves though the end 2 mins is great. However, it's not the type of afterthought ending I was referring to previously when commenting on your track.

I'm talking about the shortish extra end that you go into when it seems the track has pretty much reached a conclusion (that's also something new). Such an example can be heard in the last minute of my track on Looperman provisionally titled Untitled Ethereal Daisy Jazz Funk (still unfinished). Th track is dominated by wordless female vocals, bass and drums but then goes into deep chillout, quiet jazz at the end.

I've never listened to much Roxy Music (apart from the Avalon album) but I do love More Than This. Ferry's high notes near the start of the verse lines are just amazing and pretty much make the track for me.

I'd never heard Is Your Love Strong Enough before but that's a good song and great production.
crucethus replied 5th Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
For some reason I have been listening to Icehouse lately, interesting arrangements production wise, even if the later work is sanguine, I can appreciate the complexity in it. Anyhow I digress. Now that I am getting over this debilitating cold I can think straight again. I may make an alternative mix of this over next mon-tues as I have some time off from work incorporating some of your ideas to see how it will sound. I will let you know what the results will be.
mrwolf14 1st Sep 2013 08:25 - 10 years ago
Great song. I love the first part, very funky and "sexy" but then you surprise the listener with something that brings me back to the new wave fairs.
Brilliant. Liked & Downloaded
crucethus replied 2nd Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
Thank you Domenico, I always appreciate when you take the time to comment on one of my tracks, this was a fun track for me to do as it twists and turns a few times and I get to use my love of dissonance with an oboe. (Who puts an oboe on tracks these days?) You got the vibe of the song, which was to be sexy (Valentine) in the beginning and then mysterious and brooding at the end (Crime). It's interesting to try to tell a story using music alone. This one is like a Murder Mystery, see if you can figure out the whole story?
StaticNomad 1st Sep 2013 03:30 - 10 years ago
This is obviously very creative and eclectic with, indeed,"many twists and turns". Reminds me of lots of my stuff as you have to think "Oh no, how do I even start to review this?"

Well I'll start by saying that I preferred the second half, especially beginning on 3:00 and the the killer funk coming in on 3:13. Distorted guitar starting on 3:27 is cool, especially that big squeal.

I think my problem with the first few minutes was that ride cymbal - its sound, not the playing. I'd definitely prefer a different cymbal and think the right one would improve things a lot. Right now, it seems to be too noisy and add an ambience that detracts from the other elements.

Definitely no genre for this track as it incorporates too much to ever be pinned down as one thing you can really put a name to. And you've done that thing I like to do and finished off with a new twist right at the end, starting around 5:30. I like to take the drums down and then try out some odd take on the previous minutes. And then it tends to grow and grow!
crucethus replied 2nd Sep 2013 - 10 years ago
Funny how you don't notice something until someone points it out. I see what you mean about the ride-cymbal. I may try to change the timbre of it in the mix.
About how I end songs, I always liked Roxy Music and some Bryan Ferry songs as it ends in a coda of the verse, but with unique elements as well that en captured me as a listener. ie: The coda on More than this, also the song "On Every Street" by Dire Straits, the ending 2 mins are amazing. Also the ending of "Is your love strong enough" by Bryan Ferry with David Gilmour providing the Guitar.
clindsay 21st Aug 2013 01:43 - 10 years ago
very nice track - it does need vocals but is very tight and well produced.
crucethus replied 21st Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks for the listen, and agree about the vox, but not sure what style to add to it!
StrikingDaggers 17th Aug 2013 04:40 - 10 years ago
Awesome track man! I loved the ambiance of it. The progression of the whole thing was great too. The production sounds good as well. Thanks for the wonderful listen.
crucethus replied 21st Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks man, I am so glad you enjoyed this one, it was a unique one off from me.
Spivkurl 13th Jul 2013 15:35 - 10 years ago
This has a really smooth vibe to it! That guitar solo is so cool! So many sonic goodies in here! Great job mixing these elements! Nice one!
crucethus replied 21st Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
sorry for the late reply as I almost ignored this tune. I am glad u liked it!
topvega 8th Jun 2013 02:32 - 11 years ago
Awesome sound bro, really tight track you have here. Love the mix as well. Has a nice jazz touch in spots but still stays Funky. Thanks for the download.

crucethus replied 21st Aug 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks so much for the listen and comment, that means a lot to me!
brillbilly 7th Jun 2013 14:30 - 11 years ago
Awesome track!

love this flow,love them rich synths.!

Real nice sounds,this is well chilled,yet has a nice gritty edge too.!

Good beat,great trip man!
crucethus replied 7th Jun 2013 - 11 years ago
Thank you.
AggroCultureMusic 6th Jun 2013 21:57 - 11 years ago
YAY !!!! I just had one of these Jaw hits the table-surface moments @ 4:38 that Bass, guitars and drums groove - WELL DONE !.
Well produced and a track that never gets boring : Bravo !

crucethus replied 7th Jun 2013 - 11 years ago
Thank you for that, I love your wok as well. My Valentine days Crisis song (not for me, but for anyone having a valentines crisis ;-)) I try to be innovative, unpredictible and musically out there when I can, so I don't get bored musically.
deciBel 20th Apr 2013 03:14 - 11 years ago
It's always innovative the way how you begin your trax .about this one I really enjoy your elegance about guitar funky rhythms .once pan to right & once pan to left and takes me to that nice & proper Short solo guitar & with a bridge a piano lines innovative comes in . and ja..again your strong point about Modulation ,which is so professional .
I should tell the way how you change easily and nice the scale in your trax is really inspirator,admirable & also instructive for me,bravo...again another one...hey man really good , I think it was the best Funk track which I've heared in looperman,various variation & modulation , versatile..yes this the word...and at last a marvelous & ending . full of creativeness and a really welldone funk track,think it was only funk track that I will mark it as favorite here .really great.Bravo man , how much you have think to can compose this ?!.really excellent.
best wishes .____Behnam
crucethus replied 7th Jun 2013 - 11 years ago
Thank you, come back as soon as you can!

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